Montreal Standard Publishing's :

"Canada's Aid to the Allies"

Victory Image Cover of Canada's Aid to the Allies

“Canada's Aid to the Allies and Peace Memorial” (ed. Frederic Yorston, Montreal Standard Publishing Company) is a 152 page post-WWI publication focusing on what the various provinces, people, and companies had done to help the Allied cause during World War I. Published in Montreal shortly after the end of World War I in a large magazine-style format (19.5" x 23.5"), the majority of ads are for companies in the Montreal area with a sprinkling of major industries from coast to coast.

Image courtesy of: Library and Archives Canada, Amicus no.11256183, Canada's aid to the Allies and peace memorial, The Standard, Montreal. 1919. Front cover, ecopy number e010900662-v8, edited.

The Quebec Family History Society (QFHS) had in their possession a somewhat damaged copy of this amazing document. It had been unidentified, rolled up in a cabinet. The binding was broken in places and some pages were ripped and fragile. The QFHS gave me permission to use the document.  Each of the pages was scanned.  It has since gone missing.

The actual document "Canada's Aid to the Allies and Peace Memorial" has no page numbers. Some of the two-page spreads are intended to be removed and displayed as posters. The loose sections and pages in the possession the QFHS have been arranged following the order of pages in the copy held by Library and Archives Canada. For the sake of clarity and organization, I have assigned a number to each page.

Contents of "Canada's Aid to the Allies"

  1. Full-page image: Their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary – 25th Anniversary
  2. Text:  Foreword by the Editor
  3. Full-page image:  Her majesty the Queen and our V.A.D. Princess
  4. Full page:  Bank of Montreal Roll of Honor - fine print
  5. Full-page image: H.R.H. Edward, Prince of Wales, Heir Apparent
  6. Full page: Maple Leaf Milling Company H.O. Toronto
  7. Full-page image: His Excellency, The Duke of Devonshire, K.G. Governor General of Canada
  8. Full page: Roll of Honor – Ogilvie Flour Mills – H.O. Montreal
  9. Full-page image: H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught, K.G. – G.G. of Canada at outbreak of war ©Notman and Son
  10. Full-page image: Battle of Cambrai – Germans captured
  11. Full-page image: Praising God for the Victory – Canadians in Cambrai Cathedral
  12. Full page: Honor Roll – W.R. Brock Co. Ltd. Toronto, Calgary, Montreal
  13. Full-page image: The Right Hon. Sir Robert Laird Borden, Prime Minister
  14. Across pages 14 and 15 - Inset: Sam Hughes
    Image: Sailing of the 1st Canadian Expeditionary Force
  15. Artillery 1st Canadian Expeditionary Force at Valcartier
    Infantry of 1st C.E.F. at Valcartier
  16. Full page: Individual portraits with index – Canada’s Unionist Win the War Cabinet
  17. Full page: Roll of Honour – Royal Bank of Canada (fine print)
  18. Dominion Shipbuilding Co. of Toronto
    Victory Flour (made by Dominion Flour Mills, Montreal)
  19. 7 ads – 1 honor roll
    Ad: Montreal Light, Heat and Power Cons.
    Ad: Century Coal and Coke Company – Montreal
    Ad: The Canadian Drawn Steel Co. – Hamilton
    Roll of Honor – The Nichols Chemical Co. Ltd. (Includes Mtl.)
    Ad: Boulter, Waugh Ltd – Wholesale Furriers and Hatters (Mtl, Wpg)
    Ad: Perron, Taschereau, Rinfret, Vallée and Genest – Barristers and Soliciters, Montreal
  20. Ad: Foster, Mann, Place, Mackinnon, Hackett and Mulvena, Advocates and Barristers, Montreal
    Ad: H.M. Connelly and Co. – Stocks and Bonds, Montreal
  21. Full page: Roll of Honor – Lake of the Woods Milling Co.
  22. Full page: Major General, the Hon. S.C. Mewburn
  23. Across pages 22 and 23: Rockcliffe Camp, Ottawa, Gymnastic and Police Schools
  24. Rockcliffe Camp, Ottawa, Gymnastic and Police Schools
  25. How Canada went into the war by Robert Borden
    Ontario War Activities, Premier of Ontario
    Sailing of the Canadian Armada
  26. Full-page image: General Ferdinand Foch, Marshal of France
  27. Across pages 26 and 27: 1st depot Battalion, Nova Scotia, Aldershot Camp
  28. 1st depot Battalion, Nova Scotia, Aldershot Camp
  29. Vimy Ridge, 4 photos and text
    Roll of Honor – Alaska Bedding Company Limited
    What P.E.I. Has done to help win the war.
  30. Full-page Image: Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig
  31. Image: 1st CEF on Salisbury Plains
    Image: 1st CEF at Valcartier
    Image: Review of Can. Troops on Salisbury Plains
  32. Image: Win the War Premiers, group photo
    Image: Opening Parliament
    Image: Scene in the House of Commons
  33. Ad/Roll of Honor: Mappin and Webb
    Roll of Honor: Canadian Tube and Iron Co.
    Text: Christ’s Gray General (Foch)
    Roll of Honor: Almy’s Ltd.
  34. Full-page image: Lieut.-General Sir Arthur Currie, K.C.B., KCMG
  35. Across pages 34 and 35: Top - Famous 22nd Battalion leaving St. Johns, Que., for the Front
  36. Bottom - The 233rd Battalion (Edmonton, Alberta) 1916
  37. McIntyre Son & Co. Ltd - Honor Roll
  38. Bell Telephone Co. - The telephone and the war
    Breithaupt Leather Co. - Honor Roll Separate
  39. Full-page image: The Right Hon. David Lloyd George, P.M. (ripped)
  40. Across pages 38 and 39 Polish Army Camp at Niagara on the Lake
  41. Polish Army Camp at Niagara on the Lake
  42. Full page: Roll of Honor - Dominion Textile Co., Montreal
  43. Full-page image: Joffre, Marechal de France
  44. Across pages 42 and 43: 1st Depot Battalion, New Brunswick Regiment, Sussex Camp
  45. 1st Depot Battalion, New Brunswick Regiment, Sussex Camp
  46. Roll of Honor – Fairweathers Ltd - Montreal
    Roll of Honor – Whitman and Barnes Manufacturing - St. Catherines, Ontario
    Roll of Honor – John M. Garland, Son and Co. - Ottawa
    Builders of Canada - Sir Donald D. Mann
    Ad: B and S.H. Thompson and Co., Montreal
  47. Full-page image: Albert, King of the Belgians
  48. Across pages 46 and 47: 4th year of the war, Camp Niagara, Ontario
  49. 4th year of the war, Camp Niagara, Ontario
  50. Full page: Honor Roll – Canadian Steamship Lines Limited
  51. Roll of Honor – The Steel Co. of Canada Ltd.
  52. James Richardson and Sons - Grain Merchants
  53. Roll of Honor – F.B. McCurdy and Co. - Montreal
    Roll of Honor – Acme Glove Works Ltd. - Montreal
    Auburn Woolen Co. - Peterborough, Ontario
  54. The Story of the “Geraldine Wolvin”
  55. Full page – Wood, Alexander and James, Wholesale Hardware Merchants - Hamilton, Ontario - Roll of Honor
  56. Ad: Jeffrey Elevators and Conveyors – Jeffrey Manufacturing Co. - Montreal
    The Jaeger Company – includes Montreal and H.O.
  57. 6 portraits of Officials and Directors of Canadian Steamship Lines
    Ad: J.W. Cumming and Son Ltd. - New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
    Ad: J.M. Ferguson, Barrister and Solicitor, Montreal
    Ad: The A.M. Ellicott Co. , Montreal
    Ad: The National Acme Co, Montreal
  58. Full page: W.H. Banfield and Sons Ltd, Toronto - includes Roll of Honor
  59. Full- page image: Ypres Day Celebration, M.A.A.A. Grounds - Montreal
  60. Across pages 58 and 59: Western Ontario Regiment, Carling Heights, London, Ontario
  61. Western Ontario Regiment, Carling Heights, London, Ontario
  62. Mr. J. Léon Patenaude
    Victoria Monument, Montreal
    Ad: Meredith, Holden, Hague, Shaughnessy and Heward – Barristers and Solicitors
    Ad: Campbell, McMaster and Papineau – Advocates, Montreal
    Roll of Honor – Grant, Holden, Graham Ltd. - Ottawa
  63. Roll of Honor – Merchants Bank of Canada
    Roll of Honor – Munitions and Metal Products Ltd.
    Text re J.C. Lamothe, Esq., K.C.
    Roll of Honor – Lieut. Louis Daoust
  64. Canadian War Industries 1914-18 - Cluff Ammunition
  65. Canadian Peace Industries 1909-18 - Canadian Pipe and Steel, Cluff Brothers
  66. The Collingwood Shipbuilding Co. Honor Roll – Collingwood, Ont
    Roll of Honor – Thos. Birkett and Son Co., Ottawa
    Roll of Honor – Royal Trust Co.
    Ad: Oswald Bros. Stocks, bonds, etc, Montreal
    Ad: Elias Rogers Co. – Rogers Coal, Toronto
  67. Portrait: Sir John W. Carson
    Portrait: Lieut.-Col. Clarence F. Smith – Can. Patriotic Fund, Mtl.
    Portrait: Captain Frank Ross Newman
    Portrait: Lieut. Henry Newman
    Text: The Empire Gave 658,665 lives for Freedom
    Text: General Currie’s Address to Canadians
    Image: Peter Berkovitch, K.C., M.P.P.
  68. Across pages 66 and 67:
    Image: Niagara Falls
  69. Image: A Wheatfield in the Canadian West
  70. Roll of Honor – Dominion Glass Co., includes Montreal
    Ad: McCutcheon Waist Co. – Montreal
    Builders of Canada – Lieut.-Col. W.S. Dinnick - Toronto
  71. Image: Review of Overseas Troops – Champ de Mars, Montreal
  72. Across pages 70 and 71:1st Depot Battalion, Saskatchewan Regiment, Regina
  73. 1st Depot Battalion, Saskatchewan Regiment, Regina
  74. What B.C. has done towards War
    58,000 Volunteers from Manitoba
    Home of Mutual Life, Canada, Waterloo, Ontario
    Cost of the Canadian Army
  75. Full page: New Brunswick – The Garden Province of Canada
  76. Full page: New Brunswick
  77. Full page: New Brunswick
  78. Roll of Honor and ad. – Montreal Trust Co
    Hudon Hébert and Co., Montreal
    Ad. – Standard Chemical, Iron and Lumber Co. includes Montreal
    Ad. – Canadian Brakeshoe Co., Sherbrooke, Quebec
  79. Roll of Honor – The Hydraulic Machinery Co., Montreal
    Ad. John T. Hepburn Ltd. Toronto
    Ad./Roll of Honor - The Hall Engineering Works, Montreal
    Text: A Successful Independent Fire Insurance Co.
    Ad. – The Mason Regulator and Engineering Co, Montreal
    The Parmenter and Bulloch Co, Gananoque, ON
  80. Across pages 78 and 79:
    55th New Brunswick Battalion
    No. 4 Overseas Siege Battery, New Brunswick
  81. Ad. Dominion Forge and Stamping Co, Walkerville, ON
    Ad. Scottish Canadian Magnesite Co., Montreal
    Jacobs Asbestos Mining Co. of Thetford
    Ad. The Windsor Hotel
  82. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Toronto
    Lt.-Col John McCrae and Flanders Fields
    Ad. Geo. F. Foss Machinery and Supply Co., Montreal (includes Honor Roll)
    S. Gerald Tritt – Advocate, Montreal
  83. Full page: Misc. photos – 20,000 Can. Boy Scouts kept the home fires burning
  84. Across pages 82 and 83:
    4th year of the war – Hastings Park Camp, Vancouver
  85. 4th year of the war – Hastings Park Camp, Vancouver
  86. Roll of Honor – The Maritime Nail Co., St. John, New Brunswick
    Ad. Adam Hall Ltd. Ranges, Peterborough
    Ad. – Atlas Construction Co, Reinforced Concrete Ship, Montreal
    Roll of Honor - Kaufman Rubber Co.
    Roll of Honor - Dent Harrison, Montreal
  87. Full-page Image: Planting the Crusaders’ Flag over Jerusalem
  88. Across pages 86 and 87:
    4th year of the war – Great Aviation Camp, Camp Borden
  89. 4th year of the war – Great Aviation Camp, Camp Borden
  90. Image: War Council of the British Empire
    Roll of Honor - William Kennedy and Sons, Owen Sound
    Hon. N. Curry – Head of Canadian Industrial Enterprises
    The Canadian Casing Co., includes Montreal
  91. Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada, Montreal
    Perrin Freres and Co., Montreal (Perrin Gloves)
  92. Ad. John Palmer and Co., Fredericton, NB, (Moosehead Footwear)
    John Palmer Co. done its bit in the War
    The Canadian Siegwart Beam Co, Montreal
    Government bonds, St-Cyr, Gonthier and Frigon, Montreal
  93. Ad.: Robinson’s Clothes Shops
    Knight Metal Products Ltd. Toronto
  94. Full page: Roll of Honor - Bank of Hamilton
  95. Full page: Newfoundland
  96. Newfoundland – The country of supreme opportunities (image: rwy depot at St. John’s)
  97. Newfoundland – The country of supreme opportunities
  98. Newfoundland – The country of supreme opportunities (image: Snook’s Arm)
  99. Newfoundland – The country of supreme opportunities
  100. Newfoundland – The country of supreme opportunities (image: Nfld dog)
  101. Newfoundland – The country of supreme opportunities
  102. Newfoundland – The country of supreme opportunities (image: Petty Cascade)
  103. Full page: Patriotic towns in Nova Scotia that helped to win the war
  104. Across pages 102 and 103:
    85th Battalion CEF Nova Scotia Highlanders
    Return home of Fighting Boys
    The Maritime Bridge Co, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
    Photo/Text: Gen. Sir Alex Bertram
  105. 85th Battalion CEF Nova Scotia Highlanders
    The Late Hon. Alphonse Racine
    Home again after defeating the Huns
    Ad. The Canadian Detective Bureau, Montreal
  106. Roll of Honor – T. McAvity and Sons, St. John, New Brunswick
    W.A. Baker, C.R. Montreal
    A.F. Byers and Co., Montreal, Bancroft School Building
    Roll of Honor – Geo. W. Reed and Co. Montreal
    National Paper Co. Ltd, Valleyfield, QC
    Dominion Oil Cloth Co. Ltd., Montreal
    Freeman’s Hotel, Montreal
    Anglins Ltd. Contracting Engineers, Montreal
  107. Full page: Investigate Nova Scotia
  108. Full page: Roll of Honor – Woods Manufacturing Co. Ltd. , Montreal
  109. Image: Clarence I. de Sola, Belgian Consul, Montreal
    Dominion Brass and Iron Bedstead Co, Montreal
    The Robt Mitchell Co. Lighting and Fixtures
    Wentzell’s Ltd – Army and Navy Contractors, Halifax, NS
    Roll of Honor – D. K. McLaren (includes Montreal)
  110. Nova Scotia Steel and Coal Co., New Glasgow, NS Sales Office, Montreal
    Eastern Car Co., New Glasgow, NS.
  111. Full page: Prince Edward Island
  112. The City of Dundas, ON, a busy manufacturing Centre
  113. The City of Dundas, ON, a busy manufacturing Centre
  114. Image: W.E. Foster, Premier of New Brunswick
    Image: W.E. Burke, Canada Steamship lines, Montreal
    Text: Canadians have gift of originality in war (text)
    Image: Bank of Hamilton Building, Hamilton, ON
    Showing work of Maritime Bridge Co. St. John, New Brunswick
    Montreal City and District Savings Bank
    2 views of residence of Clarence I. de Sola
    Text: Christmas Day on Vimy Ridge
  115. Full-page Ad.: Furness, Withy and Co., Steamship Owners and Agents, Montreal, Halifax, New York
  116. Image: G.W. Murray, Premier of Nova Scotia
    Canada Tool and Specialty Co., New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
    Images: Kenneth M. and John G. Kent
    William H. Banfield, Banfield and Sons, Toronto
    Image and Text: James Thomas Cumming of J.W. Cumming and Sons, New Glasgow, NS
    F.A. Skelton, Canada Car and Foundry Co.
    Mackinnon Steel Co, Sherbrooke, QC
    Text: Nova Scotia Steel and Coal Co. and their war work
  117. Full page: Ad. Canadian Government Railways
  118. Image: Bank of Hamilton Building, Winnipeg
    Ad.: A.B. See Electric Elevators, Montreal
    Image: Bank of Hamilton Building, Toronto
    Ad. Standard Clay Products Co, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
    Ad. R.J. Inglis Ltd – Riding Attire, Montreal and Winnipeg
    Canadian Pneumatic Tool Co., Montreal and Toronto
    Bottom Notice: The Standard’s “Canada’s Aid to the Allies and Peace Memorial” also by cooperation of Federated Press Ltd., Montreal.
  119. Image: King reviews Canadian Riders
    Image: Canadian Gunners on the Western Front
    Image: 1st landing of Canadian Troops in France
  120. Across pages 118 and 119:
    4th year of the war: Engineers Depot “St. John’s”, Quebec
  121. 4th year of the war: Engineers Depot “St. John’s”, Quebec
  122. The Story of Canada’s Contribution to the Allies
    What Quebec has done for the Allies
    Quebec Troops at Denain
  123. Images: Win the War Cabinet of Quebec, 10 portraits
  124. Across pages 122 and 123:
    Image: Marshall Joffre’s Reception in Montreal
  125. Image: Panoramic view of Montreal Harbour
    Image: The Great Quebec Bridge
  126. Full page: Quebec and the War
  127. Full-page Ad: Canadian Pacific Hotels
  128. Across pages 126 and 127:
    Work of Canada Food Board
  129. Work of Canada Food Board
  130. Roll of Honor – St. Lawrence Flour Mills (Montreal)
    Roll of Honor - James A. Ogilvy and Sons, Limited (Montreal)
    Roll of Honor - Renfrew Knitting Co., Limited (Renfrew, Ontario)
    Image: Corporal Wilfred Dawson
    Image: Paul H. Brault
    Image: Lieut. Leslie H. Millar
    Ad: T.B. Little and Co., (Montreal) All Lines of Paper
  131. Image: Lake Louise, AB (ripped, part missing)
    Image: Mount Kitcelas, BC
  132. Across pages 130 and 131:
    AB Military Units trained at Sarcee Camp – 1st Depot Battalion, AB regiment
  133. AB Military Units trained at Sarcee Camp – 1st Depot Battalion, AB regiment
  134. Roll of Honor – Birks, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver
    What AB is doing for returned soldiers
    Roll of Honor – Greenshields Ltd, Wholesale Dry goods, Mtl
  135. Full-page Ad.: Sightseeing in Canada, Grand Trunk System
  136. Across pages 134 and 135:
  137. Image: Ambulance Corps at Valcartier, 1915
    Image: Canadian Scottish at Valcartier, 1915
    Image: 216th Overseas Battalion, Bantams, Davenport Barracks, Toronto
  138. Roll of Honor – Lyman Tube and Supply Co.
    Text: Predictions and their fulfillment
    Image and text - Howard G. Kelley
    Roll of Honor – L.E. Waterman Co., Montreal
    Roll of Honor – Union Drawn Steel Co., Hamilton
    Ad. – Grand Union Hotel, Montreal
    Ad. – Joliette Steel Co, Montreal
    Ad. - Stinson REEB Builders’ Supply Co. Montreal
  139. Full-page Image: The British Empire’s Champion Aviator – W.A. Bishop
  140. Across pages 138 and 139:
  141. Image: 42nd Highlanders, Champ de Mars, Montreal
    Image: 73rd Highlanders, Champ de Mars, Montreal
  142. Ad. – Canadian Bridge Co, Walkerville, Ontario
    Image: Mr. E.W. Beatty – President of the CPR
    Text: Chicoutimi Pulp Co
    Roll of Honor – Matthews-Blackwell Ltd.
    Text: Story of the Empire Coal Co.
  143. Images: 9 Portraits of the Win the War Cabinet
  144. Full page: Ontario – the Banner Province of the Dominion
  145. Efforts of the Ontario Department of Agriculture (In a Spirit of Service)
  146. Full page: text – Technical and Industrial Education in Ontario
  147. Full page: text – Ontario Industry
  148. Across pages 146 and 147:
    1st Battalion, Canadian Garrison Regiment, London, Ontario
  149. 1st Battalion, Canadian Garrison Regiment, London, Ontario
  150. Ontario – the land of unlimited opportunity
  151. Roll of Honor – Port Arthur Shipbuilding Co., Port Arthur, ON
    Roll of Honor – American Bank Note Co, Ottawa, Ontario
    Montreal Coal and Dock Co.
  152. Across pages 150 and 151: Petewawa (sic)– Training ground of Canada’s artillery
  153. Petewawa (sic)– Training ground of Canada’s artillery
  154. Roll of Honor – McDougall and Cowans, Montreal
    Roll of Honor – McAuliffe Davis Lumber, Ottawa
    Roll of Honor – Canadian Bronze Powder Works, Montreal
    Roll of Honor – A.C. Leslie and Co., Montreal
    Roll of Honor – Dobell, Beckett and Co, Quebec City
    Ad. – Major Manufacturing Co, Montreal
    Text: These nations won – These nations lost
    Roll of Honor – Colonial Hide Co, Montreal
    Canada in Hunland
  155. Roll of Honor – Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Limited (Colour)
  156. (Back cover)
    By the Montreal Standard Publishing Company, Limited, Montreal, Frederic
    Yorston, President and Managing Editor; A. Paterson, Secretary-Treasurer.