Ellen Maud Agnes or Nell Shill

Nell Waddell portrait photo

Ellen Maud Agnes or Nell Shill was the last of John and Ellen Mary Shill's nine children. Family and friends called her "Nell" or "Nellie".

Born: March 08, 1899, in Melton, Suffolk, England.
Father: John Shill
Mother: Ellen Mary Shill, formerly Bartholomew

Married: James Verner Waddell April 05, 1926, Trinity Memorial Church,
N.D.G., Quebec, Canada

Died: January 14, 1991, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada

Buried: Rideau Memorial Gardens, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada

Historical Material

Nell's descendants are lucky enough to have a large collection of photos, written accounts and memorabilia related to her life. Much of what remains relates to the aspects of her life that can broadly be termed "Women's Work".  She knit, sewed, cooked, took care of the children and volunteered in various capacities, as well as working outside the home when she had the opportunity.

As is common, she was largely responsible for preparing for the celebration of holidays.  It seemed to me that she prepared for the Christmas Bazaar at her church throughout the year.  

Most importantly, an Oral History was recorded on videotape by her grandson, Peter Waddell, for her 90th birthday. Additionally, there are two audio recordings of her. One recording is of Nell and her daughter looking through an old photo album. Another recording was made of an interview between her and a person doing research on the emotional life of elderly people for a school project. Nell's collection of historical material forms the foundation for this website.

Nell's Oral History

Nell's Oral History can be broken roughly into chapters. Her comments will be presented in her own words in maroon throughout recordfamilyhistory.com. The Oral History has been edited and rearranged by theme. Her three children, all still alive, will be referred to as the daughter, first son and second son.

You can see the "full" text of Nell's Oral History by downloading this PDF file.

Nell Shill Waddell's Life Periods

Life in England

Coming to Canada

First years in Montreal: 1908-1914
Jack (John Bartholomew Shill)
Running away from home

The First World War
Nell’s Work and Education
Bert (Herbert Edward Shill)
Women’s Contribution on the Home Front
Marie Emily Glazin
Sidney Latimer
Bert Anstees or Anstice? 

John Shill’s Temper
Leaving Father

After World War I – 1918-1926
Grace and Jack Hardy
Holidays with Mother
Nell’s 21st Birthday in Morin Heights: The Flu Epidemic 

James Verner Waddell (Jim)
The Western Harvest
Jim boards with the Shill Women
Work at the Mount Royal Hotel
Jim Takes a Second Look at Nell

Early Married Life (1926-1933)
Working at The Bell
Marriage and Nell’s Self-Esteem
The Honeymoon
Mother’s Death
Summer in England
Children’s Health Problems
Jim in the Hospital

Moving to the Country in Ste. Rose (de Laval)
Meeting Agnes
Our Second Son
Wintertime Fun
Work Outside the Home
A New Bedroom Set
Peter and the Car

1965 and Widowhood
No Pension or Telephone for the Widow
Nell Rediscovers Herself
A Satisfying Life
So what's the secret of having a contented and long life?

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