1st Regiment
Canadian Grenadier Guards

Oldest Volunteer Regiment

The First Regiment, Canadian Grenadier Guards have the honour of being the oldest volunteer Regiment in the British Empire.

Being British but not a Scot, Herbert Shill chose the 1st Grenadier Guards to enlist with on September 3rd of 1914.

Commanding Officer First Regiment Canadian Grenadier GuardsMajor General John Wallace Carson, C.B., Commanding Officer, First Regiment, Canadian Grenadier Guards.

Lieut.-Col. Carson Reorganizes Regiment

In 1911, Lieutenant-Colonel John Wallace Carson (Major General in 1916) undertook the reorganization of what was then named the First Battalion Prince of Wales Fusiliers. Militia authorities granted him the three conditions he requested: a free hand in selecting his officers; that the Regiment would be renamed and made a Regiment of Foot Guards; that it would be provided with its own armoury. The Regiment became known as the First Regiment, Canadian Grenadier Guards.

In April 1914, the reorganized 1st Grenadier Guards took possession of the new armoury Lieut.-Col. Carson had requested located on Esplanade Avenue opposite Mount Royal Park.

Grenadier Guards' Photographic Record and Souvenir

The photos and information on this page are taken from a booklet entitled "Photographic Record and Souvenir of the Canadian Grenadier Guards Overseas Battalion 'Eighty Seventh' ", Col. F.S. Meighen, O.C., 1916.

This amazing little book found it's way into my possession through the helpful owner of Beazley Books in Pointe Claire, QC.

The booklet contains 50 pages of the images and names of officers and members of the "Eighty Seventh" as well as lists of men contributed by the First Grenadier Guards to the 14th Battalion (Royal Montreal Regiment), the 23rd Battalion and the 60th Battalion. A further six pages are dedicated to the photos and "Records of Service of the Officers of the First Regiment Canadian Grenadier Guards since reorganization."

Click here to see images of the members of the No. Eight Platoon, including Victoria Cross recipient, John Francis Young.

Grenadier Guards Prepared for Active Duty

"The outbreak of hostilities in August, 1914, found the Regiment prepared and ready to turn its hand from the parades and drills of peace to the grim realities of war. The night that news of the declaration of war reached Montreal, the (Grenadier) Guards were at drill in their armoury and a detachment of officers and men marched direct from their parade to active guard duty on the canals and water front.

"Within a week, recruiting had begun for the 'Royal Montreal Regiment,' the Fourteenth Overseas Battalion, with Colonel Meighen in command and eleven other officers and 357 non-commissioned officers and men from the First Regiment (Grenadier Guards) in the ranks."

This photo was found attached to the inside page of the copy of "Canadian Grenadier Guards Overseas Battalion "Eighty Seventh" Photographic Record and Souvenir" which I purchased at a second-hand bookstore. No name of the previous owner was indicated. No writing on the back identifies the group or the individuals.

The following list of soldiers enlisted with the First Regiment, Grenadier Guards and were absorbed into the 14th Overseas Battalion at its creation.

Nominal Roll of N.C.O's and Men, 1st Regt., "The C.G.G." 
(Canadian Grenadier Guards) 
with 1st Royal Montreal Regiment (14th Battalion),
Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1st Contingent.


  • Alexander, Private W.
  • Allcorn, Private B.F.
  • Allen, Private J.
  • Allen, Private J.A
  • .Amyott, Private D.
  • Anderson, Private C.J.
  • Anderson, Private G.


  • Bach, Sergeant R.C
  • Bagnall, Private F.W.
  • Bailey, Corporal R.C.
  • Baker, Private C.
  • Baltrap, Signaller Arthur H.
  • Barker, Private Wm.
  • Barraclough, Corporal T.
  • Bellingham, Private H.
  • Bellord, Private J.G.
  • Bennett, Private R.W.
  • Berry, Private Hy
  • Bethel, Private C.E.
  • Betts, Private Reginald E.
  • Bithell, Corporal J.C.
  • Blackett, Private Wm. D.
  • Bolton, Private Jos.
  • Bolton, Private Jos.
  • Bolton, Private P.
  • Bolwell, Private Albert E
  • Boon, Private S.
  • Boshnor, Sergeant W.A.
  • Boucher, Private J.
  • Bowers, Private J.W.
  • Bowman, Private C.
  • Bowman, Private I.
  • Boyle, Private Ed.
  • Bremner, Private F.E.A.
  • Brennand, Private W.H.
  • Brown, Private Hot. H.
  • Brunt, Private H.
  • Brunt, Private S.E.
  • Bullick, Private A.
  • Burgess, Col.-Sergeant W.G.E.
  • Burns, Private F.W.
  • Burns, Private H.
  • Butcher, Private H.C.


  • Cahill, Private J.H.
  • Campbell, Private D.C.
  • Campbell, Private S.D.
  • Carpenter, Private W.H.
  • Chadwick, Private E.
  • Chambers, Private P.
  • Chapman, Private F.
  • Clans, Private F.
  • Clark, Private A.
  • Cleaver, Private Chas.
  • Coldwell, Private W.
  • Coleman, Private F.H.
  • Connor, Private Walter D.
  • Connors, Private W.P.
  • Coombs, Private E.J.
  • Conroy, Private Michael
  • Corrick, Private W.
  • Coughlin, Private Wm.
  • Cowen, Private E.
  • Crack, Private W.C.
  • Crosier, Private S.
  • Crowther, Private Ronald
  • Cummings, Private Alfred
  • Cunningham, Private F.W.T.


  • Davey, Private Sidney S.
  • Davidson, Private J.L.
  • Debate, Private Dave F.
  • Delaney, Private Harold
  • Demme, Private L.
  • Dewar, Private J.K.
  • Dodds, Private A.
  • Donaghy, Col.-Sergeant W.
  • Dooley, Private Harry
  • Drake, Private R.H.
  • Drew, Private N.R.
  • Duncan, Private J.B.
  • Duncan, Q.M. Sergeant H.
  • Dunn, Private Jas. S.
  • Dwyer, Private John


  • Edwards, Private W.H.
  • Edwards, Sergeant W.H.
  • Elderkin, Private V.C.
  • Elliott, Private S.H.
  • Endersby, Private E.A.
  • Enright, Private G.
  • Ette, Private H.
  • Evans, Private Ellis
  • Evans, Private W.E.H.
  • Evans, Sergeant Wm.


  • Farnworth, Private P.
  • Farquhar, Private Robt.
  • Fearon, Private E.
  • Few, Private J.R.
  • Field, Private J.
  • Finder, Private C.
  • Findlay, Private H.
  • Findlay, Private R.W.
  • Finn, Private H.
  • Fisher, Private Henry R.
  • Flanagan, Private T.
  • Fletcher, Private Albert
  • Flood, Corporal A.H.
  • Flynn, Private A.
  • Forster, Private Jos. P.
  • Forsyth, Private R.
  • Fournivale, Private E.
  • Fowler, Private Alfred
  • Fraser, Private Frank W.
  • Fry, Private W.H.
  • Fryalt, Private W.


  • Galbraith, Private N.
  • Gar, Private H.
  • Gleave, Private G.
  • Glendenning, Private W.J.
  • Gocking, Private S.P.
  • Goodfellow, Private A.S.
  • Goodman, Private B.
  • Gould, Private M.
  • Gould, Private W.G.
  • Gowan, Private M.A.
  • Grandy, Private Phillip
  • Gray, Private A.
  • Green, Corporal J.W.
  • Grey, Private G.
  • Griffith, Private Thomas
  • Guthrie, Private F.
  • Gyde, Private H.L.


  • Hack, Private W.J.
  • Haines, Private G.W.
  • Haines, Private H.N.
  • Hallett, Private P.F.
  • Hampson, Private E.C.
  • Hanley, Private E.
  • Hann, Private W.E.
  • Hardacre, Private H.
  • Harmer, Private Chas. W.
  • Harrison, Private F.A.
  • Harrison, Private R.B.
  • Hartley, Private W.H.V.
  • Harvey, Private Frederick
  • Hawkins, Private Reg.
  • Hawkins, Sergeant A.E.
  • Hayes, Private J.W.
  • Hayward, Private J.
  • Heighes, Private Wilfred
  • Herrock, Private A.E.
  • Higginson, Private F.
  • Higginson, Private H.S.
  • Hodgson, Private Thos.
  • Hossack, Private J.
  • Hote, Private J.
  • Howie, Private J.J.
  • Howleley, Private W.A.
  • Hughes, Private Wm.
  • Hunt, Private Chas. E.


  • Ince, Private W.H.
  • Ivimey, Sergeant Jas.


  • Jennings, Private A.
  • Johnston, Private Alex.
  • Johnston, Private J.
  • Johnston, Private L.W.
  • Jones, Private Arthur
  • Jones, Private Gordon
  • Jones, Private J.
  • Jones, Private L.V.
  • Jubinville, Private E.


  • Kalabza, Private W.
  • Kearney, Private John H.
  • Keenan, Corporal W.J.
  • Kelly, Private G.R.
  • Kennedy, Private J.
  • Kenyon, Private G.
  • Kidd, Private John
  • Kilts, Private Henry
  • Kilts, Private Thos.
  • Kirby, Private R.
  • Kirtland, Private Allan F.
  • Knight, Private P.J.


  • Labelle, Private J.
  • Lambourne, Private W.
  • Lane, Private Chas. F.
  • Lane, Private E.
  • Lang, Sergeant Daniel G.
  • Lawrence, Private Thos.
  • Lawrie, Private David
  • Lawton, Private Eustace A.
  • Lea, Trans.-Sergeant Trydall
  • Lee, Private M.M.
  • Leighton, Private Douglas
  • Lennan, Private C.R.
  • Lennard, Private F.
  • Leslie, Corporal Jack
  • Lewis, Private W.G.C.
  • Lindsay, Private F.
  • Little, Private P.
  • Lock, Private Leonard
  • Lockelts, Private Levi
  • Logan, Private C.
  • Lomas, Private H.
  • Lomax, Private C.
  • Lotham, Private W.
  • Loup, Private A.
  • Lucas, Private W.J.
  • Lunn, Corporal A.E.


  • Mack, Private H.J.
  • MacNaughton, Private P.
  • Madden, Private A.
  • Mangan, Private C.E.
  • Manghan, Private C.H.
  • Mann, Private S.
  • Marshall, Private C.A.
  • Martin, Private V.E.
  • Matheson, Private K.
  • Matheson, Private M.
  • Mathew, Private R.
  • Mattingby, Private W.
  • Maxim, Private W.
  • May, Private James
  • McAtamany, Private A.
  • McCaffrey, Private W.
  • McCann, Private W.
  • McCarthy, Private R.
  • McCoy, Private J.H.
  • McCully, Private C.C.
  • McDonald, Private W.B.
  • McGurk, Private Jas. P.
  • McKay, Private A.
  • McLaughlin, Bugler R.L.
  • McLellan, Private G.
  • McRae, Private J.
  • Mercer, Private G.H.
  • Meulman, Private J.
  • Middlemore, Private F.J.
  • Millan, Private J.Miller, Private E.
  • Mitchell, Private F.E.
  • Molt, Private Chas.
  • Montague, Private M.
  • Morgan, Private Ed. F.
  • Morgan, Private F.M.
  • Morgan, Private J.
  • Morley, Private H.
  • Mornan, Private R.
  • Moore, Sergeant T.
  • Murray, Private A.


  • Nicholls, Private C.J.
  • Nishman, Private M.
  • Norton, Private A.
  • Norton, Private W.


  • Oakes, Private E.
  • Officer, Private W.
  • Oram, Sergeant W.P.
  • Ormerood, Private H.E.
  • O'Shaughnessy, Private T.
  • O'Sullivan, Private J.
  • Osgood, Private W.
  • Outerson, Private G.G.


  • Palin, Private F.J.
  • Parker, Private A.
  • Patch, Private C.N.
  • Penman, Private M.
  • Perkins, Private Chas.
  • Phillip, Private A.
  • Pitchall, Private W.K.
  • Plow, Private A.
  • Poulton, Private A.J.
  • Pulling, Private W.


  • Quick, Private H.E.


  • Rait, Private J.M.
  • Ralph, Private F.
  • Randall, Corporal A.S.
  • Rees, Private E.
  • Rexford, Private V.
  • Ridd, Private W.J.
  • Riggs, Private J.H.
  • Riley, Private C.S.
  • Roberts, Private G.
  • Roberts, Private Jas.
  • Robertson, Private I.
  • Robinson, Private H.P.
  • Rodgers, Private George
  • Rogers, Private Albert
  • Rooke, Corporal-Sergeant J.A.
  • Rosenthal, Private S.
  • Rowe, Private E.
  • Russell, Private C.
  • Russon, Private J.


  • Salmon, Private W.C.
  • Salmon, Sergeant H.
  • Sambell, Private T.G.
  • Sanchez, Private Wm.
  • Saundeers, Private F.
  • Schultz, Private Chas. F.
  • Scott, Private A.E.
  • Scott, Private Protector R.
  • Sharkie, Private F.W.
  • Shergold, Private Frederick
  • Sheriff, Private R.
  • Shill, Private H.E.
  • Silke, Private J.H.
  • Simpson, Private E.
  • Sinclair, Private R.
  • Sinclair, Private W.
  • Skanes, Private W.
  • Smith, Private Ernest S.
  • Smith, Private G.E.
  • Smith, Private H.Smith, Private H.
  • Smithe, Private Wm. A.H.
  • Snow, Private A.R.
  • Soady, Private G.P.
  • Sparrow, Private W.F.
  • Spencer, Private W.W.
  • Sprague, Private R.S.
  • Stanton, Private Jas. R.
  • Stelfon, Signaller J.C.
  • Stevenson, Private Hollis S.
  • Stewart, Private G.
  • Stokes, Private W.J.
  • Swift, Signaller G.
  • Swindley, Private D.
  • Syder, Private G.G.


  • Thomas, Private J.R.
  • Thompson, Private E.
  • Thompson, Private G.
  • Tilt, Private F.G.
  • Tivey, Private Wallace
  • Tod, Col.-Sergeant G.
  • Tollerton, Private L.
  • Trapnell, Private D.
  • Tucker, Corporal E.
  • Turner, Private W.
  • Tutt, Private F.H.


  • Underwood, Bugler J.W.
  • Upwood, Private W.
  • Urquhart, Corporal D.


  • Vaughan, Private R.
  • Volkert, Sergeant C.
  • Vosburg, Private E.


  • Wakefield, Private W.
  • Waller, Private R.S.
  • Wallis, Private A.
  • Wallis, Private Albert
  • Wallis, Private Alex.
  • Wallis, Sergeant W.
  • Warrall, Sergeant Richard
  • Weaver, Corporal J.R.
  • Wells, Private A.
  • Welsh, Private J.
  • Werdrick, Private C.
  • Whiteman, Corporal H.H.
  • Will, Private David
  • Williams, Private N.
  • Wingard, Private W.S.
  • Winter, Private J.J.
  • Woodhouse, Private W.E.
  • Wright, Private H.
  • Wylie, Private W.


  • Yates, Private J.L.
  • Yaxley, Private C.E.

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