Record Family History

How I can help you discover your family history, record it, and share it with others?  

Do you want me to do the research for you? Or do you want tips on how to find what you are looking for?

Do you need help gathering your past research and photos together and organizing them so they won't be lost when you're no longer here?  Digitizing them? Saving them to the cloud? Creating a shareable book of your best images?

Do you want to put your family stories together in a book or document with or without photos?

Do you want to tell your own and your family's stories? Have them written out and save them for your family?

I can help you!  

Everyone's Story is Valuable

No matter your position in life, your economic situation or career, your life story has value in helping people know who you are, what experiences you've lived and survived and how you have found love and joy and grown through the years.

It's simple to tell your story orally, to talk to me and I'll transcribe it for you (put it in writing), or help you put it in another format that can be easily shared.

Grandmother's Oral History

Nell Shill, (my grandmother), the youngest Shill daughter who immigrated to Montreal in 1908, left us an Oral History with stories about living in Montreal through the important events of the early 1900s.  She talked about the family's homes, jobs, education, church and community involvement, Montreal transportation, entertainment and social life and marriage. Her story is a piece of social history.

When I hear her voice, I am reminded of the strong, energetic, bold woman that she was.  I am proud to be her grandchild and to have been influenced by her.  

Wouldn't you love to give that to the grandchildren you love or even the descendants you haven't met yet? Leave them a taste of who you are.

James (Jim) Verner Waddell

Jim Waddell, my grandfather and the future husband of Nell Shill, arrived as a 22 year old, in the spring of 1921. His upbringing in Glasgow, Scotland, and experiences as an Imperial soldier in World War 1 formed a foundation for his future in Canada. Unfortunately, those experiences were not recorded by him.  He saved memorabilia from many important events in his life.  He took many pictures. The photograph at the top of the page is from his trip over to Canada, while he was working on the S.S. Pretorian.  He also recorded himself reciting stories.  I treasure these mementos and the sound of his broad Scottish accent.

Searching for an ancestor?

What can I do to help you, make it easier for you to research?  Organize? Share? Record your story?