Remembrance Days in Montreal

Remembrance Day 2020

The following video was created by Doug Fitz-Gerald to remember Canadian veterans who have served through the years.  He takes us to a few significant places in and around Montreal. Special mention is made of Private John Francis Young, a young man born in Kidderminster, Worcester, England, who came to Canada around 1912 and enlisted in the 87th Infantry Battalion, Canadian Grenadier Guards in October 1915.  He won the Victoria Cross for the actions told about in this video.  Other stories are told of experiences in different conflicts.

Go to Grenadier Guards to find a pdf document with images for the No. Eight Platoon, including Private J.F. Young.

Remembrance Day Parade in Montreal

As a WWI veteran himself, Jim Waddell regularly commemorated the contribution of those who took part in World War I, marching with pride in Remembrance Day parades.

His children seldom attended the Remembrance Day Ceremony with their father in Montreal, instead staying in Ste.-Rose with their Mother.

Bell Telephone of Canada World War I Veterans

November 11, 1931: At the Cenotaph, Dominion Square, Montreal, Canada. Left to Right: Jim MacDonald, Eddy Grant, Ed Baty, Bill Leggette, Jim Waddell, Gilbert George, Bill Franklin, F.H. Neale and Henry Legrove. These WWI veterans were all employed at Bell Telephone.

Marching on Remembrance Days

JV Waddell's family believes the photo below was taken in Montreal during World War II with the 6th Duke of Connaught's Royal Canadian Hussars. "No. 47 (Cav.) Res. Coy. Veterans Guard of Canadian Army." were a squadron of the 6th Hussars.  James Verner Waddell received a commission as 2nd Lieutenant in the above-mentioned Veterans Guard.

Reservists marching, likely on Remembrance Day: JV Waddell is in the middle of the group of three. During World War II prior to 1943 when JV became a 2nd Lieutenant.