Namur, Belgium - 1919

After the Armistice
Until September 1919

Chief Clerk for Captain R.N. Thompson

After the Armistice, Jim Waddell stayed in the Army for another 11 months until the beginning of September, 1919. He became Chief Clerk for Captain R.N. Thompson and their base of operations settled in Namur, Belgium as HQ4 (Fourth Army Headquarters) area Namur.

What was the nature of the work that they were doing in Namur after the armistice?

General H.S. Rawlinson and Namur

General H.S. Rawlinson, named on the Boar's Head Club's Rule book as the President, had reassumed command of the Fourth Army from July 1918.

According to The New Zealand Division 1916 - 1919: A Popular History Based on Official Records on the outskirts of Namur, on December 11th, 1918, General Rawlinson watched the New Zealand Rifles march past as part of the advance of the Second and Fourth Armies into Germany.

By the end of July 1919, General H.S. Rawlinson had been appointed to go to Russia to lead an evacuation of Allied forces.

A Reference Letter from Captain Robert N. Thompson:

Jim Waddell clearly had a good relationship with Capt. Robert Thompson as indicated by this glowing recommendation. Surely the reference letter helped Jim secure work after he left the military.

No. P14763 L. cpl. Waddell M.F.P. has served under my command for over two years, and during that period he has done very excellent work nearly always under very heavy shellfire and enemy bombing. His courage and devotion to duty have set a very fine example to all arms of the service.

I have recommended him for the Meritorious Service Medal. He is tactful and handles those under him in a good manner, his discipline is excellent. I cannot speak too highly of this N.C.O's work, since the armistice he has been my Chief Clerk and as such has had to deal with the most confidential papers, he has never on any occasion betrayed the trust I placed in him.

I much regret the loss of his services to the Army and hope this small tribute for all he has done for me will be useful to him. I will always be glad to hear of his welfare and help him in any way.

Robert N. Thompson Captain. WAPM HQ 4 area. Namur 6/9/19.

A Personal Note Included with the Reference Letter:

Dear Waddell,

I thank you very much for your letter and am glad you left all in order. I fear I omitted to say how very grateful I am to you for all your good work whilst with me, indeed my job all through the war has been a comparatively easy one, as everyone has been so very helpful. The office seems strange today with new faces, but in life it’s ever so. That you may have a good holiday and the best of luck is the wish of

Yours Sincerely

Robert N. Thompson
HQ 4 Area Namur 8/9/19

Rest and Relaxation in Namur, Belgium - 1919

After the Armistice, during the year 1919, the opportunity to relax and enjoy being in Namur, Belgium, must have been a great relief to a war weary soldier, such as Jim Waddell.

Jim Waddell played soccer as a member of the Army Soccer team as is evident from the photo below. Jim is seated second from right, front row.

Who would they have competed against?

Jim Waddell and the Army Soccer Team taken in Namur Belgium 1919

The Boar's Head Club, Namur - 1919

A social club with General Rawlinson as the President offered entertainment and social activity. Jim's involvement as a member of this club may have inspired his involvement in and leadership of social clubs once he was working at Bell Telephone Company in Montreal. Might Jim have been elected as one of the members of the Managing Committee of the Boar's Head Club?

Front cover of rule booklet for the Boars Head Fourth Army social club from Namur Belgium 1919
Inside of rule booklet for the Boars Head Club Fourth Army social club from Namur Belgium 1919

While in Namur, Jim Waddell was billeted with a local family. Years later, his daughter visited that family who remembered him.

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