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More than 30 years of doing genealogical research in Canada, especially Quebec and New Brunswick and back to England and Scotland, have prepared me to help others with their own research both online and at archival centres. Below you can see a list of some of the genealogy services on offer.

For more information about my experience, please see my "About Me" page.

Family History Book

Genealogy Services: Research

Initial Consultation

Arrange 1 FREE 30-minute conversation to discuss the kind of help you need with either research or an oral history project.  Contact me here

Research Review (1 hour)

Send me a summary of the work that has been conducted previously, preferably with copies of documents or reports you have. It is important not to have to waste time searching again for information you already have.  I will look over what you have and consider whether and where to look further. We can discuss further research and if you choose, you can hire me to do it for you.

$50 (see note for currency)

In-depth Genealogy Research

You may have a mystery on your hands:
What happened to a particular family member? What country did your ancestors come from before coming to North America? Approximately when did your family arrive?  Can we find a passenger list that they arrived on?  Searches may take a number of hours to find that elusive answer.  And, there is no guarantee that I can find the exact answer you are looking for.  But, I promise that I will dig deeply and report back to you the places searched and information found.  

Perhaps you would like to search a particular line back as far as possible.  Normally, in the course of researching, an online tree is also created to keep information sorted.

What you get –

  •  Report of research results (digital file)
  •  Research log with list of resulting documents (digital file)
  •  Digital copy of all documents found

Hourly Rate:  $50 (minimum of 6 hours per session)

BICA Research

British Immigration and Colonization Association Letterhead

A search of Home Child files for your British Immigration and Colonization Association (BICA) boy.  (Notes on how to conduct your own research)  

You may have found out that a young man in the family came to Canada with BICA and wonder what became of him.  Or, perhaps he returned to the UK and you wonder what he did while in Canada.  I have spent many hours going through BICA files and noting references to individual boys.  Boys were usually mentioned when there were difficulties with him or his placements.

$50 per hour

Zoom Consultation

Do you not know where to start?  Or, maybe you just want help finding a specific document.

Sharing my screen with you on Zoom, we will search for your family history online, accessing several databases and websites depending on what it is you are researching.  

The main resources I have subscriptions/access to: (world edition)
Newspapers+ Publishers Extra
ScotlandsPeople (access, searches free, documents cost additional)

I also have a broad knowledge of how to best use FamilySearch, Library and Archives Canada, Canadiana Heritage, Quebec Archives and more.
$50 per hour.

Oral History Interview

Oral History chair with recorder

Don't wait:

It's been so hard to get together in person, but there is no need to put off interviewing a family member to preserve the stories they have told you or to learn more details about their younger years.  Or for that matter, to tell your own story!

On Zoom:

If you can get in front of a computer with a camera, I can interview and record anyone (in English) on Zoom.  You will get the recording with a transcription. 

By Telephone:

Don't have a computer? It is also easy to record a conversation via telephone.

In Person:

Do you prefer to do the interview in person?  That is now possible again.  I live in Alexandria, Ontario and can travel to Ottawa or Montreal (and in between) to interview you or your loved one.  There will be travel costs added to the base fee.

50 minute interview:  $147

List of questions:

I will send you a list of questions to consider in advance. You choose what you most want to talk about.


Do you already have an audio or video recording that you would like to have transcribed?  As long as I have the equipment to access the recording, I can transcribe it for you. 

1 hour of audio/video:  $90 

Create an online Family Tree

Family History Records imageSamples of what can be done once your family information is saved to a software program: Family Group Record (left), Online tree at Ancestry (background, right) and a Pedigree Chart created on Canva (foreground, right)

Is all your genealogical information on paper, but you would like to be able to add your tree to your online DNA or to be readily able to print reports?  Once your genealogical information is entered in a genealogy software program,  the tree can be saved on your computer, to genealogy websites and shared with others easily as a GEDCOM file.  My preferred genealogy software is Family Tree Maker by MacKiev which can be "synced" to your Ancestry account. 

By saving your information to a computer, in many cases you can reduce your paper files. 


Please contact me to discuss what other Genealogy Services I can provide to you.

Note:  Fees for Canadian clients paying by e-transfer, cash or cheque are in Canadian dollars.  All others pay in US dollars.

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