Record Family History

Record Family History is all about helping you get your family history records and stories in order, to best be able to leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren and extended family. Are you the family's keeper? Make sure it's passed on in a way that doesn't overwhelm those who take over.

Why is Oral History important?

Why is oral history important? It is an efficient way to record a person's story in an interactive situation and prepare it to be shared.

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Jim Waddell Entertainer

Jim Waddell entertainer - he was a natural. Playing piano, singing songs, reciting poetry and telling jokes were some of the ways he entertained others.

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About Me

Introducing a little about me and my experience doing genealogical research.

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Dianne McCosker

My father Gordon Barton arrived in Canada in 1929 aged 16yrs. He went to Howick, Quebec and worked on a farm there. From all accounts he was very happy

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En route to Cleveland, Ohio from Liverpool in 1930

My father, Dr T Francis Jarman of Sunderland, England, was awarded a fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in 1930. He related, with excitement and awe, the

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