Record Family History

Record Family History is all about helping you get your family history records and stories in order, to best be able to leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren and extended family. Are you the family's keeper? Make sure it's passed on in a way that doesn't overwhelm those who take over.

Photo Organizer Certification

To receive photo organizer certification and be recognized as such by The Photo Managers, a process needs to be followed with the help of a client.

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Looking for Interviewees

Up to 3 individuals have the opportunity to be interviewed for free on Zoom, May 20th or May 21st. Contact me to find out more.

Printed Photo Organization

Printed Photos slides negatives organization

Printed photo organization can be a challenge if you have years of photos going back 50 to 100 years. If you are the family archivist, it a big responsibilty.

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Why is Oral History important?

Keith looking back at the snowy mountains

Why is oral history important? It is an efficient way to record a person's story in an interactive situation and prepare it to be shared.

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Scan 12x12 Albums

12x12 Photo Albums

How do you Scan 12x12 Albums? Most home scanners don't permit scanning of a 12x12 page. 2 scans can be merged but is time-consuming and lesser quality.

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