McIntyre Son & Co. Limited

Roll of Honor

Importers of Dry Goods, Montreal

* Killed in Action

Lieut. E.A. Fauteux
Lieut. E. C. Thom*
Lieut. B.G. Todd*
Sergeant H.N. McCallum
Gunner W. Blackshaw
Gunner W.G. Carson
Gunner Alex. Chauvin
Gunner Harold Kerr
Gunner F.B. Logan
Gunner P. F. Payne
Gunner D. Telford
Sapper H. I. Cornell
Driver C.J. Hodges
Driver F. Jenner
Cadet H. L. Megan
Private J. Arblaster
Private J. A. Barton
Private S. Barton
Private G.E. Blackwell
Private A. Brown
Private W. Cornick
Private H.M. Cramp
Private S. Cummings
Private E. Denman
Private J.C. Forbes
Private R. W. Herring
Private W. Hill
Private R.R. Hughes
Private V.K. Hunt*
Private E.E. Irwin
Private T.L. Johnston
Private C. Laviolette
Private J.D. Martin*
Private F. Nation
Private S. Rowland
Private R. Watson
Private H. Weeks
Private A. Wilson*
Private R.H. Zimmerman
Seaman R.R. Cramp

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