Roll of Honor

Diamond Merchants, Goldsmiths, Silversmiths

Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Ryrie Bros. Limited, Toronto - In Affiliation.

These went for Empire and for Right,
To brave the battle and to face the fight
And keep the Flag triumphant.

x - Killed in action

Overseas Staff

Angel, William
Ansell, Ernest
Ashbury, W.C.
Baker, J. Lovell
Barclay, Stuart
Barrett, R.
Baxter, J.
Belcher, A.
Birks, Gerald A.
Birks, Gerald W.
Birks, Henry G.
Birks, Hobart McN.
Blackler, J.W.
Boland, Aubrey 
Boyd, Kenneth G.
Boxall, Geo. W.
Bruneau, E.J.
Carpenter, John C.
Cavey, Geo.
Cherrington, J.
Choquette, George
Clarke, Donald
Copland, A. Eric
Cottingham, Dixon
Craig, John
Cribb, Harold
Cummins, John
Davies, A.E.A. x
Donald, W. Archibald
Dowling, Harold E.
Dudley, L.H.
Dufour, Samuel E.
Dumouchel, A. Jr.
Easterbrook, Frank
Ford, H.J.
Frisby, Albert Edward
Frisby, John Charles
Frisby, Robert O.
Frohns, A.P.
Hall, S.
Hardie, Chas, E.
Haskett, Kenneth
Hipkins, Geo. x
Hey, Thos. A
Houseman, Herbert
Howell, Fred x
Irving, Archie M. x
Jay, William A.
Johnson, Stanley
Joyce, W. x
Junkin, William T.
Kelly, Robert 
Kidd, John
Long, H.I. x
Macdonald, C.
Malzard, Snowdon
Mangold, H.M.
Markland, F. Whittaker
Marsh, R.M.
Marshall, Floyd
Matthews, R.E.
Maull, A.
McCallum, Stanley
McCormack, Lawrence
McDougall, William
McIntyre, Norman
McKinley, William J.
Melling, W.R.
Moffatt, R.J.
Morris, M.G. x
Morrison, R.
Mossop, Clement
Murdock, A.J. x
Norris, Ernest A.
Newby, R.
Oliver, W.
Patch, Howard H.
Pelletier, A.
Perkins, James E.
Postgate, Albert 
Price, Edward
Rainbow, Frederick
Revel, B.
Reid, Donald McD.
Rodgers, Chas. Howard
Ruddock, Forbes x
Sherrard, Albert E.
Silke, Joseph x
Simpson, Chas. M.
Smaill, Walter
Smyth, Geo. C. x
Smith, Frank
Smith, Harry L.
Smith, W. Ryrie
Stilwell, L. Hamilton
Symington, Kenneth P. x
Timberlake, B.W.
Thompson, J.
Tullock, J.E.
Tullock, J.E.
Vopni, Wm.
Ward, Ernest
Wark, James
White, Reginald
Williams, Percy 
Wright, E.R.

Bold font indicates an individual born in Britain and living in Montreal at the time of their attestation.

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