Canadian Tube & Iron

Company Limited Montreal

Roll of Honor


E. Beckett
Geo. Clarkson
Wallace Costigan
A.E. Peckham
D.G. Sturgess
G.P. Walker

Pipe Mill

F. Barton
Chas. Brisbois
R.M. Cawley
W. Collins
J. Conway
W. Cowell
C. Dandridge
J. Dandridge Sr.
J. Dandridge Jr.
W. D’Aoust
J. Darbyshire
J. Davis
J. De Pledge
F. Everett
B. Goddard
G. Grundy
T. Hall
A. Hawksworth
A. Hill
J. Hoopel
A. Howarth
J. Howson
T. Howson
H. Hutton
L. Jackson
F. Lloyd
S. Lumsden
Peter Mallette
C. Marshall
H. McCarroll
J. McLean
S. Mellor
J. Miller
J. Newland (American Navy)
J. Newton
J. Nuttal
W. Oddie
J. Oldham
J. Pintall
J. Rooney
J. Seed
A. Shard
Richard Sharp
J. Sharpe
J. Soden
R. Soden
F. Stout
A. Taylor
Arthur Taylor
Hugh Taylor
S. Taylor
H. Thurston
H. Vingoe
J. Whitmore
D. Whittaker
G. Williamson
Isaac Woods
R. Young

Bolt and Nut Dept.

Albert Dormoy
Hercule Dormoy
Jos. Latour
J. Lloyd
A.W. McIntyre
A. Ste. Marie
P. Ste. Marie

Canadian Rolling Mills Company, Limited

W. Emond
A. Jubinville
A. Lafrance
J. Lavallee
A. Rousseau
S. Swallow
A. Tison

Colonial Wire Manufacturing Company, Limited

L. Addison
H. Butler
F. Lauzon
H. Power

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