Matthews- Blackwell Limited

Matthews-Blackwell, in 1919, had 6 meat-packing plants in Canada, including Montreal and was the largest packing business in the country.

The image below, (Taken from “The Maritime Merchant” dated February 20, 1919 page 63, as found on Google News Archive.) shows the variety of products which were produced and sold by Matthews-Blackwell, including hams, bacon, pork, beef, sausages, lard, shortening, butter and eggs sold under the Rose and Anchor brand names.

Another ad can be found in the Montreal Post, 1914, here.

In Montreal’s Lovell’s directory 1918-1919, the company had 5 retail shops, 1 wholesale outlet and on Mill Street, an office and packing house.

Interestingly, their listing for Matthews-Blackwell in 1919-1920 changed to the office and packing house plus 3 wholesale outlets and no retail shops.

What had happened to the company? In June, 1919, Matthews-Blackwell joined in a merger of packing companies to become part of Allied Packers, Inc.  An article about the merger in The Victoria Daily Times on June 12, 1919, claims that Mattews-Blackwell "probably was the largest packing enterprise in Canada".(1)

At the time Canada's Aid to the Allies and Peace Memorial was published in 1919, more than 200 employees of Matthews-Blackwell were honored in the following roll of those who enlisted for service in World War 1.

Roll of Honor

C.R. Abbott

J. Abraham

J. Aitcheson

G. Anderson

W. Anderson

Charles Atkinson

Frederick Austin

Horace Baines

*Ed. Ball

Wm. Ball

Thos. Ball

Chesley W. Barber

J. Barnett

Armand Barrette

W.G. Bartholomew

E. Batty

W. Bell

F. Benson

A. Binnie

Harold Binns

F. Birch

*D. Birdgenaw

*F. Birdgenaw

L. Blackwell

*Arthur Boucher

*Ed. Bouley

J. Bradbury

Lloyd Brady

Tom Bright

Thos. Brocker

Wm. Brough

A. Brown

S.M. Buck

F. Burchall

*E. Cahill

Charles Caldecoat

George Campbell

Peter Campbell

Raoul Cardinal

*Benj. H. Carey

H. Chard

W. Charles

William Cherry

Wm. Clayton

Norman Coddington

Chas. Coleman

*Ernest Collins

Frederick Collins

J. Collins

B. Cooke

N.M. Cooke

H. Copland

Conrad Corrigan

*R. Cron

H. Crowley

*John Crozier

*Robert Curtis

Lester Daly

Jas. Darwin

W.E. Davies

G. Davis

George Derwin

C. Dewar

Arthur Dickenson

Victor Donat

A. Donahue

A.E. Dryland

L. DeRosie

George East

R. Elliott

J. Elliott

F. Evans

A. Everitt

Jas. Edwards

W. Fanning

L. Feeley

L. Ferris

W. Fields

B. Forbes

F. Forrester

E. Foster

H. Fowler

J. Fraser

R. Friel

H. Gabriel

James Gage

Emile Gagnon

Alfred Garland

C. Garner

J. Gash

John Gibson

George Gill

H. Gillam

G. Glover

S. Goodwin

B. Goodchild

J.B. Gould

Sidney Gray

R. Griffin

W. Griffin

L. Guest

A. Gunn

D. Gunn

R. Haddow

J. Hadley

H. Harling

A.T. Harris

J. Herbert

Geo. Hickford

J. Holmes

E.D. Honeyford

James Hooper

B. Hubbard

H. Hughes

Thos. Hunter

F. Hurley

J. Huxley

H. Instrall

Harry James

Thomas James

Clifford Jardine

George Jay

C. Jays

Alex. Johnstone

Herbert Johnston

J. Johnston

C. Jones

E. Jordan

Oswald Josling

D. Keegan

A. Kendall

E. Kelso

F. Kiff

T. Lamoine

G. LaPlante

P. Lavery

W. Lavery

W. Levy

E. Liddell

C.N. Lindsay

*John Lippitt

Leonard Lloyd

W. Lockie

Geo. Logan

W. Lumsden

J. Mabor

F. Murray MacFarland

Basil MacManus

*P. Mann

*A.J. Matthews

*George F. Matthews

G.S. Matthews

H.S. Matthews

*W.M. Matthews

W. Maxwell

S. McCabe

Andy McColl

P.G. McFarland

*S. McHugh

W. McKinnon

*Alex. McLeod

W. McWilliams

*Leo. J. Meagher

Robert Milne

*Charles A. Mitchell

Henry Morgan

*Charles Morin

J. Morrow

Reg. Muir

Charles Murphy

Robert Murphy

B. Newport

Emile Normand

P. O’Connor

A. Oliver

Lorenzo Paquette

Wilfrid Paquette

H.T. Pennels

F. Pidgeon

Albert Platten

William Plummer

*John Pressley

M. Pringle

Thos. Quinlan

H. Rayner

Fred. Reynolds

A. Roadhouse

F. Roberts

Arthur Rochon

J. Rody

A. Ross

A. Rutter

George A. Ryley

William Scott

J. Scully

*R. Scully

H. Shaw

M. Shaw

W. Shine

H. Smith

A. Speller

Frank Stokes

Henry St. Pierre

B. Targett

Alex. Taylor

F. Taylor

H. Thomas

Laing Thompson

Richard Thompson

H. Tomlinson

H. Treadwell

James Tucker

James Turner

H. Upshall

W. Walsh

John Ward

M. Waters.

*Albert White

Alfred Wilcox

E. Williams

R. Williams

A. Woolarton

Cecil Wray

H. York

L. York

E. Young

Percy Young


1.  "Matthews-Blackwell Joins Allied Packers," The Victoria Daily Times (Victoria, British Columbia), 12 Jun 1919, p. 17, col. 4; imaged in Newspapers + Publisher Extra (  : accessed 26 May 2020), filter by date.

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