The Royal Bank of Canada

Roll of Honour

Members of the Staff on Active Service

(1000 members of the Staff Enlisted for Active Service up to December 31st, 1917)

  - Killed in Action * – Wounded – Died in Hospital m – Missing
ai – Accidentally Injured P – Prisoner of War ep – Escaped Prisoner of War d – Discharged 




Abbey, Robert P Trooper 4th C.M.R.
Ackerman, W.W.D. Private Div. Amm. Column
Ackland, W.A. Sergeant 143rd Battn.
Acton, Henry  Lieutenant 10th South Staffordshire Regt.
Adams, L.R. Private 3rd Can. Reserve Battn.
Adams, P.H. Private  147th Battn.
Addison, W.G.  Corporal 3rd Div. Amm. Column
Aitchison, Daniel Private Wiltshire Regt.
Aitken, J.M. Captain 208th Battn.
Aitken, W.S. Gunner  8th Army Brigade, C.F.A.
Alexander, G.A. 61st Battn.
Allan, E.I.R. Private R.C.H.A.
Allen, C.S. Gunner 22nd Howitzer Battery, C.F.A.
Allman, A.C. Sergeant  159th Battn.
Allman, E.J. Air Mechanic R.F.C.
Almond, A.E. Private 54th Battn.
Anderson, A.D. Private London Scottish (4th London Terr.)
Anderson, Murray Gunner  23rd C.F.A.
Anderson, J.T. Trooper  34th Fort Garry Horse.
Anderson, Robt. Private 43rd Battn.
Andrewes, F.L. Private 24th Draft, Can. Ry. Troops
Andrews, L.R. 2nd Lieutenant 5th Cont., B.W.I. Regt.
Annand, C.D. Private 85th Battn.
Anthony, L.F. Private 25th Battn.
Armbrister, Cyril Lieutenant 54th Battn.
(Awarded the Military Medal for distinguished conduct at the Somme.)
Armstrong, F.C. Lance Corporal 23rd Reserve Battn.
Arseneau, G.C. Drummer 187th Battn.
Arundell, J. d’A.H. Sergeant 14th Battn.
Atkin, I.C.R. Lieutenant 131st Battn.
Atkinson, C.H. Lance Sergeant 40th Battn.
Atkinson, T.H. Lieutenant 13th Battn.
Aucoin, J.D. Private 3rd Nova Scotia Forestry Battn.
Auldjo, J.W. Private 60th Battn.
Austen, G.A. 2nd Lieutenant 9th Devonshire Rgt.
Bagot, A.G. Rifleman 6th Battn., London Regiment
Bailey, C.S. Lieutenant 44th Battn.
Bailey, S. McA. Gunner 9th Can. Siege Battery
Baines, Thomas
Baird, James  Lance Corporal 60th Battn.
Baird, J.D. Corporal 5th Pioneer Battn.
Baker, A.D. Signaller  Howitzer Battery, 8th Brigade, C.F.A.
Baker, C.E. Sergeant 216th Battn.
Baldwin, K.G.F. Corporal 6th C.M.R.
Balfour, R.H. Cadet Royal Flying Corps
Ball, E.C. Driver 71st Battery, C.F.A.
Balmain, D.H. Lieutenant 2nd Can. Pioneers
Banks, C.N. Lance Corporal 85th Battn.
Baptist, K.O. Gunner 16th Battery, C.F.A.
Barlee, H.D. Private 196th Battn.
Barlow, D.S. Driver 68th Battery, C.F.A.
Barnes, C.G. Private 61st Battn.
Barnes, J.C. Gunner R.C.H.A.
Barnes, K.S. Lieutenant 39th Can. Forestry Co.
Barr, W.M. Private 86th Battn.
Barry, J.R. Private 85th Battn.
Bartlett, H.A.
Barton, W.R. Lieutenant 75th Battn.
Barwis, S.J. Private  143rd Battn.
Batchelor, A.T. Private 172nd Battn.
Bate, G.J.M. Gunner 8th Battery, 2nd Artillery Brigade, C.F.A.
Bayer, R.O. Bombardier 7th Battery, 1st Brigade, C.F.A.
Baxter, James *Sergeant  47th Battn.
Bayne, E.G.
Bebbington, W.T. Lance Corporal 32nd Battn.
Beeston, E.H. Gunner 11th Can. Siege Artillery
Bell, E.R. Sergeant 62nd Battn.
Bell, E.S. Private P.P.C.L.I.
Bell, J.E. Lieutenant 124th Battn.
Bellairs, B.A. Private R.A.S.C.
Belyea, A.F. Cadet Royal Flying Corps.
Bender, C.A. Royal Flying Corps.
Bendiksen, Daniel Private 49th Battn.
Benson, P.R. *Private 28th Battn.
Berkeley, A.F.M.
Bessey, A.L. Corporal 1st Can. Field Ambulance
Bett, D.J. Private 47th Battn.
Bett, G.W. Staff Sergeant 47th Battn.
Bible, C.H. Private 19th Battn.
Bickerton, Joseph Private 75th Battn.
Bird, G.M. Private 62nd Battn.
Bird, H.G.D. Private 5th Battn.
Bird, H.J. Private  196th Battn.
Black, Adam *Private  P.P.C.L.I.
Black, J.D.K. Private 9th Battery, C.F.A.
Black, J.S. R.F.C.
Black, S.C. Sgt.-Major 2nd Howitzer Battery, C.F.A.
Black, William  Private 231st Battn.
Blagrave, G.L. Cadet Royal Flying
Blair, R.G. Sergeant 25th Battn.
Blake, H.A. Lieutenant 4th C.M.R.
Blanchfield, F.J. Gunner  “D” Battery, 2nd Brigade, C.F.A.
Blenkinsop, Arnold  Private 184th Battn.
Boissiere, Lieutenant 4th Cont., B.W.I. Regt.
Bolduc, George Private 53rd Battery, C.F.A.
Bolton, F.G. Gunner 27th Battery, C.F.A.
Borland, D.C.G. Private 46th Battn.
Boswell, E.C. Sub-Lieutenant Motor Boat Patrol Service
Bowden, H.G. Corporal 1st Newfoundland Regt.
Bowers, C.C. *Corporal 13th Battn.
Boyd, A.E. Private 102nd Battn.
Boyd, G.A. *Corporal 24th Battn.
Boyd, John * d Corporal 10th Battn.
Boyd, J.G. Gunner 1st Can. D.A.C.
Boyd, R.J. Private 85th Battn.
Bradley, E.R. Prob. Flight Officer Royal Naval Air Service
Bradley, P.E. Private 121st Battn.
Bradshaw, D.C. Qmr.-Sergeant 37th Battn.
Braidwood, Thomas *Private C.A.M.C.
Bray, A.M. Private 195th Battn.
Breese, A.E.S. Private 44th Battn.
Brennan, A.J. Corporal 4th C.M.R.
Brewer, E.O. Sergeant  104th Battn.
Brewster, George Sergeant 1st Can. D.A.C.
Brittan, S.V.
Brockie, J.D. Private Wiltshire Regt.
Brooks, D.D. Private 1st Can. Motor Machine Gun Brigade
Brooks, H.R. Sergeant 119th Battn.
Brown, D.A. Private 10th Battn.
Brown, Harold Private 3rd Battn.
Brown, M.G. Private 203rd Battn.
Brown, R.C.
Browne, A.S. Private  No. 1 Nova Scotia Forestry Battn.
Brownlow, E.J. Private B.C. Cyclist Platoon
Bryce, W.A.T. Gunner 55th Battery, C.F.A.
Bryden, W.F. Lieutenant 8th Battn. South Lancs Regiment
(Awarded the Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry)
Bryson, A.M. * d Private P.P.C.L.I.
Bryson, W.E. Private 10th Siege Battery
Buckley, W.A. Stretcher Bearer 185th Battn.
Burchard, H.K. Gunner 98th Siege Battery
Burns, Robert P Trooper 8th C.M.R.
Burr, E.H. Lieutenant East Lancs. Regt.
Burrows, N.R. Lieutenant 169th Battn.
Butler, J.K. Private 25th Battn.
Butler, J.W. mTrooper 2nd C.M.R.
Butterfield, R.D.
Cain, C.L. Private 26th Can. Reserve Battn.
Cairns, J.A. Lance Corporal 185th Battn.
Cairns, W.J. Gunner 21st C.F.A.
Caldecott, Godfrey Sergeant
Cameron, A.W.H. Cadet Royal Flying Corps.
Camirand, Hubert d Private 230th Battn.
Campbell, Hugh *Private 72nd Seaforth Highlanders
Campbell, J.A. Gunner 36th C.F.A.
Campbell, J.A. Trooper 6th C.M.R.
Campbell, Murdoch Sergeant  231st Battn.
Campbell, R.B. Gunner 36th Howitzer Battery, C.F.A.
Campbell, V.F. Trooper 13th C.M.R.
Campbell, William  Private B.C. Cyclist Platoon
Cargill, Thomas  
Carson, T.J. Private P.P.C.L.I.
Carstairs, D.L. Private 13th Battn.
Cassels, C.L. Private 134th Battn.
Caswell, H.A. Gunner Machine Gun Co., 9th Infantry Brigade
Cawdron, E.V. Captain 1st Amm. Park.
Champagne, A.A. Private 59th Battn.
Chapman, P.T. Signaller 18th Battn.
Charlton, H.G. Private 7th Battn.
Chater, H.J. d Trooper Strathcona Horse
Chatters, E.S. Private 30th Battn.
Chinn, J.N. Corporal Div. Sig. Corps.
Chisholm, A.D. Private No.  9 General Hospital
Chisholm, A.J. Gunner 75th C.F.A.
Chisholm, G.R. mPrivate 78th Battn.
Chisholm, J.D. Sergeant 185th Battn.
Chisholm, J.W. Private 11th Battn.
Christie, K.G. Paymaster Sergeant 2nd Div. Amm. Column
Clark, B.W. Acting Sergeant 13th Can. Reserve Battn.
Clark, E.J. Private  49th Battn.
Clark, H.F. Sergeant Can. Ordnance Corps.
Clarke, H.H. d Private 248th Battn.
Clay, Percy  Gunner 1st D.C.A.C., C.F.A.
Coates, C.E. Private 53rd Battn.
Cole, A.H. mTrooper  11th C.M.R.
Cole, D.H. Sergeant 4th Battn.
Cole, J.S. Private 11th C.M.R.
Collett, Leonard Private  5th C.M.R.
Colwill, C.W. Gunner 72nd Battery, C.F.A.
Connelly, E.F. Sapper Canadian Engineers
Connery, P.H. Private 218th Battn.
Cooke, C.L. Private 97th Battn.
Cooper, G.A. Gunner 77th C.F.A.
Cooper, H.H.
Copp, T.P. Lieutenant 72nd Battn.
Corbett, A.E. Private 147th Battn.
Corbett, D.R. Sergeant 3rd Siege Battery
Cornwall, H.A. Sergeant 40th Battn.
Cosman, E.A. Private Royal Can. Regt.
Cotter, J.G. Private 185th Battn.
Coumans, R.G. *Private 42nd Battn.
Cox, A.J. 2nd Class A.M. Royal Flying Corps.
Cox, R.G. Sergeant Army Pay Corps.
Craig, G.L. Sergeant 236th Battn.
Craig, G.W. Gunner 5th Siege Battery
Craig, W.A. Private 102nd Battn.
Craig, W.E. Signaller 27th Battery, C.F.A.
Crawford, C. Private P.P.C.L.I.
Crawford, F.W. Gunner 63rd Battery
Crocker, C.C. *Gunner 8th Battery, C.F.A.
Croil, D.R. Gunner 3rd Siege Battery
Cross, T.E. Sergeant 19th County of London (Territorials)
Crowell, A.L. Driver 5th Can. Div. Amm. Column
Crowell, C.L. Private 85th Battn.
Cruickshank, L. Lance Corporal 4th Battn.
Cumming, George *Private 9th Battn.
Cummins, T.C. Sapper Can. Engineers
Cunningham, Harold *Private 40th Battn.
Curll, M.H. Lance Corporal 85th Battn.
Currie, D.B. Gunner 165th Siege Battery
Currie, G.C. Sergeant 119th Battn.
Currie, T.D. Lieutenant 6th Can. Railroad Troops
Curtis, W.A. aiFlight-Lieutenant Aviation Corps R.N.A.S.
Cutten, C.B. Gunner 271st Heavy Siege Artillery
Dashney, D.L. Sergeant 5th Div. Amm. Column
Davies, W.E. Private 78th Battn.
Davies, W.J. Gunner “D” Battery, 2nd Brigade, C.F.A.
Davis, C.R. Qmr. Sergeant 40th Battery, C.F.A.
Davison, B.A.
Davison, H.A. Gunner 107th Siege Battery
Davy, A.C. Private Can. Forestry Corps.
Dawson, C.S. 2nd Class A.M. Royal Flying Corps.
Day, E.A. Private 2nd Battn., 1st Nfld. Regt.
Day, H.R. Lieutenant 44th Battn.
Dean, James
Dean, R.H. Sergeant 13th Reserve Battn.
Deans, J.H. mLieutenant Royal Flying Corps.
Deas, A. MacK. * d Private 3rd Battn.
Delaney, J.J. Private 15th Battn.
Demers, J.C. Sergeant 85th Battn.
Denton, I.H. Cadet Royal Flying Corps.
Desbrisay, A. St.C. Trooper 6th C.M.R.
Destrube, P.J. Private 22nd Battn.
Devlin, J.J. Driver R.C.H.A.
Dewar, John  Corporal 104th Battn.
DeWolf, A.W. Sergeant Major 3rd Siege Battery
Dexter, R.S. Private 1st Casualty Clearing Stn. C.A.M.C.
Dickie, E.C. Private 25th Battn.
Dickie, K.R. Private 10th Siege Battery
Dickie, L.W. Private 25th Battn.
Dickson, J.D. d Gunner 67th Battery, C.F.A.
Diespecker, E.J. Bugler 48th Battn.
Diespecker, R.E.A. Corporal 30th Battn.
Dillane, C.E.H. Sapper Royal Engineers
Dion, J.C.C. Cadet Royal Flying Corps.
Dixon, H.A. *Private 46th Battn.
Dobbin, C.E.B. *Lieutenant 97th Battn.
Dodge, C.M.
Donald, W.J. Private 19th Reserve Battn.
Dooley, R.H. Private 10th Battn.
Doucette, H.H. Private Royal Can. Reserve
Douse, G.A.P. Lance Corporal 42nd Battn.
Dove, H.R. Private 72nd Battn.
Dow, A.T. Private 10th Battn.
Doyle, M.L. Captain 199th Battn.
Doyle, N.P. *Private 91st Battn.
Drummond, W.W. 10th Battn.
Dryden, A.S. Sergeant Can. Heavy Artillery
Duff, J.R. Private P.P.C.L.I.
Dunbar, R.A.A. Gunner “D” Battery, 2nd Brigade, C.F.A.
Duncan, G.T. *Private 1st Newfoundland Regt.
Duncan, J.C.C. Private 13th Battn.
Duncanson, R.T. Private 49th Battn.
Durham, E.B. Gunner 7th Can. Siege Battery.
Durie, W.A.P. Lieutenant 58th Battn.
Dustan, S.G. Private Div. Signalling Corps.
Dymock, W.A. Corporal Instructional Staff, Shorncliffe
Eason, A.S. Private 63rd Battn.
Easson, A.A. Gunner 50th Battery, C.F.A.
Eastland, C.C. Private 21st Reserve Battn.
Eclel?, N.R. Gunner  R.C.H.A.
Eden, F.E. Royal Navy
Edens, F.A. 2nd Lieutenant  1st Newfoundland Regt.
Edens, J.F. Lieutenant 1st Newfoundland Regt.
Edmondson, W.K. Private 49th Battn.
Edwards, E.E. Private 59th Battn.
Eiler, L. St. C. Sergeant 14th? Battn.
Elleray, R.H. Private Royal Fusiliers
Elliott, F.F. Lieutenant 7th Battn.
Elliott, R.P. Sergeant 2nd Div. Amm. Column
Elliott, W.B. Private 164th Battn.
Ellis, A.C. Lance Corporal 15th Battn.
Elmer, S.G. d
Elsdon, C.W. Gunner 7th Battery, 2nd Brigade, C.F.A.
Embree, D.T. Sergeant 58th Battn.
Ernst, W.A. Gunner 10th Halifax Siege  Battery.
Estey, R.A. Private 25th Battn.
Evelyn, A.F. Private 28th County of London Terr. (Artists Rifles)
Eykelbosch, Cyril Private 195th Battn.
Farquharson, James Private    1st Div. Signal Corps.
Farr, G.R. Private P.P.C.L.I.
Farrah, J.R. *Private 91st Battn.
Farrar, W.F. 2nd Lieutenant Attached to the Tanks
Farrell, W.D. Private 72nd Battery
Fell, V.R. Private 3rd Can. Machine Gun  Co.
(Awarded the Military Medal for bravery in action)
Fergus, James 2nd Lieutenant 43rd Battn.
Ferguson, A. McK. Private  Can. Army Service Corps.
Ferguson, H.W. Sergeant No. 16 Field Ambulance, C.A.M.C.
Ferguson, W.I. Private 1st Battn. Central Ontario Regt.
Finlayson, Archibald  Corporal 25 Reserve Battn.
Finlayson, John Private C.A.M.C.
Fisher, J.H. Private 2nd Can. Trench Mortar Battery
(Awarded the Military Medal for conspicuous bravery.)
Fisher, J.P. Gunner 68th Battery, C.F.A.
Fitzgerald, C.W.B. Lieutenant Connaught Rangers
Fitzgerald, G.M. Lieutenant 129th Battn.
Fitzpatrick, C.E.J. Private 153rd Battn.
Flannery, C.G. Private No. 6 Dental Corps.
Flannigan, J.R. Private P.P.C.L.I.
Fleck, A.I. Sergeant 66th Battery, 14th Brigade, C.F.A.
Fletcher, C.B. Private 109th Battn.
Flinn, Gerald Corporal 85th Battn.
Flinn, G.G. Private 194th Battn.
Foote, Fred  Private 1st C.M.R.
Forbes, Herbert Trooper 1st C.M.R.
Forsyth, J.S.G. Driver 3rd Div. Signalling Corps.
Foster, R.P. Lieutenant 131st Battn.
Fothergill, G.L. Signaller  34th Battery, C.F.A.
Fox, J.B. Private 1st Div. Signalling Corps.
Fox, R.E. d Captain 138th Battn.
Fraser, A.M. Lieutenant 40th Battn.
Fraser, D.D. Sergeant 10th Halifax Siege Battery
Freeborn, W.C. Private 110th Battn.
Fright, E.J. Private 58th Battn.
Fullerton, D.S.T.
Furlong, F.W. Private 18th Can. Machine Gun Co.
Furlong, J.M. Private 208th Battn.
Gage, L.G. *Private 64th Battn.
Gale, R.H. Captain 74th Battn.
Gardner, William Private 3rd Battn.
Garland, W.J. Private 200th Battn.
Garneau, L.V. Private 4th Can. Div.
(Awarded the Military Medal for conspicuous bravery at the Somme.)
Garrett, Richard *Private 3rd Can. Machine Gun Depot
Gaskill, Gilbert Private 168th Battn.
Gaskin, D.C. Gunner 3rd Siege Battery
Gass, Cyril *d Lance Corporal 25th Battn.
Gateley, B.T.
Gerald, F.D. Private C.A.S.C.
Gerald, G.A. Lieutenant 109th Battn.
Gervan, H.V. *Private 72nd Battn.
Gibbon, L.M. Private 50th Battn.
Gibbs, Charles Private 231st Battn.
Gibson, C.B. Cadet Royal Flying Corps
Gilbert, H.B. Sergeant Major 13th Can. Reserve Battn.
Gilchrist, R.M. Private 4th Can. Pioneers
Gill, V.L.F.
Gillen, R.D. *Private 231st Battn.
Gillies, William  Private 29th Battn.
Gillman, R. O’D
Gilmer, F.J. Private 75th Battn.
Gilmour, M.H. Private 194th Battn.
Girvan, W.G. Sergeant 236th Battn.
Gisby, J.S. Sergeant 46th Battn.
Glass, C.H. Veterinary Corps.
Glass, John Lance Corporal 87th Battn.
Glen, William Private C.A.M.C.
Glencross, H.P. Sergeant 104th Battn.
Godin, J.R. Private 1st Can. Field Ambulance
Gohl, R.W. Clerk Royal Flying Corps.
Goldberg, Simon Sergeant 49th Battn.
Goldsworth, W.G. Private 10th Can. Siege Battery
Goodday, E.C. Sergeant 97th Battn.
Goodsir, Thomas Private 16th Battn.
Gorham, E.R. Gunner 5th Can. Siege Battery
Goudey, K.H. Sergeant 85th Battn.
Gow, A.D. Cadet Royal Flying Corps.
Graham, E.R. *Private 67th Battn.
Graham, W.A. Lieutenant British West Indies Regiment.
Graham, W.K. Gunner “D” Battery, 2nd Brigade, C.F.A.
Grainger, J.H. Private 228th Battn.
Grant, D.N.
Grant, K.M. Sergeant 29th C.F.A.
Graydon, J.C. Sergeant 26th Co., Can. Forestry Corps.
Green, Cecil Private 1st Newfoundland Regt.
Green, J.R. Private 55th Battn.
Greenwood, S.B. Private 153rd Battn.
Gregor, James Gunner 8th Army Brigade Amm. Col.
Gregory, B.J. Private 4th Battn.
Grenville, J.R. Sergeant 2nd Can. Div. Training Battn.
Grieve, D.C. Lieutenant 13th Battn.
Griffin, G.A. Private 157th Battn.
Griffith, E.J. Captain
Griffiths, Charles d Sapper  6th Can. Engineers
Gutteridge, L.A. Private 62nd Battn.
Hachey, J.E. Private 8th Field Ambulance Corps, C.A.M.C.
Hagerman, S.H. Cadet Royal Flying Corps.
Hagerman, W.A. Private No. 7 Can. Stat’y Hospital, C.A.M.C.
Haines, R.S. Private 219th Battn.
Haines, T.E. Sergeant P.P.C.L.I.
Hall, H.L. Gunner 10th Halifax Siege Battery
Halliday, Robert Private 78th Battn.
Ham, N.L. Private P.P.C.L.I.
Hamilton, F.G.W. Private 50th Battn.
Hamilton, J.H. Private 15th Battn.
Hamilton, J.W. Private 103rd Battn.
Hamilton, W.E. Private 194th Battn.
Hamilton, W.R. Private 7th Battn.
Handling, R.D. *Private 72nd Battn.
Hanna, V.M. Private 219th Battn.
Hannah, H. McD. Corporal 194th Battn.
Harcourt, W.V.T. Gunner Can. Heavy Artillery
Harding, W.O.F.
Harper, Edwin Royal Flying Corps.
Harris, W.W. Gunner 70th C.F.A.
Harvey, J.G.M. Private C.A.M.C.
Harvey, K.E. Corporal 75th Battn.
Harwood, A.E. Private 72nd Battn.
Haslam, G.W. d Private 164th Battn.
Haszard, G.T. Gunner 16th Battn.
Hatch, R.D. Private Royal Flying Corps.
Hatfield, A.W. Lance Sergeant 25th Battn.
Hatfield, Harold Private 63rd Battn.
Hay, D.J. Lieutenant 16th Battn. Royal Fusiliers
Hay, G. McL. Gunner 63rd C.F.A.
Hayward, L.C. Lance Corporal 1st Newfoundland Regt.
Hebenton, William
Henderson, H.H. Lieutenant 104th Battn.
Henderson, J.D. Private 3rd Can. Div. Supply Column
Henderson, Miles Corporal 62nd Battn.
Hendry, Gordon Private 147th Battn.
Henry, B.D. Private 110th Battn.
Henry, James Lance Corporal 63rd Battn.
Henstridge, F.C.B. Lance Corporal P.P.C.L.I.
Hereron, Charles Sergeant 2nd C.M.R.
Herman, R.R. Private 25th Battn.
Hesler, H.G. Driver Div. Amm. Col.
Heughan, A.J. Lance Corporal 1st Reinforcing Co., Royal Highlanders of Can.
Hicks, W.B. Private 85th Battn.
Hill, A.S. Private 78th Battn.
Hill, Bernard Private 28th Battn.
Hill, William Sergeant No. 1 General Hospital
Hiscott, B.C. Private 7th Battn.
Hobkirk, C.H. Lieutenant 64th Battn.
Hodkinson, John Private 72nd Battn.
Hogarth, William Private 210th Battn.
Hogg, A.C. Gunner No. 1 Siege Battery, C.E.F.
Holliday, C.S. Private 203rd Battn.
Holmes, C.H. Gunner 78th Battery
Holtby, D.W. Private 232nd Battn.
Holtby, Vickerman Private 17th Can. Railway Troops
Hood, J.S. Lieutenant 23rd Battn.
Hopson, W.S. Driver 64th Battery
Horner, R.R. Sergeant 25th Battn.
Hough, James Private 196th Battn.
Houston, W.D. Lance Corporal 4th Can. Div. Supply Col.
Howe, F.H. Signaller R.C.H.A.
Hunt, C.H. 2nd Class Air Mechanic R.F.C.
Hunter, H.G. Sergeant 24th Battn.
Hunter, W.L. Private 12th Battn.
Huston, A.T. Lieutenant 5th Co., N.Y. Div., U.S. Army
Hustwick, William Private 12th Battn.
Hynes, A.A. Private 37th Battn.
Irwin, J.K. Private 38th Battn.
Jack, P.G. Lieutenant 5th C.M.R.
Jacobs, W.H. Corporal 159th Battn.
Jaffray, H.W. Private 2nd Can. Reserve Battn.
James, C.H.J. *Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps.
Jarrell, J.L. d Private 184th Battn.
Jarvis, S.R. Lieutenant 234th Battn.
Jeffery, L.A. Captain British Honduras, 2nd Contingent
Jessamine, J.M.
Johnson, F.L. Lieutenant British West Indies Regt.
Johnson, J.B. Private 102nd Battn.
Johnson, R.H. Private London Scottish (14th London Terr.)
Johnston, G.H. Private 25th Battn.
Johnston, H.A. mLieutenant 13th Battn.
Johnston, J.L. Qmr. Sergt. 64th Battn.
Johnston,M. St. C. Private P.P.C.L.I.
Johnston, W.J. Gunner 55th C.F.A.
Jolley, J.A. Lieutenant 205th Battn.
Jones, H.W. Private 30th Battn.
Jones, L.C.B. Trooper Royal Canadian Dragoons
Jones, R.L. Private P.P.C.L.I.
Jupp, R.L. Driver 40th C.F.A.
Kaye, J.F.B. Lieutenant  King’s Shropshire Regt.
Keable, E.R. *Private 19th County of London (Territorials)
Kearney, J.H. Private 14th Battn.
Keast, J.R. Sergeant 36th C.F.A.
Keatley, Gordon Private 54th Battn.
Kelly, M.M. Private 8th Field Ambulance Corps.
Kelly, R.H. Lieutenant 180th Battn.
Kempton, John * m
Kemble, A.F. * P Lieutenant Suffolk Regiment
Kerr, C.S. d Private 58th Battn.
Kettles, A.G. Cadet Royal Flying Corps
Kierstead, A.L. Bombardier 28th C.F.A.
Kinahan, A.A. Corporal 147th Battn.
King, D.A. Sergeant 40th Battn.
King, J.J.W. Private 64th Battn.
Kingston, F.G. Private Canadian Forestry Corps
Kirkman, C.F.
Kirvan, F.S. Signaller 160th Battn.
Kynoch, A.E. Private 121st Battn.
Kyte, S.E. Sergeant 40th Battn.
Laing, A.R. Private 47th Battn.
L’Ami, C.E. Private 183rd Battn.
Lamountain, Ernest * d Bugler 60th Battn.
Lancefield, C.I. Cadet Royal Flying Corps.
Landriau, W.F.
Lane, W.L. Private 10th Battn.
Langille, L.H. Private 17th Reserve Battr
Langley, F.G. Private 35th Battn.
Lauder, J.G. Captain 147th Battn.
Laurie, J.G. Captain 173rd Battn.
Leader, Sidney Corporal King Edward’s Horse
Leake, E.G. *Lieutenant 7th Manchester Regt.
Leavitt, W.R. Sergeant 26th Battn.
Leeder, J.J. Private 156th Battn.
Leeming, A.J. Lieutenant  Royal Fusiliers
Lees, H.A. * d Private 7th Battn.
Lees, R.O.
Lehman, A.J. Private York and Simcoe Foresters
Leiper, Alexander Private 124th Battn.
Lennard, David Private 111th Battn. (Terr. Reserves)
Leslie, W.L. Private 202nd Battn.
Lewis, P.G. Cadet Royal Flying Corps.
Lind, C.E. Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps.
Lindsay, M.A.F. Private 26th Battn.
Lindsay, R.T.K. Private C.A.S.C.
Linton, A.C. *Lieutenant 19th County of London (Territorials)
(Awarded the Military Cross for distinguished conduct at the Somme)
Lister, R.W. Private 14th Battn.
Little, D.G. Private 184th Battn.
Lockhart, D.P. Private 72nd Battn.
Loney, E.V. Private 194th Battn.
Lordly, E.F. d Private 85th Battn.
Loughleen, H.L. Private C.A.M.C.
Love, H.A. Lieutenant 85th Battn.
Love, Thomas
Lucas, S.J. Private 52nd Battn.
(Awarded the Military Medal for bringing in wounded under exceptionally heavy shell fire.)
Lumsden, W.W. *Lieutenant 16th Can. Reserve Battn.
Lunney, G.D. Private 147th Battn.
Lyle, J.N. Gunner 44th C.F.A.
Lyon, A.M. Private 72nd Battn.
Macarthur, J.D. Private 43rd Battn.
Macarthur, J.W. Cadet Royal Flying Corps.
Macaskill, John Private No. 3 General Hospital
MacCallum, D. MacP. Private 77th Battn.
Macdonald, A.A. Private 9th Can. Reserves
Macdonald, A.R. *Captain 3rd Battn.
Macdonald, D.A. Lance Corporal 49th Battn.
Macdonald, D.W. Private Canadian Engineers
Macdonald, G.C. Driver 40th C.F.A.
Macdonald, J.P. Sub.-Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps.
Macdonald, R.A. Gunner No. 1 Depot Battery, 6th Brigade, C.F.A.
MacDougall, E.D. Private 52nd Battn.
MacDougall, J.L. Private 40th Battn.
MacDougall, Ralph Captain 185th Battn.
MacGillivray, C.V. d Qmr. Sergeant 228th Battn.
Mackay, A.G. Private 148th Battn.
Mackay, J.W. Qmr. Sergeant Royal Can. Regt.
MacKenzie, A.G. Gunner C.F.A.
MacKenzie, H.W. Private 115th Battn.
MacKenzie, W.K. Private 193rd Battn.
Mackie, David Gunner 61st C.F.A.
Mackie, Peter Private 119th Battn.
MacLaurin, I.W. * dPrivate 42nd Battn.
MacLean, C.H. Private No. 7 Stationary Hospital
MacLean, W.C. Private 106th Battn.
MacLeod, H.J. Private 231st Battn.
MacMaster, Malcolm R.N.C.V.R.
Macmillan, D.H. Driver 1st Siege Battery
MacMinn, R.H. Lieutenant British West Indies Regiment
MacNaughton, C.G. Lance Corporal 168th Battn.
Malcolm, T.R. Lieutenant 242nd Battn.
Malcomson, J.H.K.
Malloch, Paul Private  124th Can. Pioneers
Mann, C.H. Lance-Corporal 185th Battn.
Mann, C.F.
Mann, John
Mann, J.B. Paymaster –Sergeant 55th Battn.
Mann, J.C.  Private 134th Battn.
Martin, G.H. Private Div. Cyclist Corps.
Martin, J.W.  Private 160th Battn.
Martin, L.B. Signaller Div. Cyclists.
Martin, L.W.  Lieutenant C.A.S.C.
Marwick, W.H. Trumpeter  3rd Siege Battery
Massy, C.R. Lieutenant British West Indies Regiment
Matthews, C.F. Private 85th Battn.
May, A.D. Lieutenant 7th Battn.
Maycock, W.G. Driver 5th Div. Amm. Col.
Melvin, W.D. Sergeant P.P.C.L.I.
Menpes, Walter *Lieutenant 92nd Battn.
Merriam, S.G. *Corporal 13th Can. Reserve Battn.
Merritt, A.P. Private 145th Battn.
Merritt, F.G. Lance Corporal 85th Battn.
Merritt, W.H. Private 147th Battn.
Miller, H. McR. Gunner R.C.H.A.
Miller, M.P. Private C.A.M.C.
Millett, J.N.L. *Cadet  Royal Flying Corps.
Milne, A.E. Qmr. Sergeant 72nd Battn.
Milne, N.D. Corporal 8th Can. Reserve Battn.
Milner, C.H. Private 193rd Battn.
Miners, C.C. *Private 91st Battn.
Mingeaud, A.H. *Corporal 5th C.M.R.
Mitchell, Arthur
Mitchell, G.S.SergeantC.A.M.C.
Moffat, J.A.PrivateC.A.S.C.
Moir, D.N.Trooper2nd C.M.R.
Money, CyrilPrivate21st Battn.
Montgomery, E.B.W.TrooperCan. Light Horse Brigade
Montgomery, G.C.Private50th Battn.
Moore, C.G.E.Private8th Battn.
Moore, J.W.Signaller72nd C.F.A.
Moore, S.G.Private5th Cavalry Supply Col.
Moore, W.E. d Gunner64th C.F.A.
Moran, F.W.Gunner13th Can. Siege Battery
Morell, A.H.Gunner24th C.F.A.
Morland, JamesPrivateC.A.M.C.
Morley, G.K.PrivateR.A.M.C.
Morren, JamesPrivateCan. Field Engineers
Morrison, W.H.BombardierNo. 10 Siege Battery
Morrow, JohnPaymaster-Sergeant40th Battn.
Morrow, M.H.Signaller1st Can. Siege Battery
Morton, J.M.Lieutenant31st Battn.
Morton, WilliamSergeant194th Battn.
Moss, N.E.Private110th Battn.
Muir, D. MacN.Sergeant7th Battn.
Mulcahey, T.J.PrivateNo. 9 Stationary Hospital
Murray, ByronPrivate185th Battn.
Murray, G.H.Sergeant4th Pioneer Battn.
Murray, N.W.PrivateP.P.C.L.I.
Murrell, EdwardSergeant
McAlpine, A.F.Gunner10th Siege Battery
McCallum, A.V.PrivateForestry Battalion
McClafferty, J.K.Gunner10th Siege Battery
McClelland, C.H.Private4th Div. Amm. Col.
McClelland, T.A.Gunner68th C.F.A.
McClennan, M.T.Gunner3rd Can. Div. Amm. Col.
McCluskey, H.D.Gunner12th C.F.A.
McCormick, G.R.Corporal24th Battn.
McCoy, J.S.Sergeant89th Battn.
McCrea, E.A.Private72nd Battn.
McCulloch, H.S.d Private209th Battn.
McCusker, L.J.H.Lieutenant107th Battn.
McDonald, A.W.CadetRoyal Flying Corps.
McDonald, H.A.*CaptainHighland Cyclists
McDonald, Thos d Private54th Battn.
McDonald, VictorPrivate137th Battn.
McGannon, C.W.SeamanR.N.C.V.R.
McGarrity, J.P.Private72nd Battn.
McGaw, M.W.M.PrivateCyclist Battn.
McGibbon, A.A.Air Mechanic Royal Flying Corps.
McGibbon, W.P.
McGovern, W.F.13th Battn.
McGregor, D.J.Private 116th Battn.
McHardy, T.E.LieutenantBritish West Indies Regt.
McInerney, G.V.*Gunner8th C.F.A.
McInerney, J.R.Gunner6th Can. Siege Battery
McIntosh, W.B.Private194th Battn.
McIntyre, D.C.GunnerCan. Reserve Battery
McIntyre, J.A.Private3rd Can. Reserve Battn.
McIntyre, L.H.Cadet Royal Flying Corps.
McKay, J.R.Gunner10th Siege Battery
McKay, J.B. d Lieutenant132nd Battn.
McKee, DavidSergeant119th Battn.
McKenzie, L.A.Gunner68th C.F.A.
McKenzie, W.H.Gunner4th C.F.A.
McKinnon, A.R.Private2nd Battn.
McLarren, A.F.Gunner14th Heavy Battery A.C.
McLatchy, J.H.Sergeant236th Battn.
McLean, C.H.Gunner2nd Heavy Battery
McLean, ErnestBombardier52nd Battery
McLean, KennethPrivate231st Battn.
McLean, Wm.H.PrivateRoyal Flying Corps.
McLeod, C.R.CadetRoyal Flying Corps.
McLeod, H.H.D.Staff Qmr. Sergeant40th Battn.
McLeod, J.G.Private46th Battn.
McMullen, A.R.SergeantCan. Pay Office
McNabb, J.D.Private196th Battn.
McNeice, T.G.Lance Corporal16th Battn.
McNeill, H.B.Gunner63rd C.F.A.
McNeill, J.D.Gunner61st C.F.A.
McPhail, A.V.LieutenantRoyal Flying Corps.
McPhail, L.L.PrivateC.A.M.C.
McQuade, W.C. Lieutenant13th Can. Reserve Battn.
McQuillan, R.A.Royal Flying Corps.
McRobert, J.A.B.CadetRoyal Flying Corps.
McTeer, DonaldGunner61st C.F.A.
McWilliam, JohnPrivate32nd Battn.
Nash, R.F.Gunner3rd Siege Battery
Nason, C.G.SapperCan. Engineers
Nellis, R.J.Gunner6th C.F.A.
Nelson, A.B.Private46th Can. Battn.
Nelson, F.H.Trooper8th C.M.R.
Nesbitt, F.P.Private 58th Battn.
Nesbitt, Wilfred DriverR.C.H.A.
Nesbitt, W.A.H.d Gunner34th C.F.A.
Neville, W.J.Sergeant4th Reserve Battn.
Newall, P.G.Private92nd Battn.
Nicholls, W.H.Lieutenant235th Battn.
Nicholson, R.R.N. * d Private194th Battn.
Nickerson, E.C.
Nickerson, M.H.CadetRoyal Flying Corps.
Nickle, ClaudeCadetRoyal Flying Corps.
Nicol, D.A.Private175th Battn.
Nicolson, R.A.Staff Sergeant11th Reserve Battn.
Nixon, C.B.Private2nd Battn.
Nixon, M.E.Gunner9th Siege Battery
Noble, WilliamPrivate20th Battn.
Noonan, J.F.Private248th Battn.
Noonan, PhilipBombardier36th Howitzer Battery
Norman, A.L.Driver29th C.F.A.
Oatman, E.R.Private6th Battn.
O’Brien, Richard*PrivateC.A.M.C.
Ockenden, E.F.Lance Corporal49th Battn.
O’Connell, J.F.Private85th Battn.
O’Grady, J.R.Lieutenant17th C.F.A.
O’Keefe, T.P.Gunner36th C.F.A.
O’Neill, K.J.Sergeant2nd Can. Pioneers
O’Reilly, P.R.Lance Corporal1st Newfoundland Regt.
Ostrander, J.P.B.Private194th Battn.
O’Toole, A.G.Gunner10th Siege Battery
Packer, JamesPrivate46th Battn.
Page, E.H.Private85th Battn.
Park, Robert
Parker, G.A.Private 2nd Battn.
Parlmer, E.R.PrivateCan. Record Office
Partridge, H.M.Private8th Battn.
Pattison, C.E.LieutenantAviation Corps R.N.
Pauline, V.R.CadetRoyal Flying Corps.
Peake, H.W.LieutenantNo. 5 Siege Battery
Pelluet, RalphPrivate200th Battn.
Penney, E.W.Can. Record Office
Perrier, R.J.Corporal8th Can. Reserve
Perry, R.W.Private23rd Reserve Battn.
Peters, A.W.Private2nd Battn.
Peters, D.G.Lieutenant236th Battn.
(Awarded Military Cross for heroic conduct in bombing raid)
Philip, JamesPrivate16th Battn.
Phillips, AllanPrivate142nd Battn.
Phinney, C.R.Gunner52nd C.F.A.
Pickard, H.J.Corporal25th Battn.
Pickup, SamuelSergeant5th Div. Am. Col.
Pinder, A.L.PrivateCan. Machine Gun Depot
Poole, V.B.Gunner9th Can. Siege Battery
Porritt, C.R.Driver52nd C.F.A.
Porter, J.F.DriverDiv. Am. Col.
Porter, Lloyd *Private87th Battn.
Porter, RoyPrivate43rd Battn.
Potter, J.L.Private37th Battn.
Pow, H.W.d GunnerR.C.H.A.
Powe, F.W.G.PrivateC.A.M.C.
Prangley, G.W.Gunner3rd Div. Am. Col.
Prevost, S.A.Private35th Battn.
Price, J.H.W.Lance-Corporal28th Battn.
Prince, W.S.SapperDiv. Signalling Corps.
Pringle, W.R.PrivateC.A.M.C.
Putnam, J.M.Private82nd Battn.
Quick, L.H. St.P.GunnerRoyal Field Artillery
Racey, B.R. d ep Private14th Battn.
Radford, A.F.
Rae, Walter Gunner79th C.F.A.
Rafuse, S.A.Sergeant106th Battn.
Ralston, J.A.Signaller3rd Battn.
Read, T.D.SapperDiv. Signallers
Reesor, W.C.Private7th Battn.
Reid, AlexanderPrivate8th Battn.
Reid, E.J.PrivateC.A.M.C.
Reid, G.E.Ambulance Corps.
Reid, J.S.Private24th Battn.
Reid, M.C.
Relyea, R.E.Driver51st Howitzer Battery
Renton, A.W.Bugler11th Battn.
Rhind, C.E.Private219th Battn.
Rice, WilliamPrivate184th Battn.
Richards, SydneyPrivate30th Battn.
Richardson, J.M.Corporal66th Battn.
Richardson, L.M.Captain131st Battn.
Richardson, R.P.CorporalCan. Div. Headquarters
Riches, J.H.Private33rd Battn.
Richmond, J.F.Private158th Battn.
Riddell, W.R.Sergeant110th Battn.
Riggs, E.S.PrivateCan. Engineers
Ripley, L.W.Private193rd Battn.
Robb, M.J.Private4th C.M.R.
Roberts, ErnestRoyal Flying Corps.
Robertson, D.W.Gunner72nd C.F.A.
Robertson, Stanley*Captain1st Newfoundland Regt.
Robinson, G.S.Signaller2nd Reserve Brigade
Robinson, H.D.d Private196th Battn.
Robinson, JamesPrivate202nd Battn.
Robinson, J.H.Sergeant85th Battn.
Robinson, W.G.Private119th Can. Reserves
Rodgers, J.H.M.PrivateYork and Simcoe Foresters
Rodwell, H.J.Private183rd Battn.
Roe, G.M.C.Private131st Battn.
Roe, S.F.D.Sergeant48th Battn.
Ross, C.S.Gunner5th Siege Battery
Ross, KennethTrooper1st Can. Cavalry Brigade
Ross, R.A.Gunner63rd C.F.A.
Ross, W.F.Private194th Battn.
Ross, W.P. * m Private195th Battn.
Rowlands, ArthurGunner66th C.F.A.
Roy, L.P.J.CadetImperial Flying Corps.
Rudolph, S.C.PrivateDiv. Signal Corps.
Rimball, F.H.Gunner1st Brigade Can. Reserve Artillery
Rushton, F.W.2nd LieutenantEssex Regt., B.E.F.
Russell, Haroldd Wheeler1st Div. Amm. Col.
Russell, J.B.R.F.C.
Rutherford, J.S.Private24th Battn.
Ruttan, V.H.DriverC.A.S.C.
Ryan, A.M.Private4th Battn.
Salusbury, N.H.P.DriverC.A.S.C.
Sanderson, E.R.Private156th Battn.
Saunders, J.T.PTrooper6th C.M.R.
Schaefer, F.W.Gunner1st Heavy Battery, C.E.F.
Scott, S.W.Lance-Corporal3rd Battn.
Scougall, J.M.Qmr. Sergeant124th Battn.
Scriven, J.A.Gunner10th Halifax Siege Battery
Scrivener, H.L.
Seath, GeorgeGunner77th C.F.A.
Severs, W.E.*Gunner9th C.F.A.
Shannon, W.A.Paymaster-Sergeant55th Battn.
Sharp, W.J.Corporal66th Battery, C.F.A.
Sharpe, H.V.Trooper Fort Garry Horse, C.E.F.
Shaw, J.C.Gunner2nd Heavy Artillery
Shaw, Robert
Shearer, T.P.PrivateC.A.S.C.
Sheldon, J.S.Private186th Battn.
Shepherd, T.R.PrivateC.A.M.C.
Sheppard, C.M.d Private24th Battn.
Sherman, F.J.MajorC.A.P.C.
Sherman, L.S.Lance CorporalRoyal Sussex Regt.
Shields, D. de V.Private112th Battn.
Shimmen, J.H.Private1st Can. Field Ambulance
Shore, J.A.M.Lieutenant186th Battn.
Shorey, S.O.Private27th C.F.A.
Simon, P.M.2nd Class SeamanUnited States Navy
Simpson, C.B.SapperRoyal Engineers
Simpson, H.G.d Gunner34th C.F.A.
Simpson, R.T.H.Private31st Battn.
Simpson, W.J.Private170th Battn.
Sims, VictorPrivate78th Battn.
Singleton, Arthur*Private2nd Battn.
Skeaff, J.M. Lieutenant92nd Battn.
Skene, O.E.Private9th Battn., Can. Ry. Troops
Small, H.J.Gunner67th C.F.A.
Smith, A.G.H.PrivateC.A.P.C.
Smith, A.F.
Smith, Archibald
Smith, A.R.Paymaster-Sergeant112th Battn.
Smith, C.K.Lieutenant4th Cont., B.W.I. Regt.
Smith, F.C.Signaller3rd Div. Amm. Col.
Smith, G.J.10th Siege Battery
Smith, H.H.PrivateNo. 3 Gen. Hospital
Smith, J.T.Private8th Battn.
Smith, ReubenQuartermaster4th Battn.
Smith, R.H.PrivateC.A.M.C.
Smith, S.W.PrivateP.P.C.L.I.
Smith, T.V.G.SapperCan. Engineers
Smith, W.R.Private174th Battn.
Smyth, F.A.Private162nd Battn.
Snell, L.L.Private123rd Co., Can. Forestry Corps.
Snow, F.W.Lance Corporal1st Newfoundland Regt.
Snowdon, J.L.Private160th Battn.
Snowdon, M.J.Driver3rd Div. Amm. Col.
Spence, C.M.V.Lieutenant21st Battn.
Spence, R.E.Sergeant6th C.F.A.
Spero, W.P.Captain135th Battn.
Squire, A.G.Lieutenant1st Battn. W.I. Regt.
Stableford, FrederickPrivate46th Battn.
Stanley, F.A.Bombardier36th Howitzer Battery
Stark, RobertPrivate36th Battn.
Starke, A.M.Private1st Reinforcing Co., Royal Highlanders of Canada
Statham, E.H.Private48th Battn.
Steele, C.F.Private25th Reserve Battn.
Steele, J.H.PrivateP.P.C.L.I.
Stein, C.D.P.SapperCanadian Engineers
Stephen, H.J.*Private5th Battn.
Stephen, W.M.PrivateB.C. Cycle Platoon
Stephens, A.E.Private85th Battn.
Stephens, F.L.Private125th Battn.
Sterns, H.E.
Stevens, E.V.
Stevens, F.H.*Sergeant7th Battn.
Stewart, E.W.H.Lieutenant23rd Battn.
Stewart, JamesPrivate63rd Battn.
Stewart, Thomas * P Sergeant-Major8th Battn.
Stewart, W.C.*Private17th Reserve Battn.
Stone, B.C.P PrivateP.P.C.L.I.
Stoneman, H.K.Sergeant1st Forestry Battn.
Strachan, Alexanderd PrivateC.A.S.C.
Strong, H.P.Sergeant145th Battn.
Strople, H.G.A.Private64th Battn.
Stuart, AlexanderPrivateRoyal Fusiliers
Sutherby, R.E.PrivateC.A.M.C.
Sydenham, O.S.Sergeant10th Battn.
Taitt, N.R.Lieutenant
Tanner, B.H.Paymaster-SergeantCan. Forestry Battn.
Tanner, H.R.Lieutenant130th Battn.
Tassie, J.S.G.CadetRoyal Flying Corps
Tate, J.R.Gunner68th C.F.A.
Taylor, R.A.Private51st Battn.
Taylor, W.T.Private13th Battn.
Teeple, J.H.Private119th Battn.
Teevan, T.F.Private67th Battn.
Tessier, R. McN.Lance Corporal1st Newfoundland Regt.
Thibault, A.H.Private227th Battn.
Thompson, C.S.PrivateYork and Simcoe Foresters
Thompson, G.P.Private102nd Battn.
Thompson, J.F.Paymaster-Sergeant232nd Battn.
Thomson, H.J.Private151st Battn.
Thomson, JosephGunner67th C.F.A.
Thomson, W.P.Private7th Battn.
Thornton, N.H.Private49th Battn.
Thorp, C.A.SeamanR.C.N.V.R.
Thurstans, H.S.Y.Gunner45th Battn.
Tilley, H.S.T.Private1st Depot Battn. First Central Ontario Regt.
Tindale, A.S.Gunner3rd Can. Div. Artillery
Tindall, O.L.GunnerR.C.H.A.
Todd, C.C.Private187th Machine Gun Corps.
Tompkins, N.C.Private26th Battn.
Toothill, W.A.Leading SeamanRoyal Naval Reserve
Tower, R.E.Corporal6th C.M.R.
Troy, L.T.Private13th Can. Reserve Battn.
Tuach, D. MacK.PrivateRoyal Fusiliers
Tuck, D.C.Gunner3rd D.A.C., C.F.A.
Tully, N.J.aiPrivate127th Battn.
Tupper, M.L.Lieutenant25th Battn.
Turnbull, G.A.Sergeant40th Battn.
Turnbull, G.V.Gunner9th Siege Battery
Turnbull, JamesGunner74th C.F.A.
Turner, A.V.GunnerC.F.A.
Tutt, F.H.P Private14th Battn.
Tyner, H.R.Captain3rd Battn., Dorsetshire Regt.
Tyson, GilbertPrivate23rd Battn.
Underhill, RaphaelSergeantTerritorial Forces
Underwood, T.H.d Private63rd Battn.
Uren, A.C.Assistant-PaymasterRoyal Naval Reserve
Vale, G. St. J., Jr.Trooper20th C.M.R.
Van Allen, W.H.d 
Verteuil, M.D.*TrooperKing Edward’s Horse
Voaden, C.E.Private4th Can. Field Ambulance
Voelker, C.R.Lieutenant192nd Battn.
Vyse, E.T.Lieutenant12th Battn.
Waldie, WilliamCorporal62nd Battn.
Wallace, C.W.*Private231st Battn.
Wallace, H.Private17th Battn.
Wallace, R.A.PrivateC.A.S.C.
Walllis, I.N.TrooperC.M.R.
Walter, M.M.Private2nd Battn. C.R.T.
Ward, S.W.Gunner72nd C.F.A.
Warner, F. MacK.Lieutenant4th Royal Scots
Watson, G.R.D.LieutenantR.N.V.R. (Motor Patrol)
Watt, D.J.Gunner10th C.F.A.
Watt, R.A. McR.
Weaver, H.C.Private7th Battn.
Weekes, T.B.Private73rd Battn.
Weir, ThomasCorporal11th C.M.R.
Wells, D.P. * P Private13th Battn.
Wellwood, W.G.Gunner68th C.F.A.
West, C.F.Private26th Reserve Battn.
West, W.H.L.DriverCan. Signallers
Wetmore, L.C.Gunner9th Siege Battery
Whatmore, Kenneth
Whidden, E.I.Gunner10th Siege Battery
White, F.J.Gunner271st Heavy Siege Artillery
White, GeorgeGunnerNo. 10 Halifax Siege Battery
White, JohnPrivate228th Battn.
White, R.B.Sergeant1st Newfoundland Regiment
Whitehead, F.W.F.LieutenantRoyal Highlanders of Canada
Whitehead, G.V.Lieutenant148th Battn.
Wickett, R.A.W.Private49th Battn.
Wicks, W.E.Private1st Can. Field Bakery
Wickwire, L.H.Private193rd Battn.
Widmeyer, L.H.Private8th Reserve Battn.
Wilkins, A.H.J.Corporal79th C.F.A.
Wilkinson, ArthurPrivate43rd Battn.
Wilkinson, W.L.Gunner16th C.F.A.
Willey, J.E.
Williams, L.A.Sapper11th Field Co., Can Engineers
Williams, W.H.CadetRoyal Flying Corps.
Williamson, E.L.PrivateSask. Rly. Construction Co.
Williamson, J.C.Private164th Battn.
Willis, G.A.GunnerDepot Battery, C.F.A.
Wilmot, A.J.PrivateNo. 9 Stationary Hospital
Wilson, A.B.Private147th Battn.
Wilson, G.C.PrivateC.A.M.C.
Wilson, G.T.CorporalP.P.C.L.I.
Wilson, J.L.d Private85th Battn.
Wilson, J.M.Private72nd Queen’s Battery
Wilson, W. McL.Lieutenant25th Battn.
Wilson, W.P. McK.Private110th Battn.
Winstone, F.J.PrivateC.A.M.C.
Winters, G.W.Private85th Battn.
Wishart, R.J.Private72nd Battn.
Withrow, C.A.Lance Corporal85 Battn.
Witter, D.L.Driver2nd Can. Div. Am. Col.
Wolfe, E.M. Gunner67th Battery, C.F.A.
Womersley, WilfredCorporal184th Battn.
Wood, C.R.Private25th Can. Reserve
Wood, M.M.Private4th Battn.
Woodcock, C.E.S. *Lance CorporalC.A.S.C.
Wright, Frederick * d Private16th Battn.
Wyatt, C.G.PrivateNo. 3 Gen. Hospital
Wynn, A.R.PrivateP.P.C.L.I.
Yates, G.G.Private196th Battn.
Young, H.A.Signaller160th Battn.
Youngs, HarveyGunner63rd C.F.A.
Zapfe, A.K.PCorporalP.P.C.L.I.
Zoller, J.B.Driver3rd Div. Amm. Col.

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