Greenshields Limited

Roll of Honor

Wholesale Dry goods, Montreal

These men have made the Supreme Sacrifice:

Private C.L. Hardman24th Battalion
Lieut. Chas. Watt117th Battalion
Private C.C. Letham73rd Battalion
Sig. J.P. Smith79th Battery


Sergt. Layton Hodgson, D.C.M.Lord Strathcona Horse (Severely wounded, leg lost)
A. RoyC.O.T.C., Laval
Private J.T. DonnelyLate of 60th Battalion(Severely wounded)
Private A. Dubreuil P.P.C.L.I. (Wounded)
Lance-Corp. R.G. Lucas23rd Reserve(Wounded)
Sergt. H. Hughes, A.M.C.Salonica Forces(Returned to England sick)
Lieut. A.M. CalderCommission “Black Watch”(Wounded last year)
Gunner W.A. Davidson3rd Can. Siege Battery
G.L. Gall51st Territorial Rifle Brigade(Sick and discharged)
Lieut. Jas. M. Paul1st Royal Scots Fusiliers(Wounded, returned to duty)
Lieut. Alex Deslauriers22nd French-Canadian(Wounded 3 times, returned to duty)
Gunner J.W. Mullan3rd Can. Siege Battery
Private Ross Hamilton9th Canadian Field Ambulance
Gunner C. McFaul3rd Can. Siege Battery
Gunner Jos. Massie3rd Can. Siege Battery
Private Tom GordonPay Office, London
Gunner E.H. Howard 5th Can. Siege Battery
Private G.W. Fowles4th C.D.A.C.
Sergt. E.M. Mander, M.M.87 Can. Grenadier Guards (In hospital in England)
Private Ralph Barnes22nd French-Canadian
Lieut. A.D. Brewer2nd Can. Command Depot (Wounded, gassed) 
Private J. Livingston23rd Canadian Reserve
Sig. A.R. WoodsC.C.H.A.
Paul Hardy1st Can. Tank Battalion
Lieut. J.H. Cameron77th Battalion(Returned wounded)
Private Alex. Tait23rd Canadian Reserve
R. Torney42nd Battalion
R. Crowther14th Battalion
A.F. Hill Army Medical Corps
Oswald DuchesneauRoyal Air Force

In Canada:

Harold MarshallRoyal Air Force, Training for Overseas
W. McAleese79th Battery
Dess SimondsRoyal Air Force, Training for Overseas
Robert ValentineRoyal Air Force
Lieut. J. Bruce Phillips42nd Battalion Now Instructing Aviation, Canada, after service in France
Private S. LatimerC.O.C. Canada
J. LajoieReserve, Canada
Lieut. G. LawrenceInstructor Bayonet and Fencing, Canada

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