W.H. Banfield and Sons Limited

Manufacturers to the British and United States Governments since December, 1914

370 Pope Avenue, Toronto

Established 1885

Wm. H. Banfield

W.I. Banfield

H.S. Banfield


Vice President, General Manager


Principal Lines of Manufacture During Peace and Reconstruction Times

  • Special Machinery
  • Sheet Metal Stampings
  • Power Presses
  • Pressed Steel Parts
  • Spun and Stamped Brass Goods
  • Electric Fixtures Parts and Fittings

Roll of Honor

A. Anderson

C. Andrews

J. Ainsworth

W. Blaney

J. Beaumont

C. Barnott

C. Berry

B. Cole

M. Collister

G. Cox

C. Clarke

J. Dupre

F. Foster

E. Gordon

S.T. Gunn

C. Harding

A.B. James

W. Jaffray

F. King

C. Lankin

L. Lanton

J. Lawrence

S.G. Leash

H. Lay

J.  McGregon

R. Menzies

E. Miles

J. Miulls

T. Munden

J. Owens

A. Pellorris

M. Plumbridge

A. Pomeroy

M. Preston

B. Roger

T. Rudd

J.E. Salisbury

E. Smith

J. Stolliker

S. Stott

J. Taylor

J. Vella

H. Wallace

E. Wedderburn

J. Whitta

H. Wright

H. Yates

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