Montreal Trust Company

Sketch of Montreal Trust Building  in Montreal circa 1919

The Montreal Trust Honor Roll as found in Canada's Aid to the Allies and Peace Memorial is accompanied by the image of their Montreal Branch building and the following ad:

(The Montreal Trust) Is an organization authorized by law to act as Trustee for the management and care of property. The trusts which it can execute are many, and the fields of its operations are broad. In fact, within certain limitations it can practically do anything the individual can do, and can do it more effectively, more economically and more safely.

Branches – Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Winnipeg

The Montreal Trust Company's building is found in Lovell's Directory's Alphabetical directory for Montreal in 1919 at 11 Place d'Armes, Old Montreal. At the time, the directory names F.G. Donaldson as General Manager. You can access Lovell's Directory for the years 1842 to 1977 on the website of Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Quebec (BAnQ).

Montreal Trust Building in Place d armes Montreal about 1910

This photo shows Place d'Armes in Old Montreal with the Montreal Trust Building on the right with the clock tower. From "Montreal: A Souvenir Album" published 1910 by The Valentine & Sons' United Publishing Co., Ltd., Montreal and Toronto.

Honor Roll

Major V.J. Hughes
Major I.S. Ralston, M.C., D.S.O.
Captain R.A. Brodie
Captain C.S.B. White
Captain C.A. Gordon
Captain W.H. Draper
Lieutenant S. DeBay
Lieutenant H.R. Hingston
Lieutenant Stephen B. White
Lieutenant L.C. Abbott
Sergeant Stanley Parrott
Bomb. J.F. Kennedy
Private G.C. MacKenzie
Private S.G. Finlay
Private P.H. Upton
Private W.R. Dohn
Private J.S. Fry
Gunner C.D. Hardie
Gunner R.E. Gillett
Gunner F.V. Pearce

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