St. Lawrence Flour Mills

Roll of Honor


The Boys who made Peace possible

A Tribute

Peace has come. But our rejoicing must not make us forget the gallant boys who fought to defend our rights, to assure our liberty and happiness – to save our country from the fate of Belgium.

Notwithstanding the fact that the St. Lawrence Flour Mills have been on a war basis since the very beginning of the hostilities, and has supplied flour to the Imperial as well as the Allied Armies, it has sent its quota of men to defend our Homes and our Country.

It is our desire to pay a tribute to these brave boys from the St. Lawrence Flour Mills who helped win the war.

Our Honor Roll includes:

Lieutenant A. D. Williamson(Killed in action)
Lieutenant D. Robertson
Lance-Corporal George Harris(Killed in action)
Private John Welding
Private John Unwing

Two made the supreme sacrifice, but all were willing to lay down their lives to protect our own lives, our property, our rights and our honor.

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