Honor Rolls

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Roll of Honor

McDougall & Cowans


Holt, Major Andrew P.Can. Militia School
Sweeney, Major S.C.239th R’y. Cons. Corps
Benson, Capt. H.V.1st Can. Artillery Brigade
Wilson, Capt. E.W.Headquarters Staff Can. Troops
Wingood, Capt. Allan C. 1st Fort Garry Horse
(killed in action Sept. 26th, 1916).
Ewan, Lieut. David A.24th Batt’n. C.E.F.
Morse, Lieut. Gerald M.R.N.A.S., Commander Gunboat, China
Peebles, Lieut. Lewis R.C.E. Signal Corps, 9th Brigade, C.F.A.
Sparrow, Sgt. R.V.79th Manitoba Infantry Batt’n.
Caswell, Cadet G.LesterRoyal Air Force.
Dinsdale, Cadet H.E.Royal Air Force
Hagell, Cadet FredRoyal Air Force
Brown, E.W.2nd Tank Battalion
Burns, AllanQuebec Royal Can. Garrison Artillery
Christmas, A.E.35th Battery, C.F.A.
Crockatt, H.W.Canadian Wireless.
Griffiths, Geo. A.Can. Army Service Corps.
McPhee, James 26th New Brunswick Batt’n.
(Killed in action Oct. 30th, 1916).
Porter, A.72nd British Columbia Batt’n.
Purcell, H.1st Nova Scotia Depot Batt’n.
Sullivan, C.J.Land Division Signal Corps, U.S.A.

McAuliffe Davis Lumber Co. Limited

Ottawa, Canada

Major D. J. O’Donahoe
Capt. W.B. Megloughlin
Lt. Harry Broadbent
Sergeant Walter Sims
Pte. Charles Aris
Pte. Wm. Aris
Pte. Albert Belanger
Pte. Albert Blais
Pte. John Blais
Pte. Thos. Brownlee
Pte. Patrick Christopher
Pte. Fred Day
Pte. Wm. Dooley (Killed in Action)
Pte. Wm. Fahey
Pte. Wm. Goodwin
Pte. John Horan
Pte. Fred Hunter
Pte. Joseph Ladouceur
Pte. F. Larocque
Pte. Joseph LeBlanc
Pte. Albert Marrier
Pte. Wm. Mason
Pte. Fred McVeigh
Pte. Ferdinand Mulligan
Pte. John Potvin (Killed in Action)
Pte. T. Richardson
Pte. Patrick Riopelle
Pte. A. Rutherford
Pte. Charles St. Dennis
Pte. Emil St. Onge
Pte. Arthur Skipworth
Pte. E. Theriault
Pte. Alex. Timson
Pte. S. Walsh
Pte. John Mc. Wilson

Roll of Honor

Canadian Bronze Powder Works Limited


Killed in Action:

Lawrence Cochrane
L. Dewherst
A. McKenzie
S. Thompson Jr.
J. Whiting

Military Medal:

C. Baldwin

J. Wright
J. H. Ashworth
E. Mulderig
E. Metcalf
G. Grossley
H. Fowler
J. Knowles
D. Loiselle
R. Rigby
J. Hartley
Thomas Corcoran

U.S. Army:

Uldege Leduc


J. O’Neill
H. Thompson
A.H. Williams
F. Smith
R. Thatcher

Roll of Honor

A.C. Leslie & Co. Limited

Iron, Steel and Metals, Montreal

George B. Ball
Fred G. Smith
John N. McCuaig
Angus MacNish
S. Wilfred Hartley
Ralph E. Weeks
W. Douglas Wright

Roll of Honor

Dobell, Beckett & Co.

Quebec City

Lt.-Col. R. M. Beckett24th Batt.
Lt. H.L. Staveley11th Can. Machine Gun Co.
Cadet G.G. HillRoyal Air Force

Roll of Honor

Colonial Hide Company


P. Mitchell
M. Carzimier
Fred Wilson
J. Conokwaugh
M. Conokwaugh
C.F. Caldwell
J. Wurchiel
J. Struce
Gilbert Moss
Samuel Duffin
F. Willoughby
E.J. Cummings
U.D. Woodward
H.C. Cawley
J. Lamy
A.C. Coughtry
J.O. Bertrand
Harold L. Humes

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