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W.R. Brock Company (Limited)

Wholesale Dry Goods, Woollens, Carpets, Smallwares, Ladies’ Furnishings, Men’s Furnishings

Roll of Honor

A Tribute to Our Defenders

Enlisted from Our Toronto Warehouse

Flt. Lieut. C. Elbridge Burden – Killed
Corp. W.R. Vohmann, M.M. – Killed
John H. Tribe – Killed
Ferdinand C. Gaynor – Killed

Axton, L.C.
Barker, A.E.
Beard, Fred.
Booth, J.S.
Chamberlain, E.
Clarke, Clifford
Cockburn, C.J.
Coulthard, G.R.
Cramp, Harold
Crawford, R.D.
Cuthbertson, Jas.
Dale, Richard
Dunham, F.H.
Elliott, E.B.
Fenwick, D.
Goodrick, Carl
Gormley, M.
Gray, Geo. G.
Green, C.F.
Holliday, Douglas
Handel, E.
Hanna, Robert
Howes, Norman A.
Irwin, Samuel
Kin, Gordon
MacLaine, Hubert
Miller, John R.
MacDougall, H.L.
McLaren, J.A.
McLaren, Donald
McMurray, Chas.
Norwich, H.H.
Pamphilon, Geo.
Pember, Norman
Phillips, Herbert
Polson, A.S.
Reid, Frank
Stone, Geo.
Smith, Walter
Spence, James
Tench, Wm.
Weighill, Gordon
Youngson, Robert

Enlisted from Our Montreal Warehouse

Image of HJ Knight from Aid to the Allies and Peace Memorial
Brock, Lt.-Col. R.A.
Ashdown, H.K.
Doody, C.
Hill, N.D.
Hiller, R.C.
Howell, J.P.
Ingham, Arch.
Meisner, C.D.
Pegnem, C.
Rawlings, C.B.
Scharfenberg, Gordon
Todd, Geo.
Veber, E.
Yates, H.B.

Enlisted from Our Calgary Warehouse

Enlisted from Our Calgary Warehouse

Capt. E. Lyle Berkinshaw – Killed 
Wm. Geo. Cox – KilledA.B. Patterson –Killed 
Robt. C. Faulkner – Killed

Annand, R.G.
Duncan, H.D.
Edwards, R.
Ghequiere, R.
Griffiths, H.G.
Kennell, A.G.
Leask, G.W.
Peacock, T.J.
Penn, D.
Penny, D.G.
Price, R.W.
Rankin, J.C.
Rogers, R.B.
Rose, R.
Sara, C.B.S.
Sinclair, F.W.
Stagg, C.W.
Towers, J.A.

Warehouses:  Toronto, Montreal, Calgary
Offices:  Halifax, Quebec, Hamilton, London, Ont., Winnipeg, London, Eng.

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