Grant-Holden Graham Limited

Grant-Holden Graham Ltd. Factory and Office:  147 to 151 Albert Street - Ottawa

Wholesale Manufacturers and Importers of Clothing, Men’s Furnishings, Tents, Tarpaulins, Awnings, Lumbermen’s and Contractors’ Supplies

Taken from 1917 Catalogue found at

Manufacturer of Textiles

Grant-Holden Graham Ltd. was a manufacturing company operating in the early 1900s which specialized in textile products.

According to their 1917 no. 6 catalogue, they produced tents, flags, awnings, horse blankets, tarpaulins, Mackinaw clothing (Mackinaw being a water resistant, wooly fabric), shirts, underwear, and socks, among other goods[1].  In the same catalogue’s foreword, the opening of a branch factory in Hull, Quebec was mentioned.

During the Great War they manufactured clothing and haversacks for the Canadian militia department [2].  

1916 Fire at Grant-Holden Graham, Ottawa

On Feb. 5, 1916, the company suffered a $20,000 loss in goods during a fire at the Ottawa factory which was filling war orders for the Canadian Militia and the entente allies. The fire's cause was initially suspected to be arson, as it followed closely after the blaze of February 3rd that had killed seven people and destroyed parts of the parliament buildings in Ottawa[3].  

Later it was determined that the fire at the factory may have been caused by tarpaulins which had been chemically treated the night before. The evaporation process following treatment had reportedly made the tarpaulins too hot to handle in previous instances.[4] 

The opening of the branch factory in Hull was likely due in part to this fire - especially since the image caption of the factory in the 1917 catalogue makes sure to point out that the building is fire-proof.[5]

Roll of Honor 

Men Enlisted from Grant-Holden-Graham Limited 

Lieut. H.C. Gilham, D.S.O.

Sergt.-Major B. Warren

Sergt. H. Palmer

Sergt. A. Christie

Sergt. H. Erdman

Sergt. S. Harris (Killed)

P.O. G. Carpenter

P.O. W. Pace

P.O. J. Roberts

Pte. W. McComb

Pte. F. Wright

Pte. C. Anderson

Pte. C. Berry

Pte. W. Smith

Pte. B. Law

Pte. H. Watkins (Killed)

Pte. J. Laporte (Killed)

Pte. D. Dufour

Pte. W. Albert

Pte. C. Simard

Pte. O. Benard

Pte. E. Benard

Pte. O. Allaire

Pte. H. Lafontaine

Pte. H. Dionne

Pte. W. Harney

Pte. H. Charbonneau

Pte. E. Prudhomme

Pte. O. Prudhomme

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