The Merchants Bank of Canada

The Merchants Bank, founded by Hugh Allan, head of the Montreal Ocean and Steamship Company, received its charter in 1861 and opened for business in 1864.  It first appeared in Montreal’s Lovell’s directory at 2 Toupin’s buildings, Place d’Armes, with Jackson Rae, Hugh Allan’s brother-in-law, listed as the cashier.  The Merchants Bank was a new venture for Hugh Allan, who had also served as a director of the Bank of Montreal from 1847-1857.  Jackson Rae had worked for the Bank of Montreal as their agent in New York.

Presidents of the Merchants Bank (of Canada)


1877- Jun 21, 1882

Jun 21, 1882-Dec 9, 1882



 Hugh Allan (1810-1882)

The honorable John Hamilton 

Sir Hugh Allan (1810-Dec. 9, 1882)

Andrew Allan (Sir Hugh’s brother) (1822 - June 27, 1901) 

Sir H. Montagu Allan (Sir Hugh's son) (1860-1951)

The Merchants Bank remained a Quebec Company until it took over the troubled Commercial Bank of Canada based in Kingston, Ontario in 1867.  The name was then changed to the Merchants Bank of Canada and 17 Ontario branches came under the bank’s control. Head Office was located at 315 Notre Dame in  Montreal’s Place d’Armes then later moved to their new building at the corner of St. Peter and St. James (Rue St. Pierre and Rue St. Jacques) in 1873/74.  

By 1900, this building at 205 St. James St. (St. Jacques) had additional floors added to enlarge it. 

The Merchants Bank of Canada's advertisement in Lovell’s Montreal Directory, 1919-1920, boasts 329 Branches and Agencies in Canada extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 

In Montreal, in addition to the Head Office on St. James St., Lovell’s lists 9 other branches located at:  672 Centre; 5623 Sherbrooke W.; 1866 St. Lawrence Boulevard; 1253 St. Catherine East; 320 St. Catherine West; 330 Church Av., Verdun; 2215 St. Denis; 65 Notre Dame and 1319 St. Lawrence Boulevard.

In 1922, under what were seen as questionable circumstances, the Bank of Montreal quietly purchased The Merchants Bank of Canada and it ceased to exist.

The Merchants Bank of Canada building is now the home of the St. James Hotel.

The Merchants Bank of Canada
Honor Roll

† Killed in Action

 # Died of Wounds

* Military Cross  

(MM) Military Medal

Abery, J.G.

Adair, J.R.

Adams, H.J.

Adams, A.E.

Adams, R.A.A.† 

Aitkens, W.B.

Akitt, E.J.

Allan, F.L.

Allan, H.B.

Allan, H.R.

Allan, J.R.† 

Allan, J.G.

Allen, L.

Anderson, C.T.

Anderson, D.A.L.

Anderson, F.W.

Anderson, J.M.

Anderson, N.R.

Anderson, W.C.

Anderson, W.H.D.

Anthony, L.C.

Aquilon, E.

Armitage, E.G.

Armstrong, W. St. G.

Arthur, L.R.F.

Aulph, C.T.

Ayris, H.J.

Babb, H.W. : Deceased

Baker, R.H.

Baker, J.B.

Baker, P.C.

Baker, P.J.

Ball, G.R.

Barlow, S.H.

Barnes, J.H.

Baser, J.R.B.

Bateman, H.D.

Baynes, J.A.

Beaton, J.R.

Beatty, C.K.

Becker, W.A.

Beckingsale, R.T.

Belcher, P.J. #

Bell, S.A.

Bemister, W.F.

Bench, A.E.

Benson, R.H.

Benson, S.H.

Bentley, W.M.

Berkeley, M.K.F.†

Best, O.G.

Birch, A.R.: Deceased in France

Bishop, G.A.†

Bishop, J.V.†

Bisset, G.D.†

Blackwood, H.P.T.

Boland, W.L.

Bole, L.F.G. *, †

Boulton, G.F.

Bowman, H.C.

Bowie, R.

Bowie, A.M.

Boyd, H.N.

Boyle, A.S.

Brabant, V.A.

Brazel, J.E.

Brennan, J.M.

Brisco, I.

Brissette, C.E.

Broader, R.K.

Brosseau, J.J.P.

Brown, A.L.

Brown, G.

Brown, L.G.

Brown, P.W.

Brown, R.D.

Brown, T.C.

Brown, W.H.

Browne, F.C.

Brownscombe, B.A.

Brynelson, O.

Buchan, R.A.

Bullock, P.G.W.

Burbidge, G.C. :Mentioned in Despatches by Sir Douglas Haig, June 2, 1917

Burns, J.W.C.

Burt, J.H.

Cains, J.L. *

Calder, W.A.

Cameron, J.S.

Campbell, A.J.

Campbell, L.N.

Campbell, M.D.

Carlson, R.W.

Carr, H.W. :Prisoner and Wounded

Carroll, J.C.

Carter, T.F.

Catlow, A.

Chillcott, G.T.

Christie, H.T.

Clark, J.C.

Clarkin, J.E.

Cliff, G.F.B.

Cloutier, J.J. #

Coghill, F.S.

Cola, M.

Coles, L.R.

Collins, J.A.† 

Collis, J.A.

Colquhoun, C.A.

Compton, C.D.

Conklin, R.J.D.† 

Cook, G.A.

Cooper, J.A.† 

Cooper, L.L.

Corbett, J.A.

Cormick, C.

Cowles, A.E.

Craig, H.A.

Craig, N.R.

Crawford, A.A.

Crawford, M.C.

Cressey, A.D.

Crooks, W.N.

Crouch, S.A.

Cuke, G.L.

Cullen, I.L.

Cummerford, C.J.

Cunningham, S.D.

Currie, D.G.

Currie, M.A.

Cuthbertson, J.

Dagg, E.M.

Dalzell, C.G.

Damm, C.A.

Darley, C.B.†

Daveluy, J.C.

Davidson, A.G.

Davidson, F.A.

Davidson, G.A.: Missing

Davies, S.L.

Davy, P.F.

Davenport, H.M.

Dawson, C.W.

Decker, A.

Delany, J.M.

DesBrisay, A.G.

Dick, A.M.†

Dickson, M.E.

Dobie, L.

Donevan, K.S.

Donnelly, J.B.

Doupe, F.

Dowson, H.

Drummond, J.C.

Duke, L. de S.

Duncan, M.B.

Duncan, M.D.†

Dunlop, T.W.

Duprau, S.A.

Duquette, M.D.†

Eddy, W.A.

Edmiston, R.M.

Edwards, G.F.

Elliot, J.F.

Ellis, J.G.

Empey, B.C.

English, G.W. : Wounded and Missing since May, 1915

Erzinger, C.S.

Evans, E.C.

Ewan, G.

Fairbairn, L.B.

Falkner, N.A.

Farrell, J.J.A.

Fawcett, M.†

Ferguson, A.S.

Fergusson, T.J.A.

Field, V.G.

Finegan, G.H.†

Finn, E.A.†

Fitzpatrick, J.

Fitzpatrick, R.C.

Flamank, G.C.G.

Flora, L. LeR.

Floyd, C.H.

Forneri, D.A.†

Fox, C. :  Died in  Hospital, England

Francis, H.E.

Frank, J.R.

Fraser, J.D.

Galbraith, C.W.†

Gamsby, G.A.

Gardner, A.N.

Gibaut, J.T.

Gilroy, R.J.

Glanville, W.H.

Goodier, A.F.

Goodwin, L.F.†

Gough, R.E.

Graham, B.G.

Graham, G.D.H.

Grainger, G.A.C.

Grant, G.C.:  Missing

Grant, J.F.

Grant, R.N.†

Grant, R.E.

Grant, S.A.

Gray, R.F.

Greaves, H.P. :  Missing

Gregg, H.H.

Green, H.A.

Grierson, T.H.J.

Gunn, H.A.

Guthrie, A.J.P.

Guthrie, J.S.†

Guthrie, N.B.

Guy, A.J.

Hall, E.W.

Hanrahan, T.S.

Hardiman, W.L.

Harris, T.T.

Haw, J.L.

Hawkins, K.J.

Heath, F.H.

Hemphill, L.C.

Henderson, D.D.

Hendersoon, D.G.

Henderson, W.H.

Hepworth, J.A.G.†

Hewitt, N.F.

Higginbottom, J.H.

Hillmer, B.W.

Hinde, B.P.

Hodges, F.G.

Holland, G.R.

Holland, W.B.

Homuth, R.J.

Hopper, E.

Hora, H.

Horner, S.

Howard, P.J. :  Decorated for Meritorious Conduct on the Field

Howard, R.D.V.

Howarth, P.H.

Hudson, H.B.

Huenemoerder, J.P.

Huffman, H.W.

Hughes, C.

Hunt, W.E.

Hunter, D.N.

Husband, W.F.B.

Hutchins, H.F.

Inglis, J.M.

Inkster, A.F.R. #

Irwin, J.L.

Jackson, G.H.

Jacques, L.D.

Jeffery, F.T.†

Jentz, E.B.

Johns, G.H.T. de S.

Johnson, A.H.

Johnson, B.H.†

Johnston, M.H.

Johnston, R.G.

Johnston, T.J.K.

Johnston, W.J.

Jones, A.C.H.

Jones. A.P.

Jones, J.H.

Jones, T.E.

Joyner, W.J.N.

Kain, C.F.

Kane, R.J.

Kaiser, J.E.C.

Kay, L.J.

Keeler, J.E.

Keirle, H.J.

Kelley, M.E.F.

Kenna, M.A.S.

Kennedy, E.S.

Kennedy, L.A. *

Kent, M.C.

Kent, S.H. *, †

Kerley, S.W.

Kilbourn, M.

Kilpack, G.V.

King, C.J.

Kippen, A.A. †

Kirby, K.C.

Laidman, W.M.

Laing, J.

Laird, J.H.

Lait, W.F.J.†

Lamond, R.M.

Lamont, C.L.

Lanctot, C.

Landreth, F.

Laudriau, W.F.E.

Langford, H.B.

Lashbrook, N.E.M.

Laurie, D.C.

La-Violette, A.D. *,†

Lawrie, W.A.

Leah, E.

Leitch, H.L.M.

Lelie, J.

Lemasurier, H.L.

Lewis, A.S.†

Lewis, C.G.

Lindsay, J. McK.

Little, G.D.

Livesley, H.S.

Livesley, L.H.

Lucas, S.L.

Lyons, J.W.B.

Lyons, S.E.

MacArthur, J.

MacDonald, R.G.

MacDonald, U.T.

Machum, J.R.

Mackay, W.A.C.†

Mackie, E.T.

MacLarty, J.L.

Macnab, W.F.

Macneish, J.S.

Macpherson, J.H.

Macpherson, W.M.

Magwood, R.W.

Mallett, R.

Maitland, C.

Maltby, S.

Manley, DeV. E.

Maxwell, C.A.

Mawer, T.F.

Meldrum, E.G.

Meldrum, N.G.

Mellanby, H.T.J.

Merriman, M.K.†

Metivier, J.A.

Midgley, W.

Mill, J.C.

Millar, B.L.

Millar, H. #

Miller, H.C.

Minorgan, J.H.†

Mitchell, C.A., Jr.

Mitchell, D. (MM):  Distinguished Bravery

Moffat, R.H.R.†

Moncur, A.

Montizambert, A.R.P.

Montpetit, R.

Moore, A.B.

Morgan, C.O.

Morgan, W.J.C.

Morris, A.R.†

Morris, G.C.

Morris, G.

Morris, P.

Mott, C.M.

Muir, C.†

Munn, G.A.

Munro, N.G.

Munro, R.F.

Munson, A.E.

Murdoch, G.T.

Murphy, FlJ.

Murphy, T.W.

Murray, J.C.

Murray, P.J.

McCallum, F.J.

McCarthy, A.R.

McCavour, G.W.

McCosham, W.H.

McCuaig, J.D.

McDonald, D.A.

McDonald, H.E.D.

McDonald, J.

McDonald, P.R.†

McDougall, G.A.

McDougall, J.B.

McDowell, R.B.

McFarlane, G.A.

McGibbon, W.F.

McGregor, C.T.

McHugh, D.

McIntosh, C.

McIntyre, J.L.

McIntyre, R.C. *

McKean, A.J.

McKillop, V.A.

McKinley, C.W.

McLachlan, T.W.C.

McMaster, E.W.

McMenemy, R.L.S.

McMichael, N.

McNab, M.J. :  Deceased May, 1917

McNeill, D.S.

McNeill, F.J.

McPhie, R.G.

McQuitty, A.R.

McRae, J.

McWilliam, J. :  Died of Gas Shell Wounds

Nairn, I.A.

Nash, F.C.

Nash, R.E.N.

Nelson, G.C.

Nesbit, W.M.

Meldrum, E.G."

Meldrum, N.G.

Mellanby, H.T.J.

Merriman, M.K.†

Metivier, J.A.

Midgley, W.

Nicol, G.

Nicol, M.J.

Norman, W.E.

Oakley, R.P.†

Paine, D.A.

Parsons, H.

Patten, B.B. #

Pawling, F.G.

Peach, W.C.

Peacock, A.R.

Pearce, N.

Pearsall, J.H.†

Peck, D.F.†

Pegg, E.B.

Pennefather, W.

Penney, W.F.

Peters, H.B.

Pidcock, R.S.

Pike, A.C.

Pion, J.R.

Plumbly, L.G.

Plumton, D.L.

Pocock, E.A.H.

Pointon, E.T.

Poole, G.A.

Porter, G.M.

Poucher, J.M.

Prentis, E.D.

Prescott, W.R.

Preston, R.

Primrose, J.

Pross, G.D.

Proud, M.D. †

Pullinger, F.

Purser, V.R.

Puttenham, S.I.

Randall, F.L.

Rankin, J.R. #

Rankin, T.D.

Rattray, N.

Ratz, F.W.

Raynbird, F.

Rees, J.V.

Reid, C.F.

Reid, F.R.

Reid, W.F.

Reise, A.

Render, McK. †

Ribton, R.H. (MM),†

Richards, E.C.

Richards, M.W.

Richardson, M.W.

Rigby, C.D.

Rinch, H.B.

Robb, A.

Robertson, D.E.

Robertson, I.B.B. †

Robertson, P.D.

Robinson, C.O.

Robson, S.C.

Roddis, L.G.

Rose, G.

Ross, K.T. †

Routhier, G.S.

Rowe, R.H.

Rowe, S.

Rowland, A.G.

Rudd, J.R.

Rushton, J.E.

Rutherford, R.E.C.

Rutherford, W.D.

Sampson, A.T. :  Missing

Sandbach, G.R.N.

Sargent, D.R.

Saunders, W.D.

Sawyer, C.B.

Scott, W.H. 

Sculthorpe, E.I. #

Secord, R.W.

Sewell, G.G.

Shaver, E.B.H.

Shaw, J.W.

Sheffield, H.W.

Shields, W.A.

Shirreff, H.S.B.

Shouldice, J.M.

Shonn, F.C.

Sills, R.A.

Simpson, G.J.

Sinclair, L.L.

Sivyer, C.L.

Skipton, C.G.

Slade, A.J.

Smart, G.S.

Smedley, J.H.

Smiley, H.A.

Smith, A.H.

Smith, A.L.

Smith, C.B.

Smith, E.M.

Smith, E.S.

Smith, H.T.

Smith, J.P.

Smith, J.M.

Smith, T.M.

Sneath, H.F.

Somerville, H. McC. †

Spalding, W.B.

Spilsted, R.

Stacey, H.C.

Stamp, J.W. †

Stark, F.T.

Starr, F.S. †

Stavert, J.L.

Stephenson, H.H.

Stevens, O.B.

Stewart, C.W. †

Stewart, F.R.

Stewart, G.R.

Stewart, J.B.

Stokes, P.H.

Strachan, C.J.

Stunt, C.F.

Sturrock, J.

Sullivan, A.

Sumpter, C.B.

Sutherland, H.S.

Sutherland, W.E.R.

Sutherland, W.R.

Swain, P.L.

Tait, G.E.

Tayleur, E.

Taylor, F.G.

Taylor, J.E.

Taylor, S.R.

Teasdale, R.R.

Templeman, T.B.

Terry, H.I.

Thompson, C.G.

Thompson, J.A.

Thompson, J.W.

Thompson, W.S.

Thomson, J.

Thomson, J.H.

Thorburn, L.M.

Thorpe, T.W.

Thurling, J.G.

Thwaites, W.F. †

Tindall, R.L.

Tison, J.A.

Tobias, F.G.

Tod, T.W.

Toller, J.A.

Torrence, D.F. †

Train, P.H.

Trueman, J.H. †

Truscott, A.O.

Turnbull, W.E.A.

Turner, G.E.

Turner, H.M.

Turner, H.W.

Uglow, H.W.

Upham, A.H.

Valois, C.E.

Veit, J.C.

Villiers, C.H.

Wakefield, C.T. †

Walker, C.

Walsh, G.R.

Ward, G.H.

Warner, W.A.

Warren, D’A. R.B.

Watson, A.F.

Weatherhead, C.W.

Webb, R.H.

Webster, J. :  Prisoner in Germany

Wells, F.

Wetherman, A.G.L.W.R.

Whaley, S.D.

Whidden, A.A.

White, C.C.

Whitson, E.J.

Wilcock, J.

Wilcox, R.C.

Williams, A.G. #

Williams, W.E.

Williamson, J.C.B.

Wilson, C.E.

Wilson, C.K.

Wilson, R. MacK.

Wilton, H.J.

Wilton, S.S.

Windsor, J.P.

Wiser, P.F.

Wood, J.C.

Wood, J.L.

Woodill, A.J.

Wright, D.

Wright, J.H.

Wright, M.H.

Wyman, H.C.

Young, G.G.

Young, H.G.

Young, McK.

Young, P.P.

Young, R.C.

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