Canada Steamship Lines Limited

Roll of Honor

- Killed in Action * – Wounded

The following is a List of Employees of the Canada Steamship Lines Limited, who have enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces:-




Assistant Manager’s Office
Nightingale, S.ClerkToronto
Comptroller’s Department
McIntosh, H.ClerkMontreal
Pattison, H.S.ClerkMontreal
Tibbs, W.E.*Assistant AccountantMontreal
Wilcox, W.J.ClerkMontreal
Freight Claims Department
Anderson, Ross W.ClerkMontreal
Fahey, Norman ClerkMontreal
Griffiths, A.E.ClerkMontreal
Martin, W.D.ClerkMontreal
Freight Traffic Department
Baldwin, R.*ClerkHamilton
Bate, E.ClerkToronto
Brooke, J.T.*ClerkMontreal
Burrell, P.A.CheckerHamilton
Callen, C.A.*ClerkToronto
Crossley, J.H.CheckerToronto
Girey, W.G.ClerkWindsor
Hearn, G.J.*Freight SolicitorMontreal
Hope, P.C.ClerkCalgary
Kelso, H.ClerkToronto
Laurin, G.ClerkMontreal
Lussier, C.ClerkMontreal
Mason, E.V.ClerkHamilton
Munson, W.E.ClerkToronto
Nelligan, J.J.Division Freight AgentMontreal
Rhind, R.ClerkMontreal
Sparks, R.L.ClerkKingston
Tyndall, H.CheckerToronto
Tyo, L.G.*ClerkCornwall
Wade, H.C.ClerkKingston
Whinfield, N.ClerkToronto
Wilson, R.B.ClerkHamilton
General Traffic Auditor’s Office
Brittle, L.E.ClerkMontreal
Curran, E.J.ClerkMontreal
Jones, J.E.T.*ClerkMontreal
McPherson, C.C.ClerkMontreal
Naud, H.ClerkMontreal
Roach, E.*ClerkMontreal
Stowell, F.S.ClerkMontreal
Insurance Department
Brewster, JasClerkMontreal
Operating Manager’s Department
Campbell, R.A.*Chief ClerkToronto
Cruickshank, W.Coal DockToronto
Martin, DanClerkToronto
Young, A.DeckhandStr. “America”
Davis, C.WheelsmanStr. “Bellevile”
Eldridge, W.J.WheelsmanStr. “Bickerdike”
Dunn, J.Assistant PurserStr. “Cayuga”
Cronin, W.Asst. BaggagemanStr. “Cayuga”
Cross, A.StewardStr. “Cayuga”
Devine, H.Deck PatrolStr. “Cayuga”
Elliot, R.WheelsmanStr. “Cayuga”
Francis, E.OilerStr. “Cayuga”
Gilson, P.WheelsmanStr. “Cayuga”
Hardy, S.Deck PatrolStr. “Cayuga”
Kennedy, R.WheelsmanStr. “Cayuga”
Marriot, E.BaggagemanStr. “Cayuga”
Murphy, M.DeckhandStr. “Cayuga”
Slatter, J.OilerStr. “Cayuga”
Walker, J.OilerStr. “Cayuga”
Pegden, R.Second MateStr. “Chippewa”
Shepherd, R.W.PurserStr. “City of Hamilton”
Atkinson, R.G. PurserStr. “Corona”
Vaughan, J.E.Assistant PurserStr. “Corona”
Brown, D.A.StewardStr. “Fordonian”
Belling, H.S.WheelsmanStr. “Fordonian”
Shaw, H.Second MateStr. “Fordonian”
Dalton, W. Chief OfficerStr. “D.A. Gordon”
Church, C.P.WheelsmanStr. “Haddington”
Frayne, A.FiremanStr. “Haddington”
Pince, E.G.FiremanStr. “Haddington”
Thompson, G.E.WheelsmanStr. “Haddington”
Parrott, A.E.WheelsmanStr. “Hamiltonian”
Babcock, H.Bell BoyStr. “Kingston”
Brooke, J.S.StoremanStr. “Kingston”
Hewitt, W.R.PorterStr. “Kingston”
Horsey, T.M.*PurserStr. “Kingston”
Kane, J.Baggage MasterStr. “Kingston”
Lomax, O.T.Asst. StewardStr. “Kingston”
Leavens, H.C.PurserStr. “Kingston”
Allan, C.D.PurserStr. “Laurentian”
Kay, J.DeckhandStr. “Macassa”
Moon, W.WheelsmanStr. “Macassa”
Telford, H.OilerStr. “Macassa”
Tidd, A.DeckhandStr. “Macassa”
Webster, H.WheelsmanStr. “Macassa”
Wilson, W.J.PorterStr. “Macassa”
Moore, R.WheelsmanStr. “Mapleton”
McDonald, C.WheelsmanStr. “Martian”
Moulding, C.OilerStr. “Martian”
Morrison, C.Second MateStr. “Martian”
Nimino, T.WheelsmanStr. “Martian”
Cameron, W.A.DeckhandStr. “Midland Prince”
Cresswell, Wm.WatchmanStr. “Midland Prince”
Edwards, W.E.FiremanStr. “Midland Prince”’
MacMillan, J.C.WheelsmanStr. “Midland Prince”
Murcklen, J.C.FiremanStr. “Midland Prince”
Chisholm, W.A.PurserStr. “Modjeska”
Cartlidge, T.WaiterStr. “Rapids Queen”
Clark, P.S.PurserStr. “Rapids Queen”
Conlon, E.G.ChefStr. “Rapids Queen”
Cote, D.*WaiterStr. “Rapids Queen”
Cunningham, E.*WaiterStr. “Rapids Queen”
Campbell, H.WaiterStr. “Rapids Queen”
Gibson, ThosChefStr. “Rapids Queen”
Morandi, A.L.Head WaiterStr. “Rapids Queen”
Osborne, S.Ticket InspectorStr. “Rapids Queen”
Price, F.L.WaiterStr. “Rapids Queen”
Williams, LeoBaggage MasterStr. “Rapids Queen”
Jones, E.F.*Second MateStr. “Rosedale”
Gould, F.E.Second MateStr. ”Saskatoon”
Mitchell, C.WheelsmanStr. “Saskatoon”
Kavanagh, LeoBaggage MasterStr. “Syracuse”
Nicholson, W.C. PurserStr. “St. Irene”
Watkins, H.WaiterStr. “Tadousac”
Horgue, F.WaiterStr. “Tadousac”
Conway, H.R.PurserStr. “Toronto”
Hazlett, Wm.Baggage MasterStr. “Toronto”
Horton, F.G.WaiterStr. “Quebec”
Hutchings, A.R.Ticket InspectorStr. “Quebec”
Passenger Traffic Department
Beck, J.R.ClerkMontreal
Cooper, H.A.Ticket AgentToronto
Gillespie, T.Ticket ClerkToronto
Hynd, A.ClerkMontreal
Kelly, J.C.Ticket ClerkMontreal
McDonald, T.W.ClerkMontreal
McFarlane, A.C.Ticket ClerkHamilton
Price, Geo.Ticket AgentToronto
Dufort, J.O.Baggage Agent Montreal
Stores Department
Herr, LouisClerkToronto
Squirrell, A.ClerkToronto
Northern Navigation Company
Combe, P.T.Ticket AgentSarnia, Ont.
Johnston, J.F.PurserStr. “Saronic”
Whitehead, F.R.ElectricianStr. “Noronic”
Wykesmith, W.AClerkSarnia, Ont.
Fuller, C.O.PurserS.S. “Hamonic”

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