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The Ogilvie Flour Mills Company

Head Office: Montreal, Canada

Roll of Honor

* Killed in Action † Wounded ‡ Missing


†Alex. O. McMurtry, D.S.O. 2nd Field Artillery  (Major)
†R.V. Biddulph R. Dublin Fusiliers (Captain)
J.R.W. Papineau 3rd Siege Artillery (Lieut.)
R.R. Russell  3rd Siege Artillery (Lieut.)
R.C. Lumsden 3rd Siege Artillery
A.S. Roe 3rd Siege Artillery
†Wm. Anderson 5th Mounted Rifles
*D. Burchell 73rd Battalion
Wm. Viau 22nd Battalion
E. Beland 22nd Battalion
*H. Hawke 60th Battalion
H. Gamache 69th Battalion
T. Crawford 10th Can. Siege Battery (Sergeant)
H.G. Whittet 74th Battery
H. Groom 1st Regt. C.G.A. (Sergeant)
M.C. Mullaney (St. John Office)
E. Kenny 1st Depot Battalion 1st Quebec Regiment
G. Briganti 1st Depot Battalion 1st Quebec Regiment
R. Paquin 2nd Depot Battalion 2nd Quebec Regiment
W. Paquin 2nd Depot Battalion 2nd Quebec Regiment

Fort William

Donald MacDonald Naval Reserve
John Lawrie Army Reserve
John Mumford Army Reserve
†Geo. Eady 8th Battalion
*Chas. Lovie 27th Battalion
†Sydney Walker 44th Battalion
Harry Sales 52nd Battalion
†Clifford Skeats 52nd Battalion
†Wm. Keirl 52nd Battalion
†Jos. Smail 52nd Battalion
Jas. White 52nd Battalion
†Geo. Gibson 52nd Battalion
†Jas. Jack 52nd Battalion
Frank Morrow 52nd Battalion
†Alex. Gibbs 52nd Battalion
John Mingay 52nd Battalion
†Victor V. McLean, M.C. 73rd Battalion (Lieut.)
*Jas. Nichols 52nd Battalion
Hugh Moore 94th Battalion
†Wm. Brooks 94th Battalion
M. Cleary 94th Battalion
*Wm. Patterson 94th Battalion
Alex. Jack 94th Battalion
*Geo. Smylie 94th Battalion
*Chas. H. Smith 94th Battalion
J. Batchelor British Forces


Wm. Clay Army Reserve
*Allan Collie 34th Battalion (Lieut.)
R.A. Conrad 34th Battalion
†Wm. Hogarth 34th Battalion (Lieut.)
Walter Gee 44th Battalion
Earl MacConnell 53rd Battalion
†Wm. J. Olson 53rd Battalion
*Andrew C. Manson 61st Battalion
T.W. McLaren 61st Battalion
Fred. Taylor 61st Battalion
Samuel Allison 79th Battalion
E. Stubbs 27th Battalion
G. Hunter 34th Fort Garry Horse
W.H. Clay 45th Battalion
*I. MacMillan 45th Battalion
L. Pratt 12th F. Ambulance
*T.J. McKenney 61st Battalion
A. Matthews 100th Battalion
*J.W. Downey 101st Battalion
W. McKenna 144th Battalion
F. Hall 183rd Battalion
*L.C. Wilson 197th Batalion
C. Attaway 200th Battalion
W. Bell 200th Battalion
D.K. Shedden 203rd Battalion
*I. Winning 203rd Battalion
M.K. Bowman Can.Ordinance Troops
W.N. Clay
H. Taylor Army Reserve

Medicine Hat


Wm. Norton 10th Battalion
†D.C. Robinson 31st Battalion (Capt.)
Laurence HicksA.M.C.
Joseph Wadle 3rd C.M.R.
†G.F. Alyward 50th Battalion (Capt.)
‡Wm. Hoyle 63rd Battalion
†Peter Wight 63rd Battalion
†Nelson S. Loney 63rd Battalion
Edward A. Stone 63rd Battalion
Mark Rabbage 63rd Battalion
Joseph Wilkins 63rd Battalion
Hugh A. Brown Royal Engineers
†A.L.C. White British Forces
W.G. Davies 89th Battalion
A.J. Addy 12th Field Ambulance
W. Addy 12th Field Ambulance
P.H. Gayner 196th Battalion

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