Woods Manufacturing Company
from 1918

Head Office Montreal

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Woods Manufacturing Company Limited produced Jute and Cotton Bags, Hessians Buckrams, Paddings and Twine, Tents, Flags, Tarpaulins, Clothing and Cotton Fabrics.

Factories:  Montreal, Quebec; Toronto, Ontario; Ottawa, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Welland, Ontario

In existence under the name Woods Manufacturing Company only since March 8, 1918it had previously been known as Smart-Woods Limited.  The Board of Directors continued as it had been just prior to the name change.

New company name Woods Manufacturing from Smart-Woods LimitedFrom: The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec), 07 March, p. 11, imaged in Newspapers+ Publisher Extra (https://newspapers.com : accessed 03 August 2020).

Smart-Woods, Limited (1912-1918)

List of Smart-Woods products in January 1918 as advertised in the Montreal Gazette.From: The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec), 06 January 1918, p. 43, imaged in Newspapers+ Publisher Extra (https://newspapers.com : accessed 11 August 2020).

Smart-Woods Limited, the immediate precursor to Woods Manufacturing, was created by a merger between Smart Bags Co. Limited and Woods, Limited2.  A statement of incorporation of the company appeared in the Montreal Gazette announcing the effective date and a long list of the activities the business intended to engage in3.  The agreement was expected to be ratified at a special meeting of shareholders on December 2nd, 19122.

Other companies which came under its control included The Montreal Tent and Tarpaulin Co., the Empire Cotton Co. of Welland, Ontario and the Renfrew Knitting Co. of Renfrew, Ontario4.

The Board of Directors of Smart-Woods Limited4:

  • Lt.-Col. Charles Smart, President
  • Lt.-Col. James W. Woods, Ottawa, 1st Vice-President and managing director
  • C.E. Archibald, Montreal, Vice-President
  • W.G. McMahon, of Winnipeg, Vice-President
  • F. Howard Wilson, Montreal
  • James Livingstone, Baden, Ont.
  • Ernest Linton, Ottawa.

Smart Bags Company, Limited

From: The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec), 05 June 1937, p. 19, imaged in Newspapers+ Publisher Extra (https://newspapers.com : accessed 04 August 2020).

Smart Bags Company, Limited was founded by Lieut.-Col. Charles Allen Smart of Montreal in February 1907.  He bought out the bag and canvas business of John Dick, Limited which had factories in Winnipeg and Toronto.  John Dick, Limited had been in business since 1900. 

The Winnipeg factory was expanded to enable it to produce 60,000 bags per day supplying the needs of the milling industry of Western Canada.  The Toronto factory supplied bags to Ontario. A factory built at Montreal produced 10,000 bags per day and served Quebec and eastern Canada.

The Smart Bags Company created jute and cotton bags of all grades and sizes for flour among other products with the ability to brand and label for their clients.

After the merger between Smart Bags Company and Woods, Limited, Lieut.-Col. Smart continued as the president and managing director until he resigned in February of 1915 to fulfill his duty as commander of the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifle Brigade.  Lt.-Col. James W. Woods was elected to replace him as president of Smart-Woods5 and was President through the name change from Smart-Woods to Woods Manufacturing Company.

Woods, Limited (1895-1912)

The smaller of the two companies which merged to become Smart-Woods Limited, Woods, Limited based in Ottawa and run by Lieut.-Col. James W. Woods, had been in business since 1895 providing clothing and supplies to lumbermen and railway contractors.  The factory in Ottawa7 and later across the Ottawa river in Hull, Quebec, produced coats, pants, overalls, tents and awnings.  Ads in Ottawa newspapers looking for "Girls to Operate Power Machines" appeared regularly8.

On December 20, 19309, J.W. Woods passed away from a long illness, still president of Woods Manufacturing.  His obituary in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper of the same date lists his many accomplishments.

Woods Manufacturing Co. Honor Roll

The men who appear on this honor roll worked at any of the factories or offices of Smart-Woods Limited or Woods Manufacturing.  The names in bold are believed to have been born in Great Britain and living in Montreal when they enlisted.  To see more details about these people, go to the References file.

Capt. Richard Steacie 

Capt. John R. Woods  10

Lt. George A. Greer 

Lt. A.W. Logie, M.C.

Lt. M.S. Misener 

Col. C.A. Smart

Major Byron M. Green

Lt. W.V. Smart

W. Alder 

Thomas Allan

William Armstrong 

Fred Barnes

Dominique Beauchamp

S.C. Bewley 

Horace Bishop ¤

Norman Blenkarn

A. Bloomer

G. Bouchard

T. Bouchard

Aldoria Bourgoin

Isaac Brennan

Lucien Brosseau

B. Button

Frank Carter ж

Herbert Carter ж

Walter Carter

L. Charbonneau

R. Christie

Antonio Ciro -

C.G. Clubb

Peter Colgan

James Cook ж

Alfred Cook

H. Cough

F. Court

Robert Cowley ж

J. Davis

Arthur Dennison

A. Desmarais -

C.G. Dickinson ж

Carmine Faracci

G.W. Farris

J. Flide

C. Fortin

James Foster

Paul Foster

C. Francisco

Alfred Fulk

Albert Fuller ж

Alfred Fuller

H. Fuller

F. Goddfred

Herbert Gough *

Dewey Grey

George Grey

Jack Grey *

Eddie Hall

E. Hall ж

T.H. Hallam Þ

Harry Halstead

Harold Hargrave

Bill Haworth

George Henslake

Ernest Herring

Fred Higgins ¤

Frank Hollis *

A. Inglefield

John D. Ivers 

James Jany

F. Jones

C. Jowitt

William Jowitt

Alex Kennedy 

Geogre (sic) Kerslake  -

Ellis Knowles ж

J. Lawrence

E. Leclaire

A. Lloyd

John Madden 

B. Marshall

Norman Marshall

James Marshall ж

Joe Mascitelli

Thos. McClellan

Owen McGarvey

Elijah Merry *

George Miller

David Mitchell

Frank Morel 

Stanley Morris ж

J. Ness

John Noble

Edward Normington

E. Olson

J. Orr

N. Cherest -

William Parkinson

L.O. Patterson

L. Pettito

Joe Petts -

Joe Plume

Thomas Potter

Robert Powney 

H. Price

A. Ridge

J. Ridge

W. Rowley

A. Roy

Chas. Sage

Paul Soro

C. Stewart

A. Tardiff

Thomas Thompson 

Alex Thornburn ж

John Threlfall ж

F. Tobin

Ross Warren ж

H. Watkins

Steve Weyanik

William White

H. Wilson

J.L. Wilson

Philip P. Woollcombe

Walter Wright

Ed. Yale

T. Padden ж

Killed              Died on Service      ¤ Died of Wounds     

ж Wounded       * Returned                 Þ Wounded and Returned     

- Missing


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