BICA boys were brought over with the help of the British Immigration and Colonization Association of Montreal.  On passenger lists or Ocean Arrivals Forms 30A, the boys might indicate they were travelling to Montreal c/o A.I. Morison or Dr. or Rev. Chisholm, British Immigration and Colonization Association.  Destination: 87 Osborne St.  BICA Hostel, Government Hostel, Montreal.

The following lists of BICA boys are taken from a random sampling of passenger lists and Immigration forms.  

1925:  SS Alaunia

Sailing from Liverpool September 18, 1925.  Arriving Quebec City September 26, 1925.  This information is from the UK Outward Passenger Lists, Last Uk address:  British Imm & Coloniz Ass. Of Canada, Tunbridge Wells

A search of the ships arriving in the port of Quebec in September 1925 did not uncover the Canadian Passenger list for this ship.

FAMILY NAME GIVEN NAME AGE BIRTHPLACE Nearest Relative in Country from which you came
Black Alfred 15   (Scholar)
Yoxall Herbert 17   (Scholar)
Rappit David 14   (Scholar)
Guest Wm. John 17   (Turner)
Hamilton E. Wm. 16   (Scholar)
Skan Herbert 15   (Scholar)
Skan John 14   (Scholar)

1926:  SS Empress of Scotland

Sailing from Southampton August 7th. Arriving Quebec City August 14th.

Passage Paid by Can. Govt. or CPR unless otherwise indicated.

FAMILY NAME GIVEN NAME AGE BIRTHPLACE Nearest Relative in Country from which you came
Barrett Herbert 17 Birmingham (Iron and Steel Shearer) Mother: Mrs. Robinson, 41, New Road, Kidderminster
Basinger James 16 Finchley, London (In Canada before: 1913-1920, "Sethbridge, Alta. Passage Paid by mother.) (Engineer) Mother: Mrs. E.S. Basinger, 15, Oak Avenue, Tottenham, London, N.17
Burge Alfred 15 Bristol (Free Passage) (Boot Trace) Mrs. A.R. Burge, 42, Somerset St. Cathay, Redcliffe, Bristol, Eng.
Carey Cecil 16 Oxford To Uncle in Saskatchewan - Not with BICA
Cooksey George 16 Netherton (Office Boy) Mother: F.J. Cooksey, 147, North Field Rd. Netherton.
Davies Henry 18 London (Passage Paid by Self) Mechanic in Canada. Not to BICA address.
Dunning/Downing Joseph 16 Lichfield (Fitter Mining) Aunt: Mrs. H. Bloxham, 2, Eden Place, Morville St. Ladywood, B.ham.
Foulkes Clifford 16 Bryumawr (Messenger) Sister: Elsie Foulkes, Chandos Cottage, Hereford Road, Abergavenny.
Hawkins Frank 16 Birmingham (Packing Case Maker) Mother: Jennie Simmons, 8, Brighton Place, Abbey St. Birmingham.
Milligan Joseph 15 Belfast, Ireland (Florist) Father: Joseph Milligan, 32, Vergette St. Peterboro'
Morley William 18 London (Passage Paid by Self) (Cigarette Machine Operator) To friend. Not with BICA.
Sage Arthur J. 17 Rochester (Passage Paid by father) (Milkman) Father: T.H. Sage, 11 Sidney Road, Borstal, Rochester, Kent.
Weaver Kenneth E. 16 Bromsgrove (Passage Paid by Society of Friends) (Junior Clerk) Guardian: A.W. Stringer, 18 Catswell Rd, Hall Green, B'ham.
Weston Alfred S. 16 Birmingham (Passage Paid by "B.I.N.C.A.") (Odd jobs) Mother: Mrs. Rose Weston, 4/60 Ladywood Rd. B'ham.

1927:  SS Montrose

Sailing from Liverpool September 2nd. Arriving Quebec City September 10th.

Passage Paid by "Assisted"

FAMILY NAME GIVEN NAME AGE BIRTHPLACE Nearest Relative in Country from which you came
Aitchison Warren 16 S. Shields (Farming)  Father:  Mr. John Aitchison, 27, Railway Cottages, S. Shileds
Balding Arthur 15 Gosforth (Farming)  Father:  Mr. John William Balding, 13, Ancorne Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Bell Joseph 16 Ashington (Farming)  Father:  Mr. James Henry Bell, 11?, Wansbrook Terrace, Ashington
Burdis William 16 S. Shields Farming)  Father:  Mr. William Burdis, 23, Waterloo Vale, S. Shields

Butcher Thomas 14 Cardiff, Wales (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. T.C. Butcher, 6 De boche Place, Riverside, Cardiff
Calvert Wilfrid 14 N. Shields (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. George? Calvert, 206, Church Street, Walker-on-Tyne
Clavering Benjamin 16 Ashington (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. James Cavering, 73-10th Row, Ashington, North’d
Craig Sidney 16 Blyth (Farming)  Father:  Mr. Joseph Craig, 237, Scotswood Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Davidson William 15 Whitley Bay (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. John Davidson, 45, Hosmond Terrace, Whitley Bay
Dodds Norman 14 Newcastle/Tyne (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. Arthur Dodds, 45, Lilburn Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Dryden George 14 S. Shields (Errand Boy)  Father:  Mr. W. Dryden, 36, Empress Street, South Shields
Fannon Douglas 16 Simla, India (Scholar)  Mother:  Mrs. Alice Fannon, 8, Grosvenor Crescent, Scarborough
Farndale Kenneth 16 Rothbury, Eng (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. Wm Farndale, ..o..ery House, Rothbury
Fergus Thomas 16 S. Shields (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. Wm Paul Fergus, 5, Queen Street, S. Shields
Gallon John 16 Newcastle (Farming)  Mother:  Mrs. Clara Gallon, 2, Grenville St., Newcastle-on-Tyne
Giles George 16 Birmingham (Confectioner)  Brother:  Mstr. A. Giles c/o Ministry of Pensions, 35, Lionel St. B’ham
Guy Harold 16 Cardiff, Wales (Galley Boy)  Father:  Mr. ?. Guy, 44, Holmesdale St, Cardiff, South Wales
Hall William 15 Newcastle (Scholar)  Mother:  Mrs. Margaret Downing, 12, Tyne-Ham Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Harrison Robert 16 Newcastle/Tyne (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. Joseph Harrison, 42 Lilburn Street, S. Ryker, Newcastle-Tyne
Haworth Leonard 16 Manchester (Warehouseman)  Sister:  Miss K. Haworth, 8, Ruskin Avenue, Moss Side, Manchester
Heartfield Charles 15 S. Shields (Scholar)  Guardian:  Mr. J. Coulson, Clerk, South Shields, Union
Herbert Willliam 17 Wallsend (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. Herbert, 31, Sedley Road, Wallsend
Hume Fred 16 S. Shields (Scholar)  Mother:  Mrs. Mary A. Hume, 5, Isabella St. S. Shields
Hutchinson Arthur 16 Newcastle/Tyne (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. James Hutchinson, 26, Mary Street, Newcastle-in-Tyne
McSparrow Matthew 15 Ashington (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. McSparrow, 152, Myrtle Street, Ashington
McQueen Robert 16 S. Shields (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. Charles McQueen, 34, Alma Street, South Shields
Middleton Charles 15 Ashington (Scholar)  Father:  Mr. Frederick Middleton, 34, South Villa, Ashington
Park John 15 Wishaw, Scotland (Farming)  Father:  Mr. Park, 17, Edgeware Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Skan Edward 14 Birmingham (Scholar) F.M. Skan, 43, Institute Road, King’s Heath, Birmingham
Slee George 14 Lynn (Scholar)  Grandfather: Mr. Cain, 4, Ellesmere Tce, Thoray Rd, Douglas, I.O.W.
Sproat Albert 16 Jarrow (Fitter)  Father:  Mr. J.F. Sproat, 37, Howard St. Jarrow-on-Tyne
Stevens George 16 Nottingham (Collier)  Father:  Mr. Stevens, 20, Bank Place, Brynbo Nr Wrexham, N.W.
Stevens Richard 15 Nottingham (Collier)  Father:  Mr. Stevens, 20, Bank Place, Brynbo Nr Wrexham, N.W.
Stonehouse George 14 Gateshead (Scholar)  Father: Mr. Geo. Stonehouse, 43, King William St. Gateshead
Taylor David 17 Newcastle (Scholar) Brother:  Mr. Taylor, 11, St. Peters Rd. Ryker, Newcastle/Tyne
Waister Matthew 15 S. Shields (Farming)  Father:  Mr. Waister, 23, Laburnam Grove, Cleadow Part, S. Shields
Ward Richard 16 Manchester (Butcher’s Asst.)  Mother:  Mrs. Ward, Offerton Fold, Offerton, Stockport.
Weatherall Tarlton 15? Bulwell (Hosiery)  Father:  Mr. W. Weatherall, Fern House, Catherine St. Bulwell.

1929:  SS Antonia

Sailing from Liverpool January 5th. Arriving  Halifax January 12th.

Passage Paid by BICA.

FAMILY NAMEGIVEN NAMEAGEBIRTHPLACENearest Relative in Country from which you came
BrownRobert H.18Liverpool, EnglandFather:- Charles A. Brown
6 Lister Road, Fairfield, Liverpool
BrownJoseph18Lanark, ScotlandUncle:- Lucas Thomas
38 Clapham Rd, Anfield, Liverpool
Dest: C. of C.E. of E.S. Hostel, Indian Head, Sask.
HoldenHugh P.17Liverpool, EnglandMother:- Mrs. Frances M. McDonald
1, Back Eldan St., Liverpool
HellamAlfred M.15South Shields, EnglandFather:- Robert Hellam
9 Rose Ave, Whickham, Co. Durham
McMillanWilliam T.14Hubburn, EnglandMother:- Sarah A. Holmes (re-married)
177 Cartington Terrace, North Heaton, Newcastle-on-Tyne

1929:  SS Laurentic.  

Sailing from Liverpool, January 5th.  Arriving Halifax, January 13th.

Category 8 passengers:  Juveniles.  Passage Paid by BICA.  Destination:  BICA Montreal.

FAMILY NAMEGIVEN NAMEAGEBIRTHPLACENearest Relative in Country from which you came
ArmstrongMatthew17Pridloa, EnglandMother: - Laura Charlton
152 Violet Street, Benwell, Newcastle
BellStanley Robson17Wallsend, EnglandMother:- Elizabeth Dryden Bell
30, Station Road, Whitley Bay
BellThomas15Gateshead, EnglandFather:- Joseph Bell
6, Church Street, Gateshead
CaisleyRobert Alfred16Westmoon, EnglandFather:- John William Caisley
21, Chestnut Avenue, Whitley Bay
HindmarchEdward Lawson16Newcastle, EnglandMother:- Margaret Hindmarch
29, Wilfred Street, Byker, Newcastle
LattyAlexander17Bedlington, EnglandFather:- William Latty
34, South Row, Bedlington Station
MuirFrederick15Wallsend, EnglandMother:- Margaret Muir
41, Cumberland Street, Wallsend
RainbirdOwen John15Gateshead, EnglandFather:- Charles William Rainbird
Field House, Carr Hill, Gateshead
RichardsonSidney16Wallsend, EnglandUncle:- Thomas William Richardson
119, Sunderland Road, Gateshead
ThomsonThomas16Gateshead, EnglandMother:- Elizabeth Wilson
3, Langton Street, Gateshead
GregoryJames Albert14Middlesbrough, EnglandMother:- Esther Gregory
9 Monkland Street, Middlesbrough
PattinsonRobert14Jarrow, EnglandFather:- Robert Pattinson
17 Railway Street, Jarrow

1929:  SS Megantic

Sailing from Southampton April 8th. Arriving  Halifax April 16.

Passage Paid by CNR.  Destination: British Imm. Col. Hostel 87 Osborne Street Montreal.

FAMILY NAMEGIVEN NAMEAGEBIRTHPLACENearest Relative in Country from which you came
TempletonAlexander18London, EnglandNo relatives: Guardian: Elizabeth Charlot Boney
14, Costyn Cres., Llandudno
StockerLeslie John David18Bournemouth, EnglandMother:- Annie Stocker
1, Salisbury Road, Boscombe
JacksonAshton Luscmore14Dorset, EnglandFather:- Ernst Jackson
1, Sea View, Portland
ValeAlfred John18Kenley, EnglandFather: William Richard Vale
1, Welcome Cotts, Woldingham
BurstonPhilip Dorrien14Langport, EnglandFather: Percy Albert Burston
North Street, Langport, Som.
RidierThomas Henry16Newport, EnglandMother: Beatrice Maud, Trells?
6 Corelli Street, E. Usk Rd, Newport
MillsAlbert Leonard14Bournemouth, EnglandFather:- Albert George Mills
8 Denzil Ave, Southampton
JestyEwart14Bristol, EnglandFather: - Gilbert Jesty
11 Felton Avenue, Bristol
(shows passage paid by Ont. Govt. and destination Ont. Govt Scheme, Vimy Ridge Farm

1930:  SS Megantic

Sailing from Southampton March 29. Arriving Halifax, April 8.

FAMILY NAMEGIVEN NAMEAGEBIRTHPLACENearest Relative in Country from which you came
JonesGordon18Abergaveny, WalesSister: - Mrs. Watkins
36, London St., Newport
RedmondGeorge Ernest15Newport, EnglandMother:- Mrs. Louise Lockyer, remarried
57, Vivian Road, Newport, Mon.
EvansWilliam John16Pontypridd, WalesFather:- John Evans
Rock Cliffe, Rickard St., Pontypridd
ClarkeWilliam Walter18London, EnglandMother:- Mrs. Violet Clarke
46, Maddin Rd, London, S.E. 26
MillerAlfred Robert16Plymouth, EnglandFather:- Alfred R. Miller
16, Belmont St., Plymouth
MastermanKenneth William19Boscombe, EnglandFather:- William Richard Masterman
Tuckton Rd, Bournemouth, Hants (c/o Y.M.C.A. Montreal)

1930:  Duchess of Richmond

Sailing from Liverpool June 13th.  Arriving Quebec Jun.

FAMILY NAMEGIVEN NAMEAGEBIRTHPLACENearest Relative in Country from which you came
MilleAnatole15Gouy-St.Andre, FranceMother: - Mrs. A. Strangeway, Mother remarried5 Freers Yard, Norton, Malton, Yorkshire
WilesJohn15Grimsby, EnglandMother:- Mrs. Alice Mary Wiles
Healing Road, Stalllingborough, Lincs.
PooleJohn15Sheffield, EnglandFather:- Chas. Poole
153 Bromley St., Sheffield
BarnesHarold15Banbury, EnglandFather:- Mr. T. Barnes
3 Islington Rd., Aisongton, Banbury
BoulterEdward15Crambington, EnglandMother:- Mrs. E. Boulter
2 Osburn Terrace, Wastor, South Shields
HarperWilfred17North Shields, EnglandBrother:- William Harper
3 Hopper Street, North Shields
HatherleyReginald18Plymouth, EnglandParents:- Mr. & Mrs. J. Hatherly
15 Ernesttle Rd. Saint Budeaux, Devon
SmithsonColin16North Shields, EnglandMother:- Mrs. ??? Hunter, remarried
Douglas Place, Port St., Annan, Dumfrieshire
MountainJohn16South Shields, EnglandBrother:- Thos. Mountain
56 Regent St, South Shields
PaylorFrank14West Hartlepool, EnglandGuardian: Miss Annie Potts
24 Thirlmere Street, West Hartlepool
KimeAlbert17Wath on Dearne, EnglandFather:- M. Martin Kime
133 Doncaster Rd. Wath-on-Dearne,
LangfordGeorge17Fleetwood, EnglandStepfather: Mr. Arthur Loy
27 Douglas Road, Sheffield
LeeLeonard17Grimsby, EnglandFather: Arthur Henry Aden Lee
41 Fairmount Road, Grimsby, Lincs
LewisEdward16Liverpool, EnglandUncle: James E. Baynall
2 Newsham Rd., Sheffield
LoweRalph15Nottingham, EnglandFather: Mr. Lawrence Lowe
19 Highfield Grove, West Bridgford, Nottingham
McFaddenVictor16Wymberg, South AfricaMother: Mrs. Bertha McFadden,
13 Emily St., Nelson, Lancs.
McLarenHarold16Sunderland, EnglandFather: Mr. Percy McLaren
15 Vincent St., Sunderland
Halli….Alec17Manchester, EnglandMother: Evelyn Brown
c/o No. 2 Doan Road, Kensington, Liverpool Born out of wedlock
PathJoseph17North Shields, EnglandMother: Elizabeth A. Pate
10 Mill St., Shefiton, North Shields
PlowrightThomas17Hull, EnglandFather: Thomas W. Plowright
14 Laurel Ave, Wellsted Street, Hull
RichardsonHarry17Sheffield, EnglandMother: Mrs. Berta Richardson
Haltron Lane, Millbank, Friangle, Nr. Halifax
RidgeJohn18Stokesley, EnglandFather: James William Ridge
Brewery Yard, Stokesley Yorkshire
RobertsArthur15Sheffield, EnglandStepfather: Mr. J.T. Mawkes
74 Hastiler Rd., Manor Estate, Sheffield
RoperJames16Candon, EnglandFather: Mr. Herbert Roper
High Hoyland Lodge, High Hoyland, Barnsley
ScottGeorge18Grimsby, EnglandFather: James John Scott
27 Saltwell Road, Gateshead/Tyne
SivelRonald15Acomb, EnglandMother: Mrs. Annie Sivel
1-8 Lower Oxford St, Castlefor, Yorkshire
SmithEdward17London, EnglandFather: Mr. Stanley John Smith
369, Hawthorn Rd. Hessle Rd Hull
SmeedErnest16Birmingham, EnglandFather: Frederick Smeed
16 Rorebury Street, Birmingham
TomlinsonAlfred14London, EnglandMother: Mrs. Florence Waller, remarried
19 South Back Lane, Bridlington
TrayfordRonald16Middlesbrough, EnglandFather: Frederick W. Trayford
55 Pym Street, South Bank, Middlesbrough

1930: SS Laurentic.

Sailing from Liverpool, June 13.  Arriving Quebec City, June 21st.

Category 8, One-way Westbound Third Class Passengers. (BICA Boys Party) Passage Paid by BICA. Destination: BICA Hostel, 87 Osborne Str. Montreal 

CarrThomas17Newcastle, EnglandMother: Mrs. Mary A. Carr
72 Cottenham St., Newcastle
HewittJohn A.18Liverpool, EnglandFather: Mr. John O. Hewitt
8 Malvern Road, Wallasey, Cheshire
RodgersCedric17Oldham, EnglandFather: Mr. Gervase Rodgers
"Kirthia" Briar Road, Thornton, Blackpool, Lancashire
WilcockWilliam17Fleetwood, EnglandMother: Mrs. Elizabeth Wilcock
Coniston House, Consiton Drive, Cadley, North Preston
WilcockNathan18Fleetwood, EnglandMother: Mrs. Elizabeth Wilcock
Coniston House, Coniston Drive, Cadley, North Preston

1930: SS Athenia.

Departing Liverpool, June 14. Arriving Quebec June 22nd. 

BICA Boys: Passage Paid by Govt. c/o BICA 1227 Osborne St., Montreal, P.Q.

BownessWilliam16Liverpool, EnglandMother: Mrs. Jane Bowness
121, Richmond Row, Liverpool
MillsGeorge John16Alvaston, EnglandFather: Thos. Alexander Wills
30, Acton Rd, Long Eaton, Notts.
WallLeslie E.16Rugby, EnglandMother: Jane Wall
2 Meadow Lane, Long Eaton, Notts.

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