Shipping News as found in

The Montreal Gazette

of February, 1907

In February 1907, all the main shipping lines serving Montreal via rail connection are listed in the Montreal Gazette newspaper.

Being the winter season, the ships were unable to dock at Montreal or Quebec. The nearest ice-free port was Portland, Maine. The nearest Canadian port was St. John, New Brunswick. Halifax was also a major ice-free Canadian port.

John Shill, the first member of the Shill family to immigrate to Montreal, Canada, arrived February 10th or 11th on a train from Halifax, where Allan Line’s ship the Siberian landed.

Shipping Companies Listed in the Montreal Gazette

Shipping Line Origin(s) and Destination(s)
Atlantic Steamships of the Canadian Pacific Railway  
Donaldson Line Glasgow weekly service
Thomson Line      London, weekly from Portland, Me.
Pickford and Black Steamers Halifax to Bermuda, Barbados, etc
Head Line          St. John to Belfast and Dublin
Cunard Line    New York to Liverpool
Holland-America Line   New York to Holland
Hamburg American Line   New York to Plymouth, Cherbourg, Boulogne and Hamburg
Quebec Steamship Co. New York to Bermuda and West Indies
White Star Line       New York to Queenstown, Liverpool, etc
Atlantic Transport Line  New York to London
American Line   Philadelphia, New York and St. Louis to Plymouth, Cherbourg and Southampton
Leyland Line     Boston to Liverpool
Dominion Line    Portland to Liverpool
Allan Line  St. John and Halifax to Liverpool

Steamship Arrivals and Departures

The following chart shows specific ships arriving and departing within an area accessible to passengers or cargo from Montreal. The information is taken from Montreal Gazette of Thursday, February 28th, 1907.

The names of the ships are written in italics and the names of the shipping lines they were owned by in 1907 is beside them in (brackets).

(Allan Line, chartered by CPR)
due in Halifax, NS 
Dominion (Dominion Line)
due in  Portland, ME    
Kaiser Willhelm der Grosse
(Nord-deutshcer Lloyd)
due in New York, NY   
Lucania  (Cunard Line)
due in New York, NY
La Provence (Compagnie Generale Transatlantique)
sails from New York, NY  
Louisianna (Luisiana?)
(Lloyd Italiano)
arrived at New York, NY 
from     Naples
Cevic   (White Star Line?)
at New York, NY
from     Liverpool
Lake Michigan  (Canadian Pacific)
at Portland, ME 
from     Liverpool
Lake Manitoba (Canadian Pacific) at Liverpool  from     St. John
Montcalm (Canadian Pacific)
at Bristol 
from     St. John
Mount Temple (Canadian Pacific)
at London
from     St. John
Oscar II
(Scandinavian-American Line)
at Copenhagen
from     New York
Germania (Fabre Line)
at Gibraltar   
from     New York
Arabic   (White Star Line)
at Athens     
from     New York
Monteagle  (Canadian Pacific)
departed from  Hong Kong
to         Vancouver

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