Millicent Rothwell from Liverpool England

by Brunette Reynaert
(Aylmer W. Ontario Canada)

Millicent was my grandmother. Her Father was Edward Henry Rothwell and her mother Eleanor Louise McKenzie. Eleanor gave birth to Millicent March 12 1897. She died and was buried at sea. On Millicent’s marriage license it states father was ship’s captain. Edward died in Montreal or Quebec City aboard ship. I have never found any record of Edward as Captain of any ship. My grandmother was on trips with her father and she said they sounded foreign, maybe German, Henry may have been in partnership. Millicent lived with James Hugh McKenzie of Montreal and his parents David and Elizabeth McKenzie. David was a grocer and the shop was on Wellington Street or maybe it was their home. I thought she may have been placed in an orphanage. I recently found a Millicent Rothwell on Ship Dominion 2 sailed from Liverpool 1904 sailing for Montreal. Millicent lived in Rougemont, Quebec with Fred Carden and his sister Priscilla. They ran a postal service from their home. They also had a large apple orchard. She attended school and church in Rougemont. I found her on the 1911 census. She followed Ametity Carden to Boston, Mass. She was in training to become a nurse. Ametity was a supervisor at an Assylum, near Medfield..

There are so many unknowns. I wonder if Edward placed his daughter in an orphanage after Eleanor died. Maybe after Edward passed she became a home child, and came to stay with the McKenzies who possibly were Eleanor's relatives.

I am not sure where and what happenq to this info. I am in my seventies and would love to find just one piece of documentation that would lead to completion of my grandmothers story.

Thank you,

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Aug 14, 2022
Millicent Marsh
by: Terra Gordon (great grand daughter)


My name is Terra Gordon . Millicent Mae Marsh (Rothwell) was my great grandmother. She had nine children one of which (Sybil Marsh) was my grandmother. Sybil Marsh married Terrance Farrell and settled in Chilliwack British Columbia . They had Sharon Farrell who is my mom .

We know that Millicent Marsh had nine children.
Lewis (died April 1945)

We’d love to hear how you are related

Nov 28, 2019
Follow up
by: Deborah

I see the 1911 Census on Ancestry where she is listed as Mellicent Bothwell living with Frederick and "Pressila" Carden as you say.
She is working as a domestic servant and is said to have been born in England and immigrated 1902.
In the database of Home Children Records on Library and Archives Canada, there is an M. Rothwell who arrives on the Dominion as you say, but on July 8th 1902. She is with a group from Liverpool Sheltering Homes, (Louisa Birt), going to Knowlton, Quebec. According to the website: "British Home Child Group International" (a very good site about Home Children), they say that the records for this organization have been taken over by Barnardo's. If I were looking for who this person is and what her history is, the first step would be to ask for the record from Barnardo's or at least inquire with them. This costs money and may take several months to get the answer.
Do you have a birth record for Millicent? When looking at FreeBMD I see three Millicent Rothwells, none born the year you say.
There are:
Millicent Rothwell reg. Jun 1894 in W. Derby
Millicent Rothwell reg. Mar 1899 in Newport M.
Laura Millicent Rothwell reg. Sep 1898 Rochdale (Laura Millicent is on the 1911 UK census)
The M. Rothwell who arrived in 1902, age 8, may be the 1st one born in 1894.
It is always possible that your Millicent isn't to be found in FreeBMD.

Nov 28, 2019
Rothwell Family
by: Colin

As a young lad in 1950-60s I grew up in Ellesmere Port just across the Mersey from Liverpool,amongst our nearest neighbours was the Rothwell family,Mr-Mrs Rothwell had three daughters Faye,Linda and Gaynor all to the best of my knowledge are still alive.Faye will be in her mid to late 70s, Linda is the same age as my sister 74 and Gaynor will be in her late 60s.My sister is in touch with Linda and they meet up from time to time at sum sort of school the best of my recollections Rothwell was not a common name in the area at that time.Mr Rothwell was a painter and decorator he and family lived in Milton Road,Ellesmere Port.It may be worth a closer look if you think it could tie in with your ancestors.My sister is out of the country at the moment so I can't ask her what she might know.Unfortunately no first names for the parents as a child you always referred to them as Mr-Mrs Rothwell.

Nov 28, 2019
Emigration to Canada
by: Colin

sadly Canadian records pre First World War were never kept and those in the immediate aftermath of the war are in poor condition or again missing.I know my wife's Grandmother and her sister travel from Liverpool-Quebec from ships passenger records with onward travel to Toronto by GTR (grand trunk railway) and at that point the trail go's cold.My search is not helped by the fact they had pretty common names,Elizabeth and Annie Edwards.

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