Francis Saul - Hunmanby, East Yorkshire, England

by Janet Bessey (nee Saul)
(Thornhill, Ontario)

Francis Saul was born c.1782 in East Yorkshire England. He married Isabelle (Belle) Nicholson 23 December 1806 at Willerby near Scarborough, East Yorkshire. They appear to have had 4 children. Hannah baptised at Willerby 25 October 1807, Richard baptized 29 October 1809 also at Willerby. There seems to be a bit of a gap before Francis is baptized 25 June 1816 at Hunmanby, East Yorkshire and John is baptized 16 November 1818 also at Hunmanby. Both baptisms list the father Francis as a cordwainer (shoemaker).
According to the Drouin Collection in the parish of Christ Church, Montreal, there is a Francis Saul who dies 19 or 20 September 1820 and buried the 21st in Christ Church Cemetery. He is listed as a shoemaker and emigrant. I have contacted the church but can find nothing further. I have nothing about his wife Belle.
The time of his death corresponds with family information in my grandfather John Saul's obituary, that the family came from England c. 1820 when he was a small child. Any assistance that you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

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