Elizabeth & Annie Edwards from Chester, England

by Colin.P.Horton
(North Wales GB)

Elizabeth was my wife's Grandmother and Annie was her younger sister they emigrated together on 4th May 1912 form Liverpool to Quebec (SS Teutonic) then onward via the Grand Trunk Railroad to Toronto.My research indicates that they had been recruited by an agency in the UK of which I so far have found nothing. I've checked available Canadian records but sadly drawn a blank.I would be eternally grateful if there is anyone out there with information of their lives in Canada.Elizabeth was born Dec 1890 and Annie 1893 they were from a family of ten,Father Fredrick Mother Mary.
Elizabeth gave birth to my Mother in law in the workhouse in Chester,England Nov 1909 and then appears to have been ostracized by her parents.Annie was in domestic service and living with another older sister,her husband and two children in a very small house across the street from her parents house so there was little reason for either to stay in Britain.


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