Betty Hayes (nee Beryl Victoria May Mottershead) from Cheshire UK

by Sheila Haynes
(Jersey Channel Islands)

Betty Hayes - nee Beryl Victoria May Mottershead

Betty Hayes - nee Beryl Victoria May Mottershead

My Mother Betty Hayes left the family home in Southall Middlesex in 1960 never to be seen or heard of again.

After several unsuccessful searches in the UK we found an entry on the ships list from Liverpool to Montreal on The Empress of France. This simply stated that a married female called Hayes travelled in August 1960. The last known address was marked as Travel Plan UK which was a travel company that she would have booked through. Going through the list this person appeared to be travelling on her own.

We later discovered that my mother was seeing an American or Canadian called Frank before she left. We have got no further forward in finding out if this was indeed her as because of the strict rules in Canada I am unable to see the incoming list to say where she would have been going and need to prove that she has been dead for 20 years.

As she would be 93 years old now there is only a slim chance that she is alive but even if not, the not knowing has left a huge void in my life. If anyone out there can give me any clue on how to go forward with this I would be more than grateful.

Thank you. Sheila Haynes (was Hayes)

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Dec 27, 2016
by: James V Ritchie.

I am glad you found your mother I am still working on my Grate Grandfather bu he is last known of in Dawson 1901 I am going to try my luck with FB you mentioned.

Best James.

Aug 15, 2016
Thanks for the Update
by: Deborah

Thanks for updating us on your results! It was so easy for people to change their names. And imagine her being so close to you! and yet so far too.
At least now you know what happened.

Did the other people give you a photo of her later that you could share here?

Aug 15, 2016
sad ending
by: Sheila Haynes

Dear James

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my story. There must be so many people in the world looking for missing family or links to their past.

After wondering for so many years and really searching for the past 20 years I have finally reached the end of my search. I have written so many letters to papers, Citizenship & Immigration in Canada twice, Library & Archives, had two searches made by Salvation Army and paid quite a lot of money to a private search company, all who have found no trace of my mother. I saw a free volunteer site on facebook called Find My Family (UK&US) and told my story to them and a week later I had my answer. She had been living a bus ride away from the family she left, for nine years and had then passed away at the age of 46 with lung cancer. She is buried in a cemetery very near to where we lived. She had called herself a different name, changed the year of her birth and her maiden name and they still found her by thinking outside the box. All those years of searching! I will always be grateful to them.

Never give up James.




Aug 14, 2016
by: James V Ritchie

I just read your story about not finding your mother. Sad bot I have similar case though that is different that loosing ones mother.

My Grate Grandfather can not be found though I found my G grandmother and their siblings in Montreal. I have been using and using Census he does not come up in Montreal.

Any way hope you have luck


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