English Ancestry

The Bartholomew Family of Fareham, Hampshire

Left to right.
Back row: Mary Coker?, Cara Bartholomew, Mr. Coker?, William Bartholomew, John Shill;
Foreground, standing: James Bartholomew;
Seated, left to right: Harriett Matilda (nee Burden), Jane (nee Willis), Ellen Mary, Sarah Jane with Elizabeth (8), Emily (6) and Frederick (4) Burgum.
Photo probably taken about 1876 (between 1875 and Aug. 1876)

Fontley House which stands near the site of the old Fontley Iron Mill.

Great Funtley Farm where James Bartholomew and his father were born. Photos taken about 1950.

Caroline (Cara) E.F. Shill wrote letters telling her cousin, Alfred Bartholomew, about his English ancestry. Alfred, the youngest surviving son of William Henry and Harriet Matilda Bartholomew had come to Canada as a home-child in 1901 after spending a few years in Portsea Island Union, an orphanage.

A Marriage Settlement

"When Grandfather Bartholomew married Jane Willis, there was sufficient money left over from the sale of James Strugnell's properties for a marriage settlement. Grandfather had the use of the interest from 1881 when Grandmother died until his death." (I haven't the date of that.-Cara Shill)

A Smithy in Fareham

"Grandfather quarreled with his father - I do not know why - and he left the iron mill and started a Smithy in Fareham. I believe it is still there. He got terribly into debt and was put in a Debtors Prison as they did in those days - Grandma (Jane Willis B.) paid the debts and he was released - it was not considered any disgrace."

London's Albert Docks

"They went to live in London where he got a post in the Albert Docks. Both Mother (Ellen Mary) and Aunt Carrie were born in London (recorded at Portsea). Whether Aunt Harriet the eldest sister and mother of Emily Burgum were too, and Ida's Father (William), I don't know. There were a number of other children who died as babies."

Woodbine Cottage, Fratton, Portsmouth

"I don't know how long they lived in London, but he returned to Portsmouth and got a job in the Dockyard - I understand he had a good position there. He bought a good bit of land in Fratton, then a country district and built a house called Woodbine Cottage. It had a large garden and he grew and sold vegetables after he retired on a good pension.

After Grandmother died (1881) Uncle Willie and Aunt Matilda and all their family went there to live. After Uncle Willie and his wife died (1892/93), Grandpa sold Woodbine Cottage and bought a house in Swanwick - the strawberry neighbourhood, and retired there. It was there he died and I think he was buried there."

James Bartholomew's Legacy

"He left everything he could to your sister Lily and didn't bother about the rest. He never forgave our mother (Ellen Mary Bartholomew Shill) for marrying against his wishes and did not even mention her in his Will.

Grandfather Bartholomew had some brothers and sisters but know nothing about them - they don't seem to be a united family."

Family Group:

Husband: James Bartholomew
Born: 1821 in: Fontley, Hants, Eng.
Married: Aug.17, 1843 in: Fareham, Hants, Eng.
Died: Unknown in: Swanwick, Hants, Eng.
Father: James Bartholomew Mother: Caroline
Wife: Jane Willis
Born: Jan. 18, 1822 in: Fareham, Hants, Eng.
Died: 1881 in: Woodbine Cottage, Fratton, Hants, Eng.
Father: Peter Willis Mother: Sarah Strugnell
1. Daur. Sarah Jane Bartholomew
Born: Jan. 16, 1845 in: West Ham, Lon., Eng.
Married: Dec. 3, 1866 in: West Ham, Lon., Eng.
Died: Aug. 6, 1876 in: Marylebone, Lon., Eng.
Spouse: Henry Burgum
2. Son William Henry Bartholomew
Born: Mar., 1852 in: Portsea Island, Hants, Eng.
Married: Abt. Jun. 1873 in: Portsea, Hants, Eng..
Died: Jan.23, 1894 in: Fareham, Hants, Eng.
Spouse: Harriett Matilda Burden
3. Daur. Caroline Ann (Little Auntie Bartie) Bartholomew
Born: Oct.8, 1854 in: St. Mary’s Portsea, Hants, Eng.
Died: 1936 in: Fareham, Hants, Eng.
4. Daur. Ellen Mary Bartholomew
Born: Feb.18, 1857 in: Fratton, Hants, Eng.
Married: May 25, 1878 in: St. James Church, Milton, Portsea, Hants, Eng.
Died: May 8, 1929 in: Montreal, Quebec, CA
Spouse: John Shill
5. Daur. Harriet Bartholomew
Born: Unknown (I have seen no evidence in FreeBMD or in UK census records to support the existence of a daughter named Harriet. Is it possible that Cara Shill was mixing up Sarah Jane and her aunt by marriage, Harriet Matilda?)
Married: Unknown
Died: Before 1881

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