Record Family History

Record Family History is all about helping you get your family history records and stories in order, to best be able to leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren and extended family. Are you the family's keeper? Make sure it's passed on in a way that doesn't overwhelm those who take over.

About Me

Introducing a little about me and my experience doing genealogical research.

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Dianne McCosker

My father Gordon Barton arrived in Canada in 1929 aged 16yrs. He went to Howick, Quebec and worked on a farm there. From all accounts he was very happy

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En route to Cleveland, Ohio from Liverpool in 1930

My father, Dr T Francis Jarman of Sunderland, England, was awarded a fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in 1930. He related, with excitement and awe, the

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Website Renovation in Progress

British Immigrants in Montreal is undergoing a complete overhaul. The new name of the site will be: The emphasis will now be on how to find and record your family history to save for future generations. Will your children and grandchildren know about your life and the family members you knew in earlier years? What? You don't have children and grandchildren? That doesn't mean that your life stories and family history are less worth saving. Everyone's life experience is worth recording - Let me help you get it done! We all are more aware than ever of the fragility of life. Let's get our stories and documents organized in a way that makes it easier to find and appreciate. Think of it as a part of your legacy!

Entraining at Quebec

New immigrants entrained at Quebec to travel across the Dominion of Canada. A few stopped in Montreal, 1/2 to Ontario and others to the west.

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