Photo Organizer Certification

A program for photo organizer certification is offered by The Photo Managers. After completing the program, a certified photo organizer is listed as a professional on their website.  

After years of working with my own and my family's photos, slides, documents and memorabilia, it makes sense for me to do it for others, therefore, I am in the process of getting photo organizer certification. 

The Photo Organizer Certification Process

On joining The Photo Managers, a prospective organizer gains access to courses and training which build knowledge and professionalism.  

  • Organizing Your Client's Printed Photos
  • 12-Week Business Discovery Course
  • Building Blocks of Digital Photo Organizing
  • The Photo Managers Professional Certification.

Access is given to private FaceBook pages for members of The Photo Managers where advice and support from experienced professionals is freely available.

A series of modules must be studied and quizzes passed on the following topics: 

  1. Intro to Photo Management
  2. Client & Project Management
  3. Physical Photos and Memorabilia
  4. Digital Photo Organizing
  5. Save and Share.

The final and most important piece of the Photo Organizer Certification process is the Client Project.

Client Reference Required

In return for the discount on photo organizing services, the Client agrees to provide a reference for me, the Photo Organizer.   The Photo Managers will contact them to answer a brief set of questions.

The Client Project

A paid client project must be completed and documented by the photo organizer. 

The client should NOT be a friend or family. 

This is where YOU come in! 

I will need 1 or 2 clients to help to obtain my Photo Organizer Certification.  These 1st clients will receive 25% off the regular price of whatever services I provide them from the list below marked in bold type.  Please see the price list for more details.

The project(s) are required to include at least two of the photo management categories listed below:

  • Scanning
  • Printed Photo Organizing
  • Photo Book Design
  • Slideshow/Video Design
  • Photo Gifts or Other Products
  • Rehousing in Archival Storage
  • Backup

Of these categories, I will initially offer the services in bold type.  The 1st client(s) will get the discount off scanning, printed photo organizing, rehousing in archival storage* or backup, whichever service(s) they choose.

*The discount will apply to the services NOT the archival materials.

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